Sam factory in Viviez: the agents shoot red balls at Philippe Martinez and the CGT

In a letter, the agents denounce “defamatory” remarks by the leader of the CGT and point the finger at the union’s responsibility for the closure of the factory.

It is a letter dated April 22 and addressed in person to Philippe Martinez, secretary general of the CGT. In this two-page missive, Press Center has been able to obtain, the legal representatives of the Sam factory come out of their reserve. And redo the game, as the saying goes. First of all, they attack the “boss” of the CGT and his words in our title on April 14th. There, Philippe Martinez, visiting the Aveyron foundry, protested against the treatment reserved for the three representatives of the factory’s staff: David and Ghislaine Gistau as well as Sébastien Lallier. “They are not treated like the others and are rather mistreated since the liquidator agents refuse to pay their balance in full. These are the same three employees whom the liquidators have sued for the occupation of the factory. There manifestly discriminates against these employees which could amount to harassment. Public intervention is needed to remind liquidators that there are laws”.

Words judged “defamatory” and “unworthy” by agents. “Your union speech may be free, but the limit of this freedom is clearly set by the laws of our Republic”can we read in particular. “You are accustomed to the fact, in particular in this case. At the beginning of December, you declared as illegal the decision to cease activity issued by the Commercial Court of Toulouse. Was this decision subject to appeal? No, of course not. You have set yourself up as a juror of a people’s court, your own.”

“How many jobs have been saved? 0!”

Above all, in the second part of their letter, the agents recall that, according to them “a serious candidate” was offered to take over the factory at the end of 2020, in the person of the Spanish industrialist CIE Automotive. “Unfortunately for employment and the Viviez site, this candidacy probably displeased your union, and the employees made the wrong strategic choice to go on strike in the spring of 2021 and thus completely block production, surely thinking of attracting better candidates. But, Sir, who can afford to believe that provoking a strike will attract a buyer candidate? What person who is even slightly responsible and sensible can ignore the consequences of such actions? It was at best the CIE candidacy of preserve 200 jobs. How many were saved in the end? 0! As your verbose comrade David Gistau puts it so well: we do not claim to turn anyone from victim to culprit! Indeed, we do not know if the CIE application would have gone to the end or no and what future could she have preserved for SAM but, please stop showing selective amnesia, stop summoning miracles when you have z refused the rare job preservation possibilities that exist, stop ignoring former SAM employees who don’t agree with you and who don’t agree with union representatives, stop venting on actors procedure to hide your own union responsibilities, stop questioning court decisions and republican rules.”

And to conclude: “This letter does not necessarily call for a response from you, unlike those we sent in December 2021 to your union and asking you what support measures could be implemented in the branch. since a constructive dialogue for employees in the process of being made redundant was of little interest to you.”