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Now Chelsea, Bayern, Atl. Madrid and Naples. Before, also Barcelona, ​​PSG, Roma and a millionaire proposal that arrived from Saudi Arabia. In public terms, this was Cristiano Ronaldo’s list of possible destinations this summer if he did leave Manchester United. However, behind the scenes, another club was always present. Ubiquitous or as a mere utopia, it was there. Now, that same club, for starting to be mentioned in the international press (in this case of reference), also jumped from a background to the first line of possible scenarios. This is where Sporting is.

Arrival with Mendes, presence of Ferguson, training, meeting and an enigmatic message: Ronaldo’s day and the chances on the table

According to The Athletic (digital newspaper for subscribers that was bought this year by The New York Times for US$550 million), the first publication to report on the striker’s return to Manchester earlier this week, Jorge Mendes will have had conversations with Sporting in the sense of a possible return of the national team captain to Alvalade this season. However, he adds two possible big obstacles: 1) the complex operation that would be finding money to satisfy what the number 7 receives; 2) the reservations that Rúben Amorim would have for the impact that his arrival could have.

Even so, the information comes on a day when two other hypotheses, through different countries and press, were gaining strength: in England, the fact that none of the parties had ceded in their interests and also that they were already training integrated with the team brings Ronaldo closer to the possible scenario of continuity at Old Trafford; in Spain, the Atl option. Madrid has not lost any of the strength it had before, with the club from the capital unaware of the demonstrations that have been made by fans who refuse the arrival of the Portuguese and looking for a solution to other cases such as Griezmann and/or Morata in the sense of finding sports and financial space to receive the forward of the red devils.


But how is the file at this point? And what future paths might actually exist for the 37-year-old player who is also preparing to participate in the fifth World Cup of the career?

According to several sources contacted by the Observer, one of the points to be taken into account is related to the reasons that lead Ronaldo to ask to leave Manchester United. The Portuguese would like to return to play in the Champions League next season, something that has happened consecutively since 2003 between red devils, Real Madrid and Juventus, and knows that he still has some possible records to beat. However, and as the English club made a point of explaining since the beginning of the pre-season, the absence of the player was related to “personal problems” that I was trying to solve. It was that, once again, that was mentioned by the captain of the Selection in the conversation with the coach Erik ten Hag and that is the main basis of the desire to leave the group where he returned last summer after the passage between 2003 and 2009.

Uncertainty in Ronaldo’s future. “The CR7 brand is at stake”

The Daily Mail advanced this Thursday that Jorge Mendes, Ronaldo’s manager who was at the Carrington training center this Tuesday with the striker and Ricardo Regufe, a close friend with professional connections in various aspects such as representing Nike, had proposed a contract termination scenario with Manchester United, something that would have been turned down. To the Observer, two different sources explained the same: the player does not intend to go wrong, he does not want to offend the club at all and a possible contract renewal scenario for 2023/24 has even been addressed (option clause that is provided for in the agreement made last summer) if he could leave Old Trafford this season.

The possibility Atl. Madrid appears exactly as a paradigmatic example of the desire to leave the club and the city of Manchester at this stage. Of all the clubs aired in recent weeks, the only one with whom there were talks with the consent of Manchester United itself was Chelsea, according to The Times, until the moment when Thomas Tuchel decided to channel the existing funds to the defensive sector that lost Rüdiger and Christensen and could still see Azpilicueta and/or Marcos Alonso leave (with Raheem Sterling already at the front). For the rest, Bayern also considered a possible signing but dropped it, while all the others were just rumors with the exception of the Spanish club, as much as their leader Enrique Cerezo says it is “almost impossible”.

Ronaldo knows he has a legacy difficult to repeat at Real Madrid, where he won four Champions Leagues among many other titles and became a true legend with the goals record, but he also knows that the possibility of returning to the Santiago Bernabéu with Florentino Pérez (even the way he left in 2018 for Juventus) does not exist . Even so, and knowing the animosity that some fringes of the Atl. Madrid may have for the duels over a decade, the forward was able to put everything aside, even knowing what he could “lose”, in order to be able to leave Old Trafford now.

The day of “no” to Ronaldo. “It doesn’t fit into the current philosophy,” explains Bayern. “We would not accept the hiring”, say Casas do Atl. Madrid

It is in this context that Sporting emerges, which have known the whole situation for a few weeks involving the player who names the club’s Academy in Alcochete. In fact, the first conversations by third parties that raised this hypothetical scenario of returning to Alvalade for now (and not at a later stage in his career to be able to end up in the lions) came at the time when it was known that Ronaldo would not be part of Manchester United’s options for the Asia and Australia tour. However, no one from the club comments on this scenario, between those who consider it an almost impossible scenario and those who take the matter as a “no matter” until several conditions are confirmed. Because? It all depends on the player.

If he even manages to free himself from the English team in a definitive context or on loan for a season with a return in 2023/24, something that is not a given at this stage (far from it), and if there is no possibility of joining a squad that guarantee another type of competitiveness in the Champions as would the Atl. Madrid, Sporting is a real chance for Ronaldo. More: it is a hypothesis that he himself knows to the point of knowing that he would have to lower his current salary a lot (there are other possible business models capable of guaranteeing that he would receive much more than any partner without SAD leonina breaking the current salary cap stipulated for the squad). Then the Amorim question. At this stage, and in front of the players who are available, the coach considers that the squad is closed. Even so, also with the possible exits that still exist, the striker would always be seen as an asset, being a scenario that, for now, no one wants to equate “seriously” in Alvalade.