we know why Will Smith was not fired from the ceremony after his slap

Decidedly, the affair of the slap of Will Smith during the 94th ceremony of the Oscars does not cease to be talked about. The WillSmithGate continues to make headlines. More than two weeks after his slap on Chris Rock, the producer of the ceremony makes new revelations and explains in particular why Will Smith was not fired after this famous slap.

The slap of Will Smith: quick reminder of the facts

On March 28, was held the 94th Academy Awards. Everything was going normally when comedian and actor Chris Rock takes the stage to present an award. He appears on stage, does a short sketch, where he decides to winnow Jada Pinkett Smiththe wife of Will Smith, who has an autoimmune disease called alopecia which leads to hair loss and hair loss. Chris Rock therefore decides to make fun of her bald head by saying that she could play in a sequel to On equal termsa war film directed by Ridley Scott in 1998, where Demi Moore is almost completely bald on screen.

The joke does not please the couple, Will Smith goes on stage, and gives a huge slap to Chris Rock, live on American television. 10 minutes later, the actor wins the Best Actor statuette for his performance in The Williams Method. The gesture shocked Hollywood and more broadly the whole world. Since, the affair continues to defray the media, and Will Smith is in the grip of serious consequences: cancellation of his projects, restitution of his Oscar, etc…

Will Packer, the producer of the Oscars, speaks on the subject

Since his gesture, Will Smith issued a public apology and has resigned from the Academy of Oscars. After his gesture, the producers of the ceremony asked Will Smith to leave the room. Corn he would have refused to leave. Apparently, new information has just fallen. Will Packer, one of the show’s producers, gave his version of the facts at the microphone of Good Morning America on ABC:

I asked that Will Smith not be expelled from the ceremony according to Chris Rock’s wishes. I was told that a conversation had taken place, in which I did not participate, to persuade him to leave the Oscars.

Will Packer also confirmed that Chris Rock did not want to file a complaint against Will Smith, specifying that the latter did not have to be ejected from the ceremony:

Chris kept a cool head when everyone was losing theirs.

Many personalities are stepping up and defending Chris Rock. His brother notably specified at the microphone of the Los Angeles Times than Chris Rock was unaware of Jada Pinkett Smith’s illnessand that he thought he was joking about an assumed and voluntary physical style on the part of the actress.

The joke was funny. She wasn’t hilarious, but I know if he had known she had alopecia, he wouldn’t have made a joke about it. But he didn’t know. My brother was no threat. Smith had no respect for him and put him down in front of millions.

Will Packer ended his intervention by stating that Chris Rock’s valve was improvised, and that it was not written initially. He also added that he regrets that Will Smith did not directly apologize during his acceptance speech for his Oscar. One thing is certain, we will still hear about this story a good time!