Who Moved My Cheese..Keep your eyes open for change

You can say about Who Moved My Cheese one thing and its opposite at the same time, with peace of mind and a clear conscience; It is a symbolic book – we are talking about mice, people the size of mice, cheese running out in a maze, etc. – but it is a realistic book at the same time. What happens in a maze is the same as what happens in real life.

You might also consider Who Moved My Cheese to be naively silly; What he says seems self-evident, but it may be taken as a valuable book of great intelligence; He was able to capture a simple experience and pull it on life as a whole.

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Mice, cheese and maze

The story of Who Moved My Cheese can be summed up as follows:

Two mice, Sniff and Scurry, live in a maze with Hem and Howe; They are two small humans the size of mice.

The four rush around the maze in search of cheese, and one day they discover a vast lair. In the following days mice race out of their homes every morning to eat cheese. Hem and Haw wander because they expect cheese to be there every day, while the mice assume the cheese will run out.

They had no idea where the cheese came from or who put it there, they just assumed it would be there.

Spencer Johnson reveals; The author of Who Moved My Cheese reports that one day the cheese ran out, and the mice immediately started looking for more. And after some danger, they found another enormous source. While the other two see, “This is not fair!”

After a futile search, Howe searches for new cheese, while Hem is left sulky behind. Johnson portrays him; The author of Who Moved My Cheese, he refuses to confront that he alone must find new cheese on his own.

Howe discovers a huge lair, has insight into his journey of change and writes letters on the walls of the maze to encourage and direct his grouchy companion to follow him.

Despite what is in the anecdote, she stresses that “change happens,” “expects change,” “observes change,” etc., and the idea that Johnson wants; Author of Who Moved My Cheese, your most important keepsake is: “Be prepared to change quickly and enjoy it over and over again.”

The allegory ends with a fan enjoying a new cheese as he searches the maze daily to see the overall situation of the cheese. One day, Haw hears a rustle, and wonders if Hem will respond to the writing on the wall (his friend’s instructions mean), to show that he, too, is capable of change.

Johnson presents; The author of Who Moved My Cheese tells the story by saying that he went through a personal crisis related to change and how he responded to it; What generated a deep view of the self. Instead of revealing the personal details of his predicament, Johnson devised this educational parable. This is an idea also suitable for the content of the book; Instead of whining and getting angry, you can do something realistic, not rely on pointless waiting.

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Loyalty, flexibility and change

The author of Who Moved My Cheese explains that companies It once valued loyalty but today it prioritizes flexibility, and he stresses that the only reliable status quo is change, but the fear of change and the effects of this fear create stress for workers.


“Have you noticed that we don’t want to change when things change?”

The author of Who Moved My Cheese adds:

“I was afraid of change. When there was a big change in our work we didn’t know what to do; So we did not adapt to him and almost lost him.”

Who Moved My Cheese . Book Lessons

  • It is better to look for opportunities than to think about them too much

Life is the same, as in the labyrinth of this tale, every minute you spend wondering what success looks like, how it can be achieved, if it is possible and how you will feel in the future is a minute not spent working to achieve it. Humans are complex beings, but that doesn’t mean we have to make everything complicated.

  • Nothing lasts forever and changes are close

Sniff and Scurry soon found a large amount of cheese, and although they enjoyed eating a little cheese each day, they remained attentive.

And the amount of cheese continued to decrease, slowly but surely, every day. Once they realize they are about to run out they decide to go ahead on their own and soon find a huge cheese elsewhere (Station N).

Who Moved My Cheese . book

No stock of cheese (opportunities) can last forever. Change always has to happen, sooner or later. Instead of deluding yourself that things will stay the same forever, always stay open to change.

  • Things will get better the moment you start moving

This is also an important lesson we can learn from Who Moved My Cheese; There is always more cheese (opportunities) to be found. Eventually Howe got tired of sitting; So he decided to look for a new cheese on his own.

As soon as he started to move his condition immediately improved. Yes he just found a few bits of cheese here and there at first, but that was much better than doing nothing and standing still out of fear.

Once you have found the courage to move forward in spite of your fears, the grip of fear on you will not be as strong as it once was.

Hao realized that the fears accumulated in his mind were far worse than the biggest challenges he had faced. Full of confidence, he continued exploring the labyrinth until he finally found Sniff and Scurry in (Station N); The three shared the new cheese they had found.

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