Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1167 of Tuesday, April 19, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While the police find Chloé safe and sound, Damien tries to break the ice with Lizzie. Manon is back in Sète.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday April 19 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Chloe regains consciousness in the early morning. Injured in the leg, she briefly cleans her wound before setting off again.

Not far from there, Anthony is wounded and suffers martyrdom. The good news is that the ball is out. His sister therefore tries to immobilize his arm somehow so that he does not lose any more blood. As time is running out, the Messys set off again to find their accomplice.

At the police station, Roxane managed to define a much more precise search area. Commander Constant then asks Karim to deploy their teams to search the area. Alex, who is present, wishes to accompany them but Martin refuses. As he threatens to go alone, the policeman is forced to accept.

Meanwhile, Christelle and Sylvain are discussing Chloé’s kidnapping and the father of the family begins to wonder if Charlie might be in league with the Messys again. Christelle summons him immediately to stop with this story then reminds him that she was under the influence of Anthony. Only, Sylvain is convinced that she was quite simply in love with him and that she was perfectly aware of what she was doing. While he wonders about her feelings towards him, Christelle says she is certain that she no longer loves him and even thinks that she has met someone.

For her part, Chloe is not in her best shape. While walking in the forest, she sees the remains of a campfire and a box of matches not far away. Without waiting, she therefore decides to turn it back on to give her position to the police.

Anthony and Ophélie see smoke. Convinced that it is Chloe, Ophelia wants to go there to get rid of her but her brother tries to convince her not to fuck everything up to avenge him. Seeing a car park a few meters from them, Anthony sees their exit ticket there. With the doors still open and the keys in the ignition, Anthony and Ophélie sneak into the vehicle before fleeing.

At the same time, the police crisscross the search area and Alex and Karim end up discovering Chloe’s scarf stained with blood. As Alex panics, Captain Saeed reassures him and then promises that they will find her. As they continue on their way, they see smoke in the distance and rush towards it where they come across Chloe. Alex then takes her in his arms before ensuring that she is safe.

At nightfall, Ophélie and Anthony join Yoann, their accomplice, in an abandoned barn. The latter found them a car, prepaid phones, clean clothes and firearms. Once Yoann is gone, Ophelia takes care of her brother’s injury by declaring that she hopes he won’t let her go because she needs him for the rest of the plan.


Good humor is not at the rendezvous at the Roussel. Indeed, Damien returned home since the work on his apartment was finished. If Jack, Jordan and Leo are depressed, this is not the case for Lizzie who is delighted to finally find herself with her family.

For her part, Audrey would like to organize a surprise for Bart and Louise’s wedding. This is why she offers Lizzie to sing for the occasion. Her brothers would be on instruments and she and Damien would be doing hearts. Unfortunately, Lizzie refuses.

However, Damien has an idea to change her mind. When the teenager then returns home, she finds the whole family singing. Of course, the policeman pretends to sing out of tune. When everyone invites Lizzie to sing in her place, she turns and locks herself in her room.

Shortly after, Damien joins Lizzie to understand why she hates him so much. She therefore tells him that she is afraid that he will hurt her mother if he were to leave her. Damien then asserts that he has no intention of doing so and although it could happen, he also makes it clear to him that Audrey may very well choose to leave him too. According to him, being in a relationship is ultimately about taking risks. Only, Lizzie does not care and declares that she does not want to sing with him. Before leaving, Damien reminds her that she has a close-knit family and that her arrival won’t change anything.

Finally, the teenager changes her mind. Just as Damien is about to go home, the teenager invites him to stay.


After working at Font-Romeu for the season, Manon is back in Sète to the delight of her parents. However, their reunion is interrupted by a call from Brigitte who invites the whole family to have lunch for Easter to the great displeasure of Aurore who thought she was finally rid of her.

Bénédicte, Dorian, Étienne, Aurore, Manon, William and Brigitte meet for lunch. As the matriarch Daunier takes care of her family, Aurore suspects her of plotting something. And the policewoman was right since at the end of the meal, Brigitte claims to have back pain so that the whole family can start cleaning. While William takes care of the ironing, Bénédicte cleans the kitchen. For his part, Étienne takes charge of the terrace and Aurore the swimming pool.

Later, Bénédicte ends up admitting that her mother abuses a little. However, she blames her brother and sister-in-law for not putting a stop to her from the start and therefore giving her bad habits. Inevitably, it was enough for William and Bénédicte to bicker. Aurore intervenes and makes them understand that they have to find a way out. If William thinks that the only solution is for his mother to get back together with his father, Aurore reminds him that she is no longer in love with him. Bénédicte then offers to stop helping her from now on so that she learns to fend for herself. What everyone agrees to do.