Top 10 best selling books in international book fairs

Fares Khader – Jeddah It is not a requirement that the book be new in order to top the list of best sellers in publishing houses and book fairs, however, in addition to the newly issued books, you will find several novels and books that always maintain their position in the forefront.. We present here the ten best-selling books for 2022 as This was reported by the websites of publishing houses and their successive data about the Best Sellers.. These books have been able to attract readers, despite the technological development and the acquisition of electronics and social networking sites, the largest share of the time of many of most people around the world, but a large group of them are still She loves the paper book and does not dispense with it. Although there are thousands of books and novels published annually, from hundreds of publishing houses around the world, few of them are able to remain in the circle of the best books and succeed in selling higher copies in the markets. American Marxism American Marxism is one of the best books of 2022, written by Mark R. Levine, in which he explains how the basic elements of Marxist ideology have spread in English society and culture, from schools, universities, companies and newspapers, to the Hollywood movie industry, and political parties, and how they try to hide them And changing its name under deceptive names such as (progressivism, democratic socialism, social activism, and other other names), and during the book, the writer delves into the analysis of the distinguished in psychology and explains the methods used to wash the minds of students on a large scale in America, and the purposes pursued by America to prove the theory Pure race and the Green New Deal, and the suppression of opponents and censorship of newspapers and news, and those who lead this revolution against Marxism and confront them in order to achieve this. Peace be upon you Mary The book Peace be upon you Mary by Andy Weir deals with the story of Ryland Grace, who is the only survivor on a desperate mission to save humanity, and if it fails, mankind and the earth will perish. Or how to complete it, and all he remembers is that he has been asleep for a very long time, and has just woken up and discovers that he is millions of miles away from his home, with only two dead bodies with him. The Four Winds The book The Four Winds by Christine is one of the best books of 2022, as classified by some interested in the global publishing movement, as it deals with an epic novel about love, heroism and hope, during the Great Depression era in the United States of America, among the unemployed millions, where drought caused The Great Plains is devastated and dried up by hunger, and during that difficult time Elsa Martinelli must fight for the land she loves or go west to California, for opportunities in a better life. The Great Gatsby In this book, writer Scott Fitzgerald embodies the stage of bitter fear after leaving the twenties, as the novel revolves around the life of its hero, Nick, who speaks at the beginning: “I was thirty years old before I was exposed to the serious threat of a new decade… Thirty – a decade of loneliness, and a small list A single man to know, a little bag of zest, and thin hair.” Through many stages, the hero learns many valuable lessons about dealing with himself and others as he matures. Enlightenment Now by Stephen Pinker, in which the writer defends logic, science, and humanity as the principles by which we must confront our problems and move forward, and the book is said by Bill Gates to be his favorite book. 12 Rules for Living The book by Jordan Peterson, a Canadian professor of clinical psychology. And his new book “12 Rules of Life: An Anti-Chaos Antidote” is part of the attempts of this psychologist to help the contemporary man to live on a moral basis in a difficult world from his point of view, as an intellectual navigating through sacred texts and writings of philosophers, thinkers, psychologists and writers. Peterson records his lectures on the Internet, attended by millions of followers in the West, and some intellectuals in the West consider him “the most important Canadian thinker since Marshall McLuhan”, because of his clear popularity in the West and his clear influence on the man of the street and the intellectuals despite the language of pessimism evident in most of his writings and some of the opinions The shocking Jordan Peterson that “all humans have the ability to turn into monsters” and as long as life is catastrophic, it is absurd that the goal is to search for happiness, there are those who follow it by the millions. Most of his books fall within the scope of self-help books, and in this book he presents 12 rules that help the modern man to live with a moral foundation in a world he described as difficult and unhappy. The last thing he told me to author Laura Dave The book deals with the life of Owen Michaels, in which he managed to smuggle a note to his wife for a year, and try to protect her despite her confusion and fear, and with the days his wife Hannah and his daughter Owen Bailey know who this note refers to, where they discover the truth that they are building A new future together. The Immortals is a novel by writer Chloe Benjamin, which topped sales as soon as it was released, and in its general axis, it is an attempt to reveal the difference between compulsion and choice, truth and illusion, and the world in which we live and the other world. The novel raises various questions, including: “If you knew when you would die, what would you do with your life? The novel takes place in New York City, with the arrival of a woman who claims that she can tell everyone the time of his death. This woman meets four brothers who tried to know their destiny and their future. A Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn, the best-selling novel according to the New York Times and Amazon, revolves around a woman living in New York City named Anna Fox who spends her time drinking, watching old movies, following the neighbors and recalling her happy memories. From the father, mother and their teenage son, and while following them, she saw something she was not supposed to see, and her world began to collapse, and the questions began: What is truth, what is fiction, who controls things, and the difference between our world and the other world in a series of events full of mystery that reveals a lot. This is a novel about which the famous writer “Stephen King” said that he could not stop reading it. The Alchemist by Palo Coelho, which is considered one of the best books, as it talks about something alchemical like the warm hand of a wise father or a mentor who teaches you and guides you how life is. One of the colorful characters, where he meets many roadblocks, to quickly discover that while walking for the real treasure he finds another treasure, which is his discovery of the meaning of life, and that his treasure was all the time under his feet.