“The end turned my brain upside down”, “What a big crap”… this film confuses Internet users

Netflix recently uploaded the horror movie UsJordan Peele’s second psychological thriller after get-out. What do viewers really think of the feature film? Here is a collection of tweets.

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If exciting new programs are expected on the Netflix catalog in April, the month of March was not to be outdone. Indeed, the streaming giant put online on March 24 Jordan Peele’s latest psychological thrillercreator of get-out. Released in theaters on March 20, 2019, Us is available today on Netflix. It tells how a family, a priori lambda, will be confronted with their evil doubles. It all started when Adelaide, still a child, encountered a horrific version of herself on a strange fairground ride. Adult, she is married to Gabe Wilson and mother of two children. If she had not forgotten this disturbing episode of her childhood, nothing new had happened since, until she went again to the region during a summer vacation with her family… As to each of Jordan Peele’s thrillers, the end of Us is controversial and difficult to interpret. Some viewers adhere to this conclusion, which “literally turns the brain“, while others reveal not to be completely convinced.

“I have the brain returned”, “It’s madness”, “He’s too scary”these Internet users who appreciate the complexity of Us

When you take a look on Twitter, you quickly understand that the opinions on Us are mixed. Some admit they don’t like any of Jordan Peele’s films, which are different from what we’re used to seeing, while others say they’re just not convinced by this latest thriller. For others, it’s a nice surprise: “The US film on Netflix is ​​UNE DINGUERIE I have my brain turned”writes a fan, joined by another: “The US movie on Netflix is ​​too good”. “I’ve just finished #Us on Netflix. I was expecting a scary horror movie but… not at all. I liked the beginning but then it got funny/weird, it was boring I thought it sucked and finally I loved the last 15 minutes, the end is WTF”, “Watch Us on Netflix it’s so damn scary it’s amazing”, can we read on both sides on Twitter.

Us on Netflix: these spectators not at all convinced by the film

For other spectators, disappointed, they really had the feeling of wasting their time. “If you ever wanted to watch Us on Netflix, don’t”writes a user, quickly joined by another: “Who saw the movie Us on Netflix? What a big crap”. “I’m really disappointed with Us on Netflix ptdr it’s too bad”, adds a viewer. Surely the best thing to do is to watch it on Netflix to make up your mind !

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