Public Prosecutor’s Office asks Paulo Gonçalves to be sentenced in the ‘E-tupeira’ and he reacts: “I’m already condemned, I’m always the Mole” – Fora de Campo

The trial of the ‘E-toupeira’ case continued this morning, at the Campus da Justiça, in which Paulo Gonçalves, Benfica’s former legal advisor, is the main defendant. After hearing the expert from the Judiciary Police, the final arguments stage began, at which time the Court asked for the conviction of all the defendants and communicated that it understood that the facts and crimes of active and passive corruption had been proven, not referring to feathers “I’m already condemned, I’m always the Mole. I’m going to live with that for the rest of my life. I hope that, given the attitude I showed, for never missing the various sessions, justice will be done by the Court and not by public opinion” , said at the end, in a short speech, the now players’ agent.

Paulo Gonçalves is accused of accessing privileged information in secret of Justice on the Citius portal through his friend and also defendant José Augusto Silva, a former judicial employee of Fafe who improperly accessed proceedings with the knowledge of Júlio Loureiro, another defendant. These would be rewarded “with invitations to watch Benfica matches in privileged stands at the stadium, with an offer of Benfica clothing and merchandising products”. The also jurist will have even shown himself available to do everything to guarantee the “hiring of José Augusto Silva’s nephew as an employee of the Benfica museum”.

Tiago Rodrigues Basto, defense of the jurist, asked for his acquittal and maintained: “For what title did Paulo Gonçalves co-participate? Was he with the other defendants pressing the keys? Or is it a crime to say that A asked B? that asking doesn’t offend. I can ask whatever I want, asking is not co-participating. Samaris and Svilar’s jerseys cannot count as sufficient evidence. Jerseys? It happens everywhere, it’s commonplace. Paulo Gonçalves did not behave abnormally with these invitations. There is a friendship with these people that goes back a long way. Only minds that are always on the lookout for crime see these malevolent ideas in all conduct.”

The Public Prosecutor’s Office understands that such offerings were established in exchange for the disclosure of said information, which concerned legal proceedings involving Benfica and its rivals. However, Paulo Gomes, defense of José Augusto Silva, says that “there is not enough evidence that such crimes were committed”, while Júlio Loureiro’s lawyer quipped: “I was waiting for the acquittal of my defendant. this process, and that is why it became so important: since it aimed not only at a football club but at the biggest Portuguese football club. come to the game – he spent hours on end studying the opponent and the tactics and ways of presenting himself on the field – so that the game could take place, but your Excellency, in my opinion and in relation to Júlio Loureiro, did not attend.”

This defendant, Júlio Loureiro, is accused of a crime of passive corruption, while the judicial official José Augusto Silva, who was not present at this session, is responsible for one crime of passive corruption, six of violation of the secrecy of justice, 21 of violation of secrecy per employee, nine for improper access, nine for violation of the duty of secrecy, 28 for illegitimate access and one for embezzlement.

The former legal advisor of SAD Benfiquista is accused of six crimes of violation of the secrecy of justice, 21 of violation of secrecy by an employee, nine of improper access, nine of violation of the duty of secrecy, in co-authorship, in addition to a crime of corruption. active, two for improper access and two for violation of the duty of secrecy.

The reading of the sentence was scheduled for November 4, at 2:30 pm.