Sérgio Conceição: «If he was always like Otávio he wouldn’t even hear me» – FC Porto

Having dominated the internal plan during the last season, it was suggested to Sérgio Conceição that FC Porto would be the target to shoot down in 2022/23. At the beginning of the sixth season in a row at Dragão, will the coach have a new formula to maintain the success rates? “We have to reinvent ourselves. Otávio has been working with me for six years, if I was always the same with him, he wouldn’t even listen to me after two seconds of talking. We have to have that ability, we have to always look for different things. way of motivating, in what we are here inside. Then, we have to respect what we are in our essence, and that I do and I don’t give up. It’s non-negotiable”, said Sérgio Conceição, in Olival, during the first conference of 2022/23, of today’s game, against Tondela, for the Supercup.

“Then, there’s all the work that we do here, it’s not just me, in which, every year, there has to be the same dedication, ambition, determination, but it’s essential not to stray from the essence”, he continued, expanding his range. analysis to conclude: “We are going to find strong, consistent rivals. Sporting, for example, takes some time to work with the same coach, Benfica has changed and has a new life, a new coach, signings… pushing the limits is the least we can do. From the very first day, the speech in the dressing room was different from last year. New season, new life. To win, we have to try to be the best in our work. We live on results.”

“Resignation? Completely false”At the end of the conference, Sérgio Conceição regretted having said little about Tondela and having been the one to bring up the topic, but he did not leave a question unanswered, not even those about the hottest topics of the pre-season, including Francisco’s departure to the Ajax, the attack that the leader of the Super Dragons directed at him and the resignation that he would have asked Pinto da Costa.

“Resignation? It’s a lie. Journalists also have bad days and the gentleman who gave this news was on a bad day, it’s completely false. All players who are not part of the club, I don’t talk about them. , reacted.

Sérgio Conceição also spoke of the punishments of a suspension game applied to Diogo Costa, Manafá, Fábio Cardoso and Otávio. “These punishments appear to me and obviously I didn’t count on that timing. I’m not going to say if the punishments are right or not, I’m not a lawyer exempt from the Federation’s Discipline Council to comment on that”, shot Sérgio, already after have been asked to analyze the sale of Vitinha to PSG for €40m. “I’m not a manager to know if it was a good deal or a bad deal, I’m a coach and there are very capable people at this club, as he has shown over 40 years, namely our president. Everything passes through him, like the leadership of a club and of a direction that deals with these matters”, he returned.

Veron “has everything to assert himself” and has already been called up

FC Porto’s latest signing, Gabriel Veron, was also a topic of conversation at the conference. Sérgio Conceição admitted that he already knew the qualities of the Brazilian, and that’s why he was hired, adding: “He needs his moment of adaptation, but he has everything, in the image of others, to assert himself in our football and in Europe, where there are the best teams around the world, and where we are included. Now it’s a matter of time and adaptation that can take a week or a month, depending on what you demonstrate daily.” Furthermore, despite FC Porto not having revealed the squad for today, record knows that Veron is among the chosen ones, it remains to be seen if it will take place in the game sheet with Tondela.

Humility and respect in the recipe for the Super Cup

After almost a month working on today’s game, Sérgio Conceição had two more casualties last Monday, those of Diogo Costa and Fábio Cardoso, due to punishment, but that didn’t change anything in the objective of winning, in Aveiro, the first trophy of the season. “I don’t expect an easy game, on the contrary, and it’s up to us to have respect and humility and from there to find the basis to then win the game”, said the coach as a recipe for the duel with Tondela, to whom left a lot of praise. “Theoretically we are the team that has the obligation to win the game, due to the history we have in the Portuguese championship and in this competition, but it is necessary to prove it on the field”, he warned.