Salgado Zenha: «This budget is important for us to continue to make the sports more competitive and grow the club» – Sporting

Sporting has scheduled for this Sunday the General Assembly to present and vote on the activity plan and budget of the Alvalade club for 2022/23, which will take place at the João Rocha Pavilion and served as a motto for Francisco Salgado Zenha to appeal to the members. at the grand meeting. Speaking to Sporting TV, the vice-president of the Lions and responsible for the finance portfolio, asked for the mass presence of the associates, this on a day when AG will be held from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, before the duel with Sevilla, to the Five Violins trophy.

“I appeal to the members to come and exercise their right to vote, demonstrate their association and the appreciation they have for the club. This budget is important for us to continue to make the sports more competitive and to make the club grow. de Portugal is a club for the present, but also for the future, for our children and descendants”, he assumed, recalling the fact that the suffrage will take place on the exact day that the presentation game to the club’s members will be played. “It makes people have more of a purpose to come and this is fundamental for the club. In addition to wanting the club’s sporting success, the members also have to participate in the club’s life and we would like it to be that way. That’s what we should look for and I think that is what the Board of the General Assembly was looking for when it set this date. the presentation game to the members at Estádio José Alvalade”, he explained.

Moreover, Salgado Zenha recalled the importance of the budget vote, taking into account the accounts in recent seasons. “We came from years with stabilization budgets and cost optimization, even because the situation itself forced it, but it was always our intention to be more efficient from the point of view of costs. We did that in our first interventions, but now we are in a different phase We are trying to have a growth budget in which the focus is to be increasingly competitive in the modalities, but without ever forgetting the importance of financial sustainability. This budget shows the will, the work and what the Management wants to do from the point of life of growth. We are working to give more and more competitiveness to the club and above all to the modalities”, he defended.

In addition, the 39-year-old justified the increase in membership fees announced by the Sporting Board in the presentation of the budget to members. “When we enter a phase of growth and we want to give the club more and more conditions, we need to make an aggregate effort in terms of revenue growth. This is what we are doing within the capacity of the Board of Directors, but there are fundamental revenue lines such as the dues, in which we naturally need the cooperation of the partners. This update of the price of the dues is based on three factors. The first is the desire to be increasingly competitive in the modalities, and that is why we need this increase in revenue. The second it is because we are experiencing an adverse situation from the point of view of increasing costs in services and products, which affects all organizations, such as Sporting. financial support to do so. We cannot forget that we are talking about an update that has not happened since 2006. It is not something recurrent, but a situation specific action, and we felt that this was the right time to do so”, he made it clear.