Ugarte talks about everything: being Busquets one day, Rochinha as the most difficult player and Amorim “making football easy” – Sporting

Manuel Ugarte took stock of Sporting’s preparations and told what he expects from next season. Before the Cinco Violinos Trophy, the midfielder gave an interview to Sport TV where he also addressed some aspects of his career and curiosities related to his path in Portugal.



“It’s tough, but it’s normal. The team is doing very well, I think we’re doing well.”

Affirmation to holder

“Without a doubt, yes, I’m working to be a starter. I’m very happy, very comfortable, but I have to work, mainly for Sporting to win. I’m very happy and with a lot of desire.”

Sporting different?

“Without a doubt, yes, because other players have arrived, with other characteristics and I think the system also adapts to the players we have. That gives us another approach, but we have to be together and get to know each other well.”

Is it easy to play with Matheus Nunes?

“It’s very easy to play with him. Now Morita has arrived, who has a lot of quality, the kids and even Dani [Bragança], who was unfortunately injured. We have a very good midfield and we will fight each other for the position.”

Maturity despite age 20

“I think it’s because I started playing very young, in Uruguay. I came to Portugal early, I was in Famalicão and that gives you something… I always try to do the best and enjoy the moment. of my team. Today I’m here. Did you already think about playing here? In Uruguay, Portugal wasn’t talked about much, it was above all about Seba. In the last 2, 3 years, there was more talk, also for Darwin and for me! a very good league for young people.”

League 2022/23

“I don’t think about it too much. I think about us and doing better. We have to think that what we’re doing now has to have an impact on matchday one. That’s the mentality.”

Calendar difficult to open

“I’d like to start with them. [Sp. Braga e FC Porto]… Let’s get ready and see you soon.”


“I haven’t thought about it. It’s a dream, of course, but it’s still missing. Our mentality is Braga, game by game. That’s how good things are achieved.”

What are the teams to follow?

“Now it starts all over again, but Liverpool. I like them a lot, City… They are different, but they have a lot of similar things. Tottenham too. I see things to improve. Premier is where the best are.

The player who gave the most work in Portugal

“A very good player. Rochinha, when he was at Famalicão. I haven’t told him yet. It’s great that he’s with us. He has a lot, in a short space, the last pass… Today we have other characteristics, but he gives something that nobody gives, which is to be very good in the short space.”

Best game for Sporting

“For the context, for everything, the 3-1 victory at Luz. It was very good, I played well…”

And the worst?

“Against FC Porto, in which we lost 2-1 at home in the Cup.”

They call it mini Busquets

“There’s still a long way to go to be Busquets. I like him a lot. I don’t know if we have similar ways of playing, but I like him a lot. It’s a goal, but there’s still a long way to go.”

Who is Ugarte?

– I am a player with several characteristics, who likes to play well, scoring well. A mixed.

Be 6 or 8?

– Before coming to Sporting, I would like to be 6, alone, but now I got used to playing with one on my side and that is very good for me, because I am improving. These are things that add to us. I’m a better player than I was a year ago, I’ve adapted to different positions.”

Rúben Amorim praised rapid growth

– It’s a pride and a happiness. I knew it would go well, but it’s a reward for my work. It has to go on. I grew up fast, but with Rúben it’s easier, because when he talks it seems like he makes football easier than it is. Tells you things very clearly. He looks like a player… he is very close to us, just like Carlos Fernandes and Adélio Cândido, the assistants. This unites a group. It’s very competitive. Earn more for him? I think so. He changed the mindset, more than the tactical part. In any game and in any race. It’s really hard to do that… Tough? Yes, yes… When he has to criticize, he does it, but he does it to be better – and rightly so. Nobody is perfect and that is enriching.”


“It’s very good for the whole team, for them and for Sporting. Sporting is one of the best clubs in terms of training and the first team has to take advantage of it.”

Coates example?

“Without a doubt. There is a lot, inside and outside of football, that I didn’t know and that he teaches me. It makes me want to. Playing with the captain is very beautiful and very good.”

Have you looked at rivals?

“I don’t. There’s time… I’ve seen our games.”

But will they be stronger?

“I think that, if we are well, we can beat any team. It doesn’t matter who the next opponent is, we have to be well and win. We depend more on ourselves than on others.”

Mindset change?

“Without a doubt. Last year we weren’t champions, we passed in the Champions League and it didn’t look like a good year. It was very good, but we have to raise the bar. Changing mentality is that.”

Arrival of reinforcements

“The adaptation of the reinforcements has been very good. Morita has a lot of quality – we understand each other by gestures. There is Mateus Fernandes, Rodrigo Ribeiro, a lot of people who enrich the squad.”

Darwin – have you spoken to him?

“He’s evolved a lot in recent times, he’s a great player, Liverpool are very big and it’s always a goal to improve. In my case, I’m very happy here, I think only of Sporting and I have to play.”

Straw left a message?

“It would have been nice if he had stayed, but I hope he does the best. He’s a very good player. Now Morita has arrived, he plays very well and it’s this healthy competence that enriches the squad.”

world is goal

“It’s a dream and I have to work today to be there. It’s a dream, but also a goal. I think I can go, but I have to work well. I’m in a team where I can do a good job, with these colleagues, coach and fans .”

If you weren’t a player…

“I really like math. My mother always said I would be a good economist.”

greatest confidant

“I have many, I get along very well with Franco Israel, like Marsà… But also with Seba, Porro and Adán. I already knew Franco, I trained with him in the under-20 team. He is very good. I sent him messages for him to come.”

Free Times

“I go to sleep and then I join my colleagues to talk, drink mate… Maté is like tea, similar to coffee, it makes me more awake. It’s for sports and for having a good time.”