THE BALL – «We will hardly be able to count on reinforcements on the 1st round» (Boavista)

Vítor Murta, president of Boavista, gave an account this Wednesday, before the official presentation of the team to the fans for the new season, of the delicate situation of the club, which is prevented from registering new players in the League.

“We could have already resolved this issue, but, for that, we would have had to sell the economic rights of some players at a price that we do not want to do”, began by saying the leader of the chess, then proceeding:

«We will hardly be able to count on reinforcements, but we believe in the players who are registered and we believe that we will have a good result in Portimão. It would have been possible to resolve the issue of offsides if we had given up what we believe is fair to receive from our players. Nathan was at Athletico Paranaense, but that contract was not good for us. And we understand that Boavista’s objective is also financial consolidation. As such, we held on for a while. We’re going to fight, certain that we’re going to win Portimão. And in a short space of time we will register the other players. We already have the solution to the problem, but peace of mind is needed.”

“I would like to say to many people who are not good-looking and who are concerned that the club has an investor and does not pay its debts: we have impediments for more than 20 years! We also have them from now, it’s true, but we have issues from that time. We want to comply and pay everyone. Our stronghold is paying to whom we owe. And we will comply, but all in due time. And these people, who only go to social media to talk, should have worried at the right time about who was going to pay for water, electricity, employees. Things that are now paid for. It is like? At the expense of the investor who entered Boavista. While there are clubs that have training centers and benefits that we do not have, we have to pay all past and present commitments», explained Vítor Murta, in a speech always marked by the many difficulties he faces on a daily basis.

Even so, he left a certainty: «The objective is always to do better than in the previous season. Above all, members and fans have to understand the reality of Boavista, which is complex and complicated. We don’t have a wand to solve problems overnight. What we always want is consolidation. Boavista has a project.”

«The Boavista of today is not the Boavista of the past, it is a Boavista in growth. And we owe that, above all, to Gérard Lopez, who arrived at Boavista at a very difficult time. I’m tired of saying this and I reinforce: if I hadn’t joined Boavista at that moment, we would hardly be competing in the League or even in the professional leagues. The club was already in difficulty and we were still going through the pandemic and it was Gérard Lopez, through his investment and effort, who made Boavista continue to have its doors open. But this is not resolved overnight. It has to be calm. People have to understand the state in which Boavista was. Things are still complicated, but we already see light at the end of the tunnel. I would like to be here saying that this year we are going to the Champions League, but that is not possible. If we have the chance to go to the Europa League, we won’t say no, but that’s not our goal. Our objective is to consolidate, to remedy the serious financial situation in which Boavista lived, so that we can live a moment in which we are able to fulfill our obligations with difficulty. I never get tired of pointing out that this was only possible with the investor we have. I often tell my son that we are going to see and celebrate Boavista titles. It will not be today or tomorrow or the day after, but we will do it together with Gérard Lopez, who has been tireless. We want the best for Boavista, but with our feet firmly planted. If we are struggling today, it is because in the not too distant past we took steps bigger than our legs. And that won’t happen to me.”