The second part is already played and there are changes

[Relato em atualização]

live report

60′- Yellow card for Uribe. The FC Porto player came in hard on Daniel dos Anjos.

56′- Pepe takes the goal from Jota! The FC Porto captain was in the right place to avoid a dangerous move near Marchesín’s goal.

51′- Bebeto tries to surprise Marchesín from afar, but the Argentine goalkeeper was attentive and safe without any problems.

50′- Loader tries again to reach the goal, this time through a… hat. The Englishman took the measurements wrong and passed the danger to Tondela.

46′- Change in Tondela: Khacef leaves, Rafael Barbosa enters.

46′- Change at FC Porto: Evanilson leaves, Toni Martínez enters.

46′- The second half starts in Aveiro!


45’+3- The first half ends! FC Porto is beating Tondela (2-0) in the Supercup! It’s break time and back to the changing rooms!

45′- Three more minutes of added time will be played.

44′- Loader close to goal again! The English forward insists on the goal, but Niasse again doesn’t let him.

33′- GOAL! Evanilson extends the accounts and FC Porto already wins by two goals difference (2-0)! Now the roles have been reversed. Taremi shot the post and the Brazilian put the ball in the back of the net…

30′- GOAL! Taremi breaks the null in Aveiro and puts FC Porto in front (1-0)! Corner hit on the left, Evanilson’s touch and the Iranian doesn’t forgive and opens the accounts in the Supercup!

30′- Another save! Niasse is keeping the tie with defense after defense! Uribe was desperate!

25′- Niasse again denied the goal! Great move by Taremi, but Evanilson couldn’t beat Tondela’s goalkeeper!

10′- Niasse avoids another goal! Evanilson really looked like he was going to open the accounts, but the Tondela keeper signed a new important defense!

9′- The first yellow card of the game (and of the season) goes to… Sérgio Conceição. The FC Porto coach contested a foul by Tondela and ended up admonished by referee Manuel Mota.

6′- Loader again! This time it was Niasse to deny the goal to the English forward from FC Porto.

4′- Loader appeared in a good position, but the shot deflects on Taremi and Tondela breathes a sigh of relief…

1′- Roll the ball in Aveiro! The Super Cup is now being played! The 2022/23 season starts in Portugal!

Starting teams

FC Porto: Marchesin; João Mário, Pepe, Marcano, Zaidu; Uribe, Grujic, Pepê, Danny Namaso Loader; Taremi and Evanilson.

Tondela: Niasse; Jota, Marcelo, Manu Hernando; Tiago Almeida, Iker Undabarrena, Pedro Augusto, Khacef; Bebeto, Telmo Arcanjo and Daniel dos Anjos.


8:20 pm: The elevens are already known and the biggest surprise goes to the title of Loader in the place that will, under normal conditions, be Otávio.

19:25: Tondela shows the Supercup stage.

7:20 pm: The FC Porto entourage has arrived at the Aveiro Municipal Stadium.

7:15 pm: FC Porto already shows the resort in Aveiro. In about half an hour we will have the official eleven.

18:20: Manuel Mota is the referee chosen to direct the Supercup. Check out the entire referee team here.

18:00: Time to remember that the game that ended last season was, precisely, between FC Porto and Tondela. The Dragons won the final of the Portuguese Cup and won the coveted double. If we look at the history of clashes, the blue and white dominance is overwhelming: 14 wins against a Beira triumph and a draw.

5:40 pm: Tondela advises fans to arrive early to Aveiro and leaves more information.

17:20: FC Porto already shows the lawn of the Municipal de Aveiro.