Sporting face Wolves in the final test. The probable eleven and the doubts

O Sporting will face Wolverhampton on Saturday night, in a game that will end the pre-season for the lions. The scheduled duel against the English will also be the test of fire for the green and white team.

The preparation for the new season had a lot of youth and some rises in the ranks in the squad. Players who were previously not an option will have gained space in the new team with recent displays.

The transfer market remains open and, therefore, Rúben Amorim will not be able to give his squad as closed. However, the leonine coach has already presented some strong ideas for those who will be his starting eleven and his game idea.

The most seen faces in pre-season

The base of the Sporting team was transferred from the last season to the new season. Rúben Amorim kept the hard core, even having lost João Palhinha and Pablo Sarabia this summer.

Bruno Tabata, Matheus Reis and Pedro Gonçalves were the most used players in the 10 games that the lions have played so far. Also noteworthy for André Paulo, who started pre-season as an absolute option in the leonine goal, as well as José Marsà, Fatawu and Chermiti, young players who have been very involved with the main team so far.

From the list of reinforcements, St. Juste was the only one, unfortunately, not to play. The Dutchman picked up an injury at the start of work and is still recovering. Morita, Trincao, Rochinha and Franco Israel were more present, although they did not all have the same playing time.

Amorim invited Essugo, Marsà, Renato Veiga, Nazinho, Mateus Fernandes, Lamba, Travassos, Hevertton, Chermiti and Luís Gomes for the pre-season© Twitter Sporting

Doubtful players for the new season

The goal seems to be more than resolved, despite the recent injury to Antonio Adán, which should put Franco Israel under the post against Wolverhampton. Already in defense, Flávio Nazinho will have guaranteed the place that belonged to Rúben Vinagre. Sporting did not go to the market and Rúben Amorim tested the young player four times, trying to fit the defender into his team.

News by the Minute Flávio Nazinho played four games in the pre-season and should stay in the senior squad© Getty Images

In midfield, one of the biggest problems arises. The departure of João Palhinha made room for Hidemasa Morita, but the injury to Daniel Bragança opened up a new space in the team. In the presentation of the squad, in the Troféu Cinco Violinos, Dário Essugo and Mateus Fernandes took to the pitch, not having been Renato Veiga, who played in three pre-season games. Youth should be the solution, but without great certainty. The departure of Matheus Nunes may require a last minute reinforcement.

News by the Minute Daniel Bragança was seriously injured and will be extended absence in the new season© Getty Images

Already in front, there is still doubt about the position of the spearhead. Rúben Amorim has two game models, one with Paulinho and the other with, mostly, Bruno Tabata. The green and white squad presents greater solutions to play in the second model, and can still choose Marcus Edwards or Rochinha, as happened in this pre-season. However, to replace Paulinho in the first model, Amorim does not have any player. The possible arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo to Alvalade continues to be a topic, however, nothing is certain at this moment, not even the continuity of Tabata, who has an open door to leave for Brazil.

News by the Minute Bruno Tabata was the most used player in pre-season© Getty Images

Rúben Amorim’s ‘eleven-type’

Despite some occasional doubts, the Sporting coach will already have his ideal eleven in mind. In fact, this team, theoretically made up of the strongest of the group, has already been, in part, presented to the members and fans against Sevilla.

News by the Minute Adán will miss game against Wolverhampton, but will start the new season© Getty Images

Adam will be the starting goalkeeper during the season, knowing that he will miss the game against Wolves. In defense, the three-center line should remain under the command of Sebastián Coateswhich will have Gonçalo Inácio and, at first, Matheus Reis by your side. St. just still doesn’t count, at least until he regains his ideal game rhythm. With the departure of Feddal, it is expected that Inácio will return to the left side and that the Dutchman will assume the starting position on the opposite side.

News by the Minute St. Juste will be a novelty at the center of the defense, but still recovering from injury© Sporting CP

in the wings, Pedro Porro will own the right side, while Nuno Santos should be the novelty on the left side, giving greater attack power along the corridor. In midfield, Manuel Ugarte will be Palhinha’s successor, lining up, for now, alongside Matheus Nunes.

News by the Minute Nuno Santos secured the title on the left wing© Getty Images

In attack, Amorim should have his ‘fetish player’ as a leading figure in this trio. Francisco Trincao starts in front to start, as happened against Sevilla, having Pedro Gonçalves the left side of the attack for you. Merit for the 24-year-old who was above average in this pre-season. Paulinho should continue as the main option at the front, but knowing that, depending on their performance and the opponent in question, they can jump to the bench and give way to another player.

News by the Minute Francisco Trincao has played in every pre-season game since joining Sporting© Getty Images

Sporting’s last pre-season test starts at 6:45 pm this Saturday.

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