THE BALL – Roger Schmidt’s first test ends in victory (Preparation game)

Benfica beat Reading (2-0), in a friendly at St. George’s Park in England. It was Roger Schmidt’s first test in command of the eagles.

In a match in which the eagles dominated the operations, it was necessary to wait until the second half to celebrate the first goal and then for a reinforcement (David Neres, Bah and Ristic were three new faces used): Alexander Bah started on the right, left the ball to Pizzi who missed the shot, but inadvertently served the Dane for the first goal.

Soon after, it was Gil Dias’ turn (72′) to celebrate, again with Bah in the spotlight. The Dane crossed from the right and the Portuguese finished with the right foot, sealing Roger Schmidt’s first victory in command of the eagles.

There are now duels with Nice (15 July), Fulham (17), Girona (22) and Newcastle (26) before the official start of the season. Benfica, remember, host Arouca in the opening round of the championship, on August 7th.

Review the main incidences of departure:

17.45 hours: End of match! Benfica beat Reading 2-0.

89′: Pizzi’s shot to save Bouzanis.

84′: Reading is approaching Benfica’s area. Corner scored on the right side by Jordy Jones. In the undertow, the shot came out very close to Samuel Soares’ goal.

81′: Free-kick taken by Reading on the right side of the attack. André Almeida pushed away.

72′: Benfica scores! Nice offensive drawing of the eagles attack. Bah crossed from the right side, with Gil Dias finishing with a right foot. look here

65′: Benfica scores! Started by Bah on the right side, Pizzi tried the shot and the Danish side took advantage of the rebound and made it 1-0. look here

62′: Pizzi’s shot in the corner of the area, off-kilter.

61′: Front free kick tested by Pizzi to place on André Almeida. The defender tried to head it into the heart of the area, but the ball was cleared.

58′: Benfica’s new danger signal. Corner taken by Pizzi on the left side of the attack. Diego Moreira receives, alone, and shoots the bar.

53′: Corner taken by Ristic on the right. Chiquinho appeared at the far post and headed towards the far post.

53′: Good save by Bouzanis.

46′: Lots of changes on both teams. Check out the elevens that started the complementary stage.

Benfica: Samuel Soares; Bah, Tomás Araújo, Andre Almeida, Ristic; Meite, Paulo Bernardo; Diego Moreira, Chiquinho, Gil Dias; pizza.

Reading: Bouzanis; Louie Holzman, Kian Leavy, Grant Ward, Kelvin Abrefa; Rashawn Scott, Jacob Davenport, Tyrese Fornah, Dejan Tetek; Conor Wickham and Jodi Jones

17.02 hours: The second part starts!

16.47 hours: Break! Goalless draw at St. George’s Park.

44′: Corner taken by João Mário, on the left side. The ball went through the baseline, untouched.

38′: Too much danger for Benfica. João Mário cleared Rafa in the back of the defense, with Lumley denying the goal with an attentive defense. In the reload, Henrique Araújo saw the ball end up in the hands of the opposing goalkeeper.

36′: Low crossing by João Mário on the right. Gilberto appeared in danger from close range, but was flagged for offside.

33′: Henrique Araújo caught offside.

26′: Rafa’s incursion into the area, was knocked down, but the referee considered the move legal.

23′: Free-kick scored by Reading on the left side of the attack. Yiadom anticipated the submission, but came out on top.

20′: Grimaldo’s cross on the left, Rafa took an opponent out of the way and fired into a wall of opponents.

19′: Another attempt by David Neres, left foot. The ball went sideways.

18′: Corner for Reading, with Benfica’s defense pulling away.

17′: In the rebound, Ejaria shot from outside the area, but the ball went wide.

17′: Aziz’s individual move, on the left, for a good defense by Helton Leite.

16′: Reading’s first danger signal. Aziz crossed from the left, but Lucas João couldn’t reach the ball.

15′: Free kick scored by João Mário, in the left half. Ince cut the ball.

15′: Benfica dominates possession of the ball, with Reading defending in a lower block and looking to get out in the transition.

3′: David Neres forces Lumley to save again after a corner on the right side by Rafa.

3′: João Mário’s shot, from outside the box, saved by Joe Lumley.

16.02 hours: The game starts!

16.01 hours: Helton Leite is the team captain in this training game. The eagles will not use the main equipment, but the black equipment, with white details, usually used in training.

15.48 hours: Benfica’s eleven is already known

Benfica: Helton Leite; Gilberto, António Silva, Morato, Grimaldo; Florentino, Weigl; Rafa, João Mário, David Neres and Henrique Araújo.

In the English of Reading, note for the presence of Lucas João, Portuguese forward.

Reading: Joe Lumley; Andy Yiadom, Julian Jeanvier, Tom Holmes, Tom McIntyre; Sam Hutchinson, Tom Ince, Ovie Ejaria, Femi Azeez; Yakou Meite and Lucas João

3.40 pm: The referees are already known, all English. Michael Salisbury will lead the team, supported by Mat Wilkes and Jonathan Hunt.

A day after arriving in England, Roger Schmidt’s Benfica will have their first pre-season test. The eagles will face Reading, ranked 21st in the last edition of the second tier, in a match in St. George’s Park, the home of the England teams.