Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1159 of Thursday April 7, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While the police make a gruesome discovery, Samuel gets jealous. At the same time, Aurore can’t stand Brigitte anymore.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday April 7 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


Found early in the morning after her suicide attempt, Garance is in a coma in critical condition. Doctor Delcourt then gives Olivier a note that the firefighters found on the young woman. In this one we can read, “Forgive me dad, I love you. “. Upset, Olivier collapses.

Meanwhile, Noor learns that Garance’s life-threatening condition is still engaged. Despite Garance’s confession, the nurse struggles to believe that her classmate is responsible for the deaths of Romain and Alizée Melville. Indeed, Noor does not understand why she did not warn the police when she was in self-defense. Only, Gabriel is not of the same opinion and says he is relieved to have the end of this story.

For his part, Karim informs prosecutor Perraud that Garance is still in a coma. According to him, she tried to kill herself to protect her accomplice. Garance is indeed too small to physically attack Gabriel. Unfortunately, the investigation is progressing too slowly for Sébastien, who gives Damien a day to cross-check the DNA found on the car and then compare the results.

Not far from there, Gabriel went back to work because he needed to take his mind off things. When he meets Chloé in the yard, he takes the opportunity to ask her about Garance. Although she doesn’t know her very well, Agnès Varda’s principal has a hard time imagining her committing all these crimes. As Gabriel struggles to realize all that has happened to him, Chloe says she is there for him.

At the same time, Noor goes to Garance’s bedside to hear from her. Olivier thanks her and regrets that the whole town of Sète now takes her for a monster. However, Noor does not believe for a second that she could have killed Romain and Alizée and even less that she attacked Gabriel. Agreeing with her, Olivier begins to cry and then takes his daughter’s hand, declaring that he is nothing without her.

Soraya is cleaning her terrace because there was a lot of dirt in front of the door. She then explains to her sister that Bart is still in prison and that she will not be able to ask for his release until his innocence has not been proven. Indeed, the prosecutor thinks that the Vallorta son could have an accomplice. With his liabilities, he won’t let go.

A few meters away, a young man discovered a skeleton near the pond and immediately called the police. Dispatched on site, Damien proceeds to the various samples. Throwing away her trash, Soraya sees that the police have delimited the place and tries to understand what is going on. A passer-by tells him that they have found a skeleton near the pond.

After some research, Damien tells Sara and Karim that it is indeed Romain Melville. Captain Saeed then notices that the bones of the deceased were found right next to Noor Beddiar’s home…


Victoire and Samuel spent the night together and Samuel has trouble waking up. So much so that he makes a big mistake by calling Victoire, Alma. Fortunately, she doesn’t take it badly and even has fun with the situation.

For her part, Alma goes to the hospital to bring back Benjamin’s jacket. As they talk, Samuel joins them and tries to find out if they are together. They may affirm that they are simply friends, Dr. Chardeau is convinced of the contrary and even goes so far as to believe that they do not assume their relationship.

Subsequently, Benjamin and Alma have a coffee together and are still hallucinating about the crisis that Samuel has just given them. However, Benjamin thinks it’s rather flattering for her because it proves that he still cares about her. However, the English teacher on the contrary believes that her behavior is inappropriate and that this means that the idea that she has moved on is driving him crazy. Samuel being his friend, Benjamin hopes that he will come down to pressure because it would really bother him if they left it at that. For her part, Alma is certain that it will work out eventually.

Alma then goes to the Spoon. While Audrey asks her where she is with Benjamin, she replies that they are friends. And to specify that they spend better moments to tell each other their life than to sleep together. If the sex is great, they have no desire to get into a relationship.

At nightfall, Samuel complains to Victoire about Benjamin and Alma. No longer able to bear to hear him rambling and even less to see him jealous, she decides to spend the night in the guest room.


William and Aurore had a bad night unlike Brigitte who slept like a baby. It must be said that William’s mother quickly took to her ease. Not only did she steal her daughter-in-law’s bathrobe, but she also replaced the coffee with chicory. But that’s not all since Brigitte also decides to clean up, not finding the house clean enough for her taste.

Later, Brigitte is resting when her son comes home from work. When her husband calls her, she does not answer because she knows full well that he wants to convince her to come back. Although he was the great love of her life, Brigitte is reaching an age where she no longer wants to force herself. Believing that she has no more time to lose, she intends to take advantage of life to meet people, go out and travel. For William, it’s very brave on his part, but Brigitte assures us that it’s a necessity.

At the end of the day, Aurore comes home with the dinner she picked up from the caterer. Only, Brigitte already has everything under control. Not only is she already in the kitchen, but she has also listed all the expired products in the fridge.

At the end, Aurore asks her husband to do something because she won’t last. In fact, Aurore finds her stepmother intrusive, even tyrannical, and thinks she is on the verge of pulling out her service weapon. When William certifies to his wife that his mother will eventually calm down, Brigitte arrives in their room then reproaches her stepdaughter for still being in her bathrobe when they go to dinner.