Rochinha: «First times at Sporting have been fantastic» – Sporting

Rochinha is enchanting with his early days at Sporting. In an interview with Sporting TV, the winger hired from V. Guimarães in this market highlighted the way he was received in the heart of the Leonine family and the importance of Rúben Amorim in his decision – for the way he works and for being very attentive to the values ​​that operate in the Portuguese championship.

First days of lion to the chest

“They are going very well, the group has helped the most with the adaptation. I already knew some of them, they have been fantastic and I just have to thank them for that. I already knew Neto, I had played with Nuno Santos, with Marcus of course. I had met Paulinho. The fact that I already know them helps a lot in the integration. They are receiving well, with their jokes. Off the field, a lot of fun, on the field a lot of work and seriousness, they try to help me as much as possible to capture the ideas of the master as quickly as possible. These first days at Sporting have been fantastic”

Main differences

“The greatness of the club is of course very different, Sporting has many more fans following the club. Training has also been more demanding, the heat alone has also contributed to this. We who arrived, the reinforcements, have to adapt quickly, because Sporting is a club of achievements”

Reaching the big one was objective, reaction when I learned of the interest

“I was very excited when I heard that there was this possibility. It ended up being very fast. I was very satisfied and excited to start making this club and these fans happy. try to help the squad as much as possible”

You were growing up, standing out in the championship, did you feel that this step in your career could come?

“We players always feel that we have the ability and quality to reach this level. The last few seasons were going well individually. Coming to a big club like Sporting is very good. I was expecting it and now I got it. that and I want to live up to expectations as much as possible and help the club to continue to win”

Talked to Amorim, his important role in the signing and first impressions of the coach

“When I spoke to him, I was immediately… I already wanted to work with him, because he is a coach who passes on a very good image to the outside, that was the image I had. with all the players, team and staff, but I was very excited to be able to have that pleasure”

Known for being a demanding coach, how is the adaptation to Amorim’s ideas

“I think it’s going well. He ends up meeting the club’s demands, he has to be demanding on a day-to-day basis with us, as we do with work. Even though he’s demanding on the pitch, there’s always room for jokes. And I think that’s how he manages to unite the group as much as possible. Things have been going so well because the group is united. And he manages to convey that union and daily requirement to the squad.”

Union, family, are you feeling that in these early days?

“Yes. That’s why they’ve helped me as much as possible to adapt. They’re a very united group. It turns out to be easy to work with this squad. I’ve been here for a week and a half but I already feel like I’ve been there for longer. time, because they end up helping us in this adaptation. They have been fantastic with it and I think it is one of the great weapons of this squad, it is this union, the family that they managed to create here.

Main goals as a Sporting player

“Trying to help. At this stage I want to integrate myself into the club, with the fans, at the stadium, and try to help the team as much as possible on the pitch, to win more and more victories and titles. That’s it. Adapt as quickly as possible to the club so that later he can help on the field to continue winning”

Almost 150 league games: can experience be an advantage in this challenge of playing for Sporting?

“I think so. The fact that we know the championship and that we have all these games in the League only helps us. I end up getting to know some Sporting players too because of that, a lot of games playing against them. I think this is positive, for I continue to have good performances and help Sporting. Having so many games in the league does help me for the future”

Amorim’s bet on championship players motivates

“Yes, the fact that I feel the confidence on his side is very good for us, players. The fact that he takes advantage of the talent that there is in Portugal, deep down, I think it is correct, because there is a lot of quality in Portugal and it has been seen in the teams, in the lower levels, who have always come very far in competitions. I think that just proves the quality that there is in Portugal and in the Portuguese league.