THE BALL – Roma defeats Tottenham with Dybala shining in his debut (Roma)

Roma beat Tottenham 1-0 in a preparation meeting for the coming season, held this Saturday afternoon in Haifa (Israel).

With Paulo Dybala making his absolute debut for Roma, it was precisely the Argentine international who was the brightest star in the team led by José Mourinho. The number 21 started in the Roman team (he played the first 60 minutes) and it looked like he was already at the service of the giallorossi… there is an eternity! Perfect connection with his teammates, especially with Tammy Abraham (with whom he promises to form a terrible attacking duo…) and constant search for the goal. As, for the rest, is his prerogative.

Dybala just didn’t score, in the first minute, because Hugo Lloris denied, as he could, the goal to the former Juventus player. But the tango continued and the Argentine was a key player in the goal that would seal the final result: in the 30th minute, Dybala and Roger Ibañez’s left corner, at the entrance of the small area, jumped higher than everyone else and threw the tell.

The result at half-time was even flattering for Tottenham, which only at spaces, through outside shots from Ivan Perisic, managed to reach Rui Patrício’s goal. The Portuguese international goalkeeper, to be honest, had an absolutely peaceful afternoon on Israeli soil.

The second half was more balanced, with the English team scoring better and not allowing the Italians to pose as many problems to Hugo Lloris as they had done in the first 45 minutes, but the truth is that Roma always had their operations completely under control. and only upon the final whistle do the spurs managed to create a real scoring opportunity, with Harry Kane, on the edge of the small area, heading over the bar, following a beautiful cross from the left by Ryan Sessègnon.

Roma have once again demonstrated that they are even stronger compared to last season (which team wouldn’t be much better with a signing like Paulo Dybala?…) and makes their fans dream that more achievements could happen in 2022/2023. In the previous season, remember, José Mourinho offered the Roman emblem the Conference League.

Remember the game movie:

End of match! Tottenham 0 Roma 1.

90+3 minutes: Substitution at Roma, with the departure of Lorenzo Pellegrini for the entry of El Shaarawy.

Five minutes minimum additional time in this second half.

90 minutes: Substitution at Roma, with the departure of Nicolò Zaniolo for the entry of Edoardo Bove.

89 minutes: Ryan Sessègnon and Harry Kane cross from the left, at the edge of the small area, with everything to score, headed over the bar by Rui Patrício. It was clearly Tottenham’s best scoring opportunity in the second half.

87 minutes: Direct free kick taken by Harry Kane, but the ball does not pass through the elements that formed the Roman wall. Rui Patrício continues to be… a mere spectator.

83 minutes: Yellow card for Lorenzo Pellegrini and Cristián Romero. The Italian and the Argentine caught up after a more virile tackle by the Tottenham defender over the Roma midfielder, with the match referee having to admonish both players.

78 minutes: Substitution at Roma, with the departure of Rick Karsdorp for the entry of Zeki Celik.

75 minutes: Substitution at Tottenham, with the departure of Ivan Perisic for the entry of Ryan Sessègnon.

73 minutes: Great pass from Tammy Abraham to Nicolò Zaniolo, but a great cut by Cristián Romero, close to the penalty mark, prevents Roma from reaching the second goal.

71 minutes: Pause for hydration.

68 minutes: Four one-seat substitutions at Tottenham, with the departures of Hugo Lloris, Matt Doherty, Son and Dejan Kulusevski, for the entrances of Fraser Forster, Emerson Royal, Lucas Moura and Richarlison.

60 minutes: Double substitution at Roma, with the departure of Nicola Zalewski and Paulo Dybala for the entrance of Matic and Leo Spinazzola.

54 minutes: The first danger signal of the second half is given by Tottenham and again by Ivan Perisic. The Croatian international, already in the area, slightly dropped to the left, tries a cross shot, but the ball deflects on Gianluca Mancini and goes out the end line.

46 minutes: Double substitution at Tottenham, with the departure of Davinson Sánchez and Yves Bissouma for the entry of Clément Lenglet and Rodrigo Betancur.

Start of the second part!

Roma go into the break with an advantage on the scoreboard and in an entirely fair way, to be honest.

In Paulo Dybala’s debut game with the Roma jersey, it was the Argentine international who gave the first danger signal, in the opening minute, but Hugo Lloris denied the goal to number 21.

With a very accentuated dominance, although without being overwhelming, far from it, the team guided by José Mourinho was fighting until, at the end of the half hour, they even managed to reach the goal: Paulo Dybala’s left corner and Roger Ibañez, headed , opened the asset.

Tottenham tried to react in the final moments of the first half, with some good initiatives from Son and Ivan Perisic, but the truth is that Rui Patrício was never really bothered and, with that, the Italians went to the break to win by 1-0. And with Dybala, as expected, making your mouth water…

Break! Tottenham 0 Roma 1.

Two minutes minimum additional time in this first half.

36 minutes: Another shot from outside Ivan Perisic, with the ball passing close to the left post of Rui Patrício’s goal.

34 minutes: Shot from the middle of the street by Ivan Perisic, strong, but over the crossbar of Rui Patrício.

30 minutes: Roma score! Left corner scored by Paulo Dybala and Roger Ibañez, at the entrance of the small area, went to the second floor and headed straight into the back of the net. 0-1.

29 minutes: Tammy Abraham’s cross shot, already in the area, but Cristián Romero, with a great cut, avoids bigger damages for Hugo Lloris’ goal.

26 minutes: Pause for hydration.

25 minutes: Head assistance from Ivan Perisic and Son, at the edge of the area, with a first-time shot, making the ball go just wide of Rui Patrício’s goal.

13 minutes: Lorenzo Pellegrini’s left corner and Chris Smalling’s header close to the left post.

9 minutes: A direct free-kick by Lorenzo Pellegrini, but the ball went way over the crossbar of Hugo Lloris.

5 minutes: Dejan Kulusevski’s cross from the right and when Son was getting ready for the goal, at the entrance of the small area, Rick Karsdorp appeared, in a miraculous way, closing the central aisle and preventing the victorious deflection of the South-South international. Korean.

1 minute: Great opportunity for Roma! Paulo Dybala’s shot that bounced off a defender, Tammy Abraham’s recharge deflected by Chis Smalling and Paulo Dybala, in a second attempt, already inside the small area, saw Hugo Lloris, with a defense of appeal, on the line, deny it the goal in the opening game with the Roman shirt.

Start of the match!

It is recalled that José Mourinho goes to the second season at the service of Roma. Last season, the renowned Portuguese coach further enriched his curriculum, as he won the Conference League, UEFA’s youngest competition. Thus, Mourinho reached the 26th official title in his career: Champions League (2), Europa League (2), Conference League (1), Portuguese League (2), Portugal Cup (1), Cândido de Oliveira Super Cup (1), English League (3), FA Cup (1), League Cup (4), English Super Cup (2), Italian League (2), Coppa Italia (1), Italian Super Cup (1) , Spanish League (1), Spanish Cup (1), Spanish Super Cup (1).

Tottenham: Hugo Lloris, Eric Dier, Cristián Romero, Davinson Sánchez, Matt Doherty, Pierre Hojbjerg, Yves Bissouma, Dejan Kulusevski, Son, Ivan Perisic and Harry Kane

Substitutes: Fraser Forster, Brandon Austin, Ryan Sessègnon, Djed Spence, Clément Lenglet, Ben Davies, Emerson Royal, Rodrigo Betancur, Pape Sarr, Harvey White, Bryan Gil, Lucas Moura and Richarlison

Coach: Antonio Conte

Pomegranate: Rui Patrício, Gianluca Mancini, Chris Smalling, Roger Ibañez, Rick Karsdorp, Bryan Cristante, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Nicola Zalewski, Nicolò Zaniolo, Tammy Abraham and Paulo Dybala

Substitutes: Mile Svilar, Pietro Boer, Zeki Celik, Marash Kumbulla, Matías Viña, Leo Spinazzola, Filippo Tripi, Giacomo Faticanti, Edoardo Bove, Mate Ivkovic, Matic, Cristian Volpato, Jordan Veretout, Carles Pérez, Eldor Shomurodov and El Shaarawy

Coach: Jose Mourinho

There are already teams!

Paulo Dybala is also in the starting eleven of the team guided by José Mourinho. It will be the Argentine international’s absolute debut with the Roma shirt.

Rui Patrício will start in the Roman goal.

in the case of spursthis is the fourth preparation match for 2022/2023, and whose journey to date includes two triumphs (6-3 against Team K League and 2-1 against Glasgow Rangers) and a draw (1-1 against Seville).

It will be the Roman emblem’s fifth pre-season game, and so far, the giallorossi have already experienced all the results: victories over Sunderland and Portimonense (both 2-0), draw against Nice (1-1) and defeat against Sporting (2-3).

Roma, coached by José Mourinho, will face Tottenham this afternoon (19.15 hours), in a friendly match that will take place at the Sammy Ofer Stadium, in Haifa (Israel). BOLA online is attentive to the preparation of the team guided by José Mourinho (and where Rui Patrício plays) and will follow this duel hand in hand. Come with us, dear reader…

Good evening!