THE BALL – W52-FC Porto boss defends himself in an open letter (Cycling)

Adriano Quintanilha, boss of Associação Calvário Várzea Clube de Ciclismo, made public, through an open letter, his position after the suspension of the naming and licensing contract for the W52-FC Porto brand, following the suspension of eight cyclists and two mechanics by doping practices.

Here is the letter in full:

«Felgueiras, August 1, 2022

Dear Reader: Bearing in mind the many misunderstandings and perplexities surrounding the reports about the doping case that plagues the Calvário Várzea Clube de Ciclismo team, which ended up leading to the provisional suspension of its UCI license and the consequent inhibition of participating in sporting events , I think it is important to clarify what is actually happening.

The care and concern for our sponsors, staff and athletes justifies it, and it is what moves me in this matter, leading me to meet you. I entered the cycling world in 1989, from which I retired in 2001. I returned in 2014, having in 2016 signed the current “Brand Naming and Licensing Agreement” with FC Porto, initially through Vintage Podium and, later, until present date, through the Calvário Várzea Cycling Club Association. I am not, nor have I ever been, a cycling professional.

My whole life has been dedicated to the world of clothing, working hard and daily in my companies. For this reason, I delegated functions to professionals with the aim of having a winning team, endowed with the best possible conditions, only comparable to those of the teams that run at the level of the World Tour World Tour, honoring debts not created by me towards athletes and the UCI, and hiring those who seemed to me to be the best professionals, always taking care that they acted in strict compliance with all sporting rules, namely fair play and the non-use of doping substances.

It was, therefore, with the greatest surprise and astonishment that, last April, I was confronted in my own home, where I was resting, by my athletes and other staff, realizing the existence of the judicial process in progress. Seeing the state of despair of some athletes, I soon tried to become an assistant in the same, which came to be denied. However, believing in his words and in the fact that the analyzes carried out were negative, I did what any human being with the least principles would do: defend my athletes, which I will continue to do until proven otherwise. Of course, anyone who has proven wrongdoing owes a formal and public apology, either to myself or to the Club and its sponsors. Anyone who knows me at all knows that I fight for the values ​​of truth, honesty and respect for the word, values ​​that I received from my parents, humble people, but good people, which is why I don’t see myself in this attempt to assassinate character that I am the target of. along with my sponsors.

I accept that we can and must always do better: Clubs, Portuguese Cycling Federation and Anti-Doping Authority of Portugal (ADOP). Therefore, in my team, I have given and will continue to give instructions so that transparency and zero tolerance are known rules for all. It was in this line of action that we implemented an internal Code of Conduct, adjusted to the latest anti-doping legislation.

Finally, I hope that this letter can help each reader get closer to the truth we all desire. It is true that Portuguese cycling demands and deserves, and it is certain that I will not give up on this purpose so quickly, as I am already preparing the future together with our main partners.

Sincerely, Adriano Quintanilha»