The Israeli series “The Lesson”, crowned best series

Season 05 of the Cannes International Series Festival closed its doors on Wednesday. The long format jury, chaired by Fanny Herrero, and the short series jury, chaired by Anthony Horrovitz, have delivered their verdict. “This list reflects our desire to promote the inventiveness and diversity of series and that they exploit all formats and all genres. “, comments the artistic director of the festival, Albin Lewi

As for the long series, the Israeli series The Lessonone of the favorites of 20 minutes, wins two prizes, that of the best series and the interpretation prize for Maya Landsmann for her role of Lian, an impetuous 17-year-old high school girl. Two well-deserved awards for this series, which shows how, beyond depicting the explosive political reality in Israel, it is difficult to debate in the era of fake news and social networks. ” Series The Lesson was screened on the first day and we felt a craze in the room”, says the artistic director of CanneSeries. I am particularly delighted for Maya Landsmann who is the first actress to return two editions in a row. I hope this award will be a springboard for international because she is extremely talented, with crazy energy. »

Quebec drama Audrey came backanother favorite of 20 minutes, also leaves with two prizes, that of the Grand Prix Dior and the special prize for interpretation. “These two prizes are awarded by the jury of the long format competition. It’s a crush given to an innovative series,” explains Albin Lewi.

German production soulsa high-end concept series where several temporalities collide, also won two prizes, that of the best screenplay and the best music.

The Belgian series “Hacked”, crowned best short series

As for short series, Belgian production hacked, a generational series that tells us intelligently and realistically about cyberbullying in schools, wins the prize for best short series. Rosalie Vaillancourt wins the Dior revelation award for her role in the French series Completely High School, quirky parody of ultra-cliched teen shows.

The shocking Norwegian series Afterglow wins the prize for high school students for best long series, while Everything You Love walks away with the student award for best short series.