THE BALL – Euro-2022: Portugal draws in the debut (Women’s Football)

Portugal drew this Saturday 2-2 with Switzerland, in their debut in the UEFA European Women’s Football Championship England-2022 (Group C), in Wigan.

The National Team was already trailing by 0-2 at 5′, as a result of goals from Sow (2′) and Kiwic (5′), but in the second half Diana Gomes (59′) and Jéssica Silva (65′) scored for the team das quinas, who will play again on Wednesday, the 13th of this month, again in Wigan, against the reigning European champions (2017), the Netherlands – the same Netherlands that still this Saturday, from 20 local time (same time in mainland Portugal) face Sweden, second in the world ranking, in the other match of the 1st round of this Group C of the competition.

Watch here the film of this Saturday afternoon’s meeting in Wigan.

18.53 hours – End of the match, Portugal and Switzerland draw 2-2. He ends up finding out a little, after the disastrous start and periods of great quality in the second half.

18.53 hours – The last ‘cartridges’ are burned in Wigan, Portugal will play again on Wednesday (8 pm), again in Wigan, against the European champions in title and fourth in the ranking, the Netherlands. But later, this Saturday (8 pm), the same Netherlands and Sweden, second in the world ranking, will face each other, also for this same Group C. Portugal deserved to win. Pity the very poor start and, in the end, the offensive waste of the Selection, which, despite being 30th in the ranking, leaned against the ropes in the second half to 20th of the FIFA table.

18.47 hours – Reuteler leaves and Humm enters Switzerland, for added time (90+1′). The referee granted 5 minutes of compensation. The Swiss captain, Waltl, also leaves, completing her 100th cap, and Mauron enters.

18.44 hours – Great work by Telma Encarnação, and shot… to the post (87′)! Guardian Thalmann stretched but she was beaten! Portugal ‘smell’ the winning goal, which it deserves!

18.43 hours – Switzerland rebalances operations, divided and divided play, in a good phase, of stop and answer, after the overwhelming dominance of Portugal in the 2nd half until this point. 5 minutes to 90′!

18.40 hours – A two-man duo in the national team, Francisco Neto exchanges Tatiana Pinto and Jéssica Silva for Fátima Pinto and Telma Encarnação. On the next move, Diana Silva had the 3-2 in her boots but the deflection came straight… at the hands of the keeper Thalmann (82′)! And the attendance is announced: there are 5,902 spectators in Wigan.

18.38 hours – Scare for Portugal: after a corner from the right, relief from the national defense but, in a hangover kick, Reuteler hits the crossbar (77′)! When the draw was already known to the Selection, a dead ball almost threw everything away again…

18.35 hours – Diana Silva loses the 3-2 ‘in the face’ of the Swiss guardian, Thalmann!

18.34 hours – Changes Francisco Neto in the team: enters Francisca (Kika) Nazareth replacing Ana Borges.

18.32 hours – The Swiss coach, Nils Nielsen, tries to wake up the pupils and changes the team: Marti enters to replace Maendly. But it is Portugal that is gaining corners one after the other. Impressive offensive balance by Portugal, with quality – what a difference to the 1st half!

18.30 hours – Switzerland only ‘dumps’ balls from its area, Portugal pushes in search of victory! What a difference to a bubbly and amorphous first half, even careless, of the National Team, which is now showing itself to its full potential in Wigan!

18.27 hours – Thalmann, with great defense, denies the 3-2 to Portugal, in a very dangerous free-kick (70′), taken by the captain of the National Team, Dolores Silva, in this game fulfilling her 137th cap! Portugal gives everything for the total turnaround in the scoreboard and commands the game, with aggression!

18.23 hours – PORTUGAL GOAL, 2-2, by Jessica Silva, at 65′! It’s his 11th goal for the national team (in his 90th cap), with a beautiful, first-rate deflection in the area, centered by Tatiano Pinto, from the right! Only Portugal can do in Wigan, Switzerland ‘eclipsed’ themselves from the field with Portuguese pressure – just moments before, Carole Costa had already squandered an excellent opportunity to equalize. Justice on the marker.

18.16 hours – PORTUGAL GOAL, 1-2, by Diana Gomes (4th goal in 29 games for the Seleção), with a header, in the 59′, saying yes – in a shot from above – and corresponding to Ana’s corner Borges, from the left! Portuguese hope is reborn, in a set-piece. The Selection was already deserving better luck.

18.14 hours – Algbogun, the Swiss left-back, already ‘yellowish’, for the second time risks being sent off with another impetuous entry, but the referee concedes. Portugal climbed the lines and climbed more en bloc, Switzerland ‘relaxed’ back there and deliberately betting on the counterattack.

18.09 hours – What an opportunity, the 1st big chance, for Portugal: Jéssica Silva wins against Kaligari but shoots slightly over, in great position, on 52′! In the answer, Switzerland is on the verge of 0-3, with Bachmann shooting low and cross, sweeping the post. Emotion.

18.02 hours – The 2nd half begins, without changes in the teams.

17.47 hours – Half-time in Wigan, Switzerland, winning 0-2 in Portugal’s debut in a competition whose Final Stage is due to having been, remember, recapped by UEFA, after the exclusion of Russia. The bad start to the match, with two goals conceded in five minutes, explains that the Swiss teams are already managing the advantage. Only a great second half will be able to change the state of things, sky of lead in the debut of the National Team, for now, in the first 45′.

17.46 hours – The referee gives two minutes of stoppage time in the 1st half.

17.39 hours – Portugal’s first shot at Switzerland’s goal by Dolores Silva, far over the crossbar… in the 38′!

17.32 hours – Portugal balances the dispute more, assumes the expenses of the game after the wrong done in the opening minutes, with Ana Borges particularly active on the right.

17.18 hours – Finally serenity in the game. Portugal begins to approach the Swiss goal, after balancing the game and after the gale of the opening minutes.

17.08 hours – 0-2 for Switzerland, at 5′! Bachmann free-kick, ball into the area and Rahel Kiwic, headed to the far post, to score [foto de capa]. Bad start of the National Team.

17.04 hours – Switzerland’s goal at 2′: first kick by Coumba Sow, from the middle of the street, and Inês Pereira, off-kilter, badly hit, despite the extreme placement of the shot. Worse entry was impossible.

17 hours – The meeting began in Wigan. Portugal on the field at Euro-2022.

16.57 hours – You can hear A Portuguesa in Wigan.

16.22 hours – In the four matches already played for this Euro-2022, in Group A England beat Austria 1-0 and Norway thrashed Northern Ireland 4-1, while in Group B Spain beat Finland 4-1 and Germany thrashed Denmark 4-0. Later (8 pm), in Brentford (London), still this Saturday, the other two teams in this Group C will face off, the reigning European champions (2017), the Netherlands, 4th in the world ranking, and the Sweden, second in the FIFA women’s hierarchy. On Sunday, the last four of the 16 teams of this Euro-2012 come into action, in Group B: France-Italy and Belgium-Iceland are the matches on the 10th. Only the first two classified in the groups qualify for the ‘quarters’.

16.21 hours – Switzerland has on the bench, and as other options that can be used by Nils Nielsen, the guardians Livia Peng and Seraina Friedli, and also Julia Stierli, Lara Marti, Rachel Rinast, Riola Xhemaili, Luana Bühler, Sandrine Mauron, Svenja Fölmli , Fabienne Humm, Nadine Riesen and Meriame Terchoun.

16.20 hours – The National Team’s substitutes are guards Patrícia Morais and Rute Costa, as well as Alícia Correia, Sílvia Rebelo, Suzane Pires, Vanessa Marques, Fátima Pinto, Lúcia Alves, Carolina Mendes, Francisca Nazareth, Andreia Faria and Telma Encarnação.

16.15 hours – The match is refereed by Czech Jana Adámková, assisted by compatriot Lucie Ratajová and Slovakian Maria Sukenikova. The 4th referee is Croatian Ivana Martincic, while the VAR appointed by UEFA is German Christian Dingert, who is assisted (AVAR) by fellow countryman Harm Osmers.

16.10 hours – In four previous games with Switzerland, Portugal have won just one and drawn another, for Switzerland to win two. The National Team scored three goals and conceded four against this rival.

16.06 hours – There are already starting eleven. Francisco Neto chose the following eleven from Portugal, 30th in the world hierarchy and in his second participation in the final phase of a European, in 4x3x3: Inês Pereira; Catarina Amado, Diana Gomes, Carole Costa and Joana Marchão; Andreia Norton, Dolores Silva (captain) and Tatiana Pinto; Ana Borges, Diana Silva and Jessica Silva. The Swiss team, 30th in the FIFA ranking and guided by Nils Nielsen, is presented in 4x2x3x1: Thalmann; Maritz, Calligaris, Kiwic and Aigbogun; Mandli and Walti; Crnogorcevic, Sow and Reuteler; Bachmann.