Salvaterra de Magos – After the bonanza came the storm :: Toro e Ouro

  • 2022-07-23 03:21
  • Author: Solange Pinto
  • Photo author: João Dinis

This Friday night, in Salvaterra de Magos, a bullfight was held with a cartel composed by the riders Ana Batista, Marcos Bastinhas and João Salgueiro da Costa, with mags in charge of the Grupos de Forcados Amadores do Ribatejo and Alcochete.
Bulls from the Fernandes de Castro cattle ranch were handled, with the bullfighting track registering about a strong third of entry.

salvaterra reopened its doors to host what was the second race of the season at this bullfight in Ribatejo.

Intemperate night, with wind… Friday and after a ‘night in Campo Pequeno’, these could well be the elegant excuses for the poor public entrance… a strong thirdor if a little more, half a house, not for sure…

After the bonanza that was Campo Pequeno, the storm came…

Equestrian roster composed of Ana Batista, Marcos Bastinhas and João Salgueiro da Costa.

Inaugurated the function the knight Ana Batista, on a night you won’t want to remember for sure. If it is true that the bulls he faced, namely the first one, did not help in the success of his work, making it very difficult, it is also true that art, craft and inspiration are premises that over time have provided exciting performances by several bullfighters in front of tame ‘enemies’.
Touches, false passes and in between all this, irons just doing the paperwork, without history, without anything…

Marcos Bastinhas lived a happy night in Salvaterra.
The Alentejo bullfighter received the first one at the cage door, developing from there on a good performance, with short lefts with entry to the opposite python and shots of sorts with very tight pirouettes that ‘impacted’ with the conclave.
In front of the second, another success, in a function also guided by rhythm and joy, quoting in ‘down to earth’, gathering the precept, also coming out to finish the luck. She ended a round evening with a pair of banderillas as they passed down the hall.

Joao Salgueiro da Costa walked in very good plane against the two bulls he handled.
Receiving the respective opponents, he walked in short, leaving the long iron with grace. In the short and also in the two installments, he walked in an excellent deal, in two very serious and cohesive performances, leaving the banderillas after excellent meetings, finishing the luck with class.

The handles were by the Groups of Amateur Forcados from Ribatejo and Alcochete.

For the bulls face, wearing the jacket of the Amateurs of Ribatejowere: Bruno Ináciocarrying out the fifth attempt; Rafael Costaat first and; Pedro Espinheira at the fifth attempt (doubling one from a pitchfork and two from another pitchfork, both taken to the infirmary).
The face and the cross, with a prize in his pocket and mishaps suffered.

representing the Alcochete Amateurswere in the front line, the pitchforks Antonio Jose Cardosoon the first attempt; Victor Marquesto the second and; Leandro Bravoat the third attempt.

A bull ring from the cattle ranch was dealt Fernandes de Castro, unequaled in trapio, in behavior, but with the common accent of meekness. Even so, it is undeniable that ‘these’ bulls have keys to play and do not leave anyone indifferent.

A prize for the best grip was up for grabs, being awarded to the pitchfork Rafael Costa, from Amadores do Ribatejo.

The show was directed by the Bullfighting Technical Delegate João Cantinho, assisted by the Veterinary Doctor, José Luís Cruz.