To whom did Biden write… and who did he address to?! – Saudi News

No one can deny or turn a blind eye to the importance of the recent Saudi-American summit, given the delicate and sensitive circumstance in which it took place, the great changes and the dangerous complications that the world is witnessing, politically and economically. The Yemeni issue, the oil market, climate issues and global food security, and other files that fall on the list of urgent issues globally, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia plays an important and fundamental role in finding solutions to them within the global system, and therefore it was not surprising that the world turns its compass of attention towards Jeddah, Anticipating the results of this summit, which did not disappoint the circles of anticipation, as it came promising for its successes at all levels, a success that is consistent and consistent with the spirit of the strategic relationship between the two countries, and their continuous desire to develop and develop it to achieve the interests of their peoples, as things have been for more than eight decades. From a relationship that has taken root in an important fundamental way, and has become an important starting point for making decisions and positions in the region and the region in a way that preserves balance and global peace.

With our absolute recognition of the impressive results of this summit; On the other hand, however, we cannot in any way turn a blind eye to some of the important observations that preceded this historic visit by US President Joe Biden, and the cloudy atmosphere created by radical statements issued by the American side, and created a state of tension that would not have been necessary if it had been taken into account. Diplomatic norms and the necessary wisdom governing the distance between countries in the context of mutual appreciation and respect for their sovereignty over their territories as stipulated in the Charter of the United Nations.

And I find myself compelled to bring this issue back to the fore, at this time celebrating the results of the Saudi-American summit, to stress that this solid relationship between Riyadh and Washington must be free from emergency political adventures and electoral tactics in the American arena between “Republicans” and “Democrats.” In search of the big seat in the White House, by persuading the American voter by making “extremist” promises, in a state of agitation and stimulating the masses with a rhetoric toward Saudi Arabia and its leadership, and forming a distorted image of it, as Joe Biden did in his election campaign, in which the White House inspired That Biden will not meet the Saudi crown prince, in response to severe pressures within the United States, the ruling Democratic Party, and anti-Saudi lobbies. But the American president chose realism and decided to deal with it as a fait accompli, which caused him a great “embarrassment” when he decided to visit the Kingdom, and “imposed” him to anticipate this visit, with a justifying “article” under the title: “Why would I go to Saudi Arabia?” It was published in the Washington Post, which was met with mixed reactions, and they are the same interactive responses that met his speech from Jeddah, on the eve of the end of the Saudi-American summit.

I am not here to mention the conclusions of the article, or Biden’s last speech, as it is clear that they mean and address the American interior directly, and they are trying – in modesty – to bridge the gap between a radical electoral promise, and a visit necessitated by the conditions of global changes, the inevitability of the relationship, and the logicality of events, away from demagogic discourses. Perhaps in this “embarrassing” situation there is a new lesson for Biden or others who dream of the sovereignty of the White House, not to make the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its leadership a swing card for weighting in the elections. A target for such irresponsible discourses, but their wisdom and awareness of the nature of strategic relations and the necessity of preserving them requires a degree of condoning nonsense, and an area of ​​transgression for miscalculations issued from time to time. We add to that.

the whole saying; The Saudi-American relationship is firm, strong and solid, and the Biden administration, and the administrations that will follow it in the White House; Whether it is a republic or a democracy, it must be aware of this awareness that protects it from uncalculated adventures, and it must work to keep this ember ignited to achieve the interests of the two peoples. in the kingdom, and it is not a kind of dream that is not based on legs, and possesses the will, strength, determination and the data that enables it to bring it down on the ground at the set times; Whenever the Biden administration – or others – realizes this, and preserves this relationship to ensure its continuity and its old glow, it will be the biggest winner, strengthened by an ally of great weight and weight. Old equations, overturning stereotypes, and rearranging situations on the basis of “redeem and benefit”, and nothing else, which is something the United States of America is well aware of and its consequences and consequences.

May God protect my country and its wise leadership as it promotes and elevates it to its rightful place in today’s world.