sp. Braga will propose reformulation of competitive frameworks

The Sp. Braga today defended an urgent reformulation of the competitive frameworks for Portuguese football and revealed that he will present proposals to the League, the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) and the Secretary of State for Sport.

In a meeting with journalists, which took place in the press room of the Estádio Municipal de Braga, António Salvador highlighted that the club wants to open a debate so that Portuguese football is more competitive.

«The models must be brought up for discussion, we have meetings scheduled, we will present solutions. We want the competition to be more unpredictable, the supporters to be defended. We have to create conditions to retain talent. This debate will involve all clubs so that there is a more balanced and profitable competition», said the president of the Minho club, noting: «Portuguese football is in decline, it is dying. We have to resuscitate him.”

«It is not necessary to create a working group in the League to analyze competitive models»

In this sense, André Viana, who leads the office of the presidency, strategy and media of the SP. Braga, made a presentation of the document «Reflection and proposals on the present and future of Portuguese football» with a diagnosis of national and international competitive models.

For the advisor to the club’s president, António Salvador, the competitive model in Portugal is not eternal and Sp. Braga «is concerned with this ecosystem», seeking to accelerate this discussion that he considers fundamental for the evolution of Portuguese football.

«How to make games more unpredictable and more competitive? How to attract audiences and make football profitable? It is a discussion that Sp. Braga wants to speed up under penalty of asking these questions too late. It is not necessary to create a working group in the League to analyze the competitive models, this is done in five minutes with a computer and internet access”, stressed André Viana, adding that “it is impossible to discuss the model of centralization of rights without also discuss the competition model».

Among the various points presented, the fact that the Portuguese league is one of the least competitive among the seven biggest European leagues was highlighted, considering that «the average spectator has no interest in following a game that has already been decided at the start, nor a competition with a large margin of probability of falling to a given competitor».

The Sp. Braga was recently in favor of a championship decided in the final phase in a «play-off», however, according to Maisfutebol, this will not be the model that will be on the table. The work base will be, rather, a championship with two phases and four rounds, and this solution, in order to have space in the calendar, would lead to a predictable reduction of teams – although a reformulation along these lines with 18 teams is not initially discarded.

One thing is certain, the intended reformulation is from top to bottom and aims to involve not only the two professional leagues, but also Liga 3, which is organized by the FPF.

Portugal loses in comparison with the Netherlands

The progressive loss of fans in national stadiums was also addressed, with Sp. Braga to remember the comparison of stadium occupancy between Portugal (8,146 average spectators per game, 34.3% occupancy) and the Netherlands (17,153 average spectators, 77.7%).

Unlike the price – «tickets are cheap in Portugal» -, the timetables were one of the main factors for this loss. The Minho club revealed that it will refuse to play on Monday and that it will fight for changing the hours and days that play in Portugal.

Rejecting the idea that this presentation was a kind of motion of censure to the League, António Salvador stressed that «Sp. Braga has not seen itself in this model of leadership of the League for many years» and that Portuguese football «does not revolve around the big three».