THE BALL – Benfica-Newcastle dominates THE BALL OF THE NIGHT (22:00) (A BOLA TV)

This Tuesday, July 26th, you can see in your THE TV BALL (channel 13 of Meo, 31 of Vodafone and 64 of NOWO)…

The aftermath of Benfica-Newcastle (20:00), counting for the Eusébio Cup, is the main topic of conversation at the NIGHT BALLprogram presented by João José Pires, editorial coordinator, and comments by José Manuel Delgado, deputy director of the newspaper “THE BALL”and Jorge Castelo, coach and commentator THE TV BALL. The reds have won the four games played during pre-season. Reading, Nice, Fulham and Girona were the victims of Roger Schmidt’s team. At Estádio da Luz will be the third ranked of the Portuguese League and the 11th of the Premier League in the 2021/22 season.

Rui Santos and Luís Gonçalves launch EUSÉBIO CUP at BOLA DAS 7 (7:15 pm)

Rui Santos, coach of Real SC, and Luís Gonçalves, coach, are the commentators of the BALL OF SEVENa program that serves as a launch for Benfica-Newcastle, a game to be played for the EUSEBIO CUP. Journalist João Manuel Farinha moderates the conversation.

Luís Mateus in the TOTAL MARKET (18:45)

Luís Mateus, general coordinator THE TV BALLsubscribes to the comments on the latest news in the world of transfers on TOTAL MARKET. Presentation by journalist João Manuel Farinha.


A visit to the land of dinosaurs, looking for the roots of the Portuguese tennis player who has already occupied the 57th position of the ATP ranking and who recently won the two challenger Oeiras Open tournaments. Let’s find out where the first passing-shot of Gastão Elias’ career took place, in Lourinhã. PLAY AT HOME it is a journey to the homeland of each of the protagonists. But, as man does not live by ball alone, we will taste the best gastronomy, the best wines and show the best landscapes of the origins of the stars.

Barcelona and Real Madrid in RIVALITIES (18:15)

‘El Clasico’! The rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid. A dive into the greatest of derbies. From the history that fueled the animosity, namely the Spanish Civil War, to the great disputes of the modern era, not forgetting the superstars who contributed to the drama. A show that has enchanted several generations.

This series spans generations of rivalries that have marked the world of sport in general, on and off the field.

Great stories in LEGENDS OF THE WORLD (8:30 pm)

All the great stories, triumphs, players and the best teams throughout the football World Cups, in a series that brings together the best of all editions of the World Cup.

Premiere episode of BLACK POWER (21:30)

BLACK POWER shows you the contribution of black athletes to sport at a time when the world is more than ever aware of racial issues. Powerful stories of modern heroes like Lewis Hamilton or Serena Williams, but also of pioneers like Jesse Owen or remarkable events and marked by recent movements like Black Lives Matter, which had a huge impact on sport and society.

Oscar Pistorius at ESPN MOMENT (00h00)

The story of South African athlete Oscar Pistorius begins in 1986, in Johannesburg, when the brutal apartheid regime is falling. Amputated below the knee at 11 months, the young Oscar transcends all odds and undergoes a remarkable transformation to achieve worldwide fame as the first Paralympic sprinter to compete at the Olympics in 2012. Just a year later, a moment of madness brutally changes their life and their image of him. The former national hero becomes one of the most infamous convicted murderers during an intense and emotional trial that lasted seven months and shocked the hundreds of millions of people who watched from all over the world. This is a film about a man whose trajectory seemed to show the nation at its best, but who ended up representing South Africa at its worst. Oscar Pistorius is a modern universal tale that could easily have been written by Shakespeare: a struggle against adversity, an epic rise, the final triumph… And then the tragic fall.