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At the time of writing this novel, Cristiano Ronaldo is at a dead end. Novel, you read that right, because we are facing a soap opera in which one thing is certain: CR7 doesn’t want to stay at Manchester United, but the red devils don’t give him another alternative. The Madeiran is desperate to say goodbye to the English, but they insist that he is “not for sale”. CR7 stomps his foot. He has already tried to negotiate the exit, asked to leave the club, but the answer remains negative. Ronaldo has few chances other than joining the team.

But… how did we get to this point?

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The striker’s “tantrum” remains: he doesn’t want to stay, he wants to play in the Champions League and will do everything to take his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, from the land that has become a real torment and where they suffered the greatest loss of their lives: death. of the son. But are these the reasons that have hurt Ronaldo the most? Or is it the fact that no club comes forward with a valid proposal and that makes him change his life? This can be the biggest disappointment that the footballer has when reaching the end of his career: where is the reward for so much work, dedication and evidence given?


Millions have already flown in the transfer market, but it seems that there is no money (nor will) to cover Ronaldo’s desire to leave Manchester. In fact, the invitations were practically nil (which can be tied to money, but here we go!).

Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester
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After being in the mouths of the world in 2021 for his return to England, to the club where he won the first Champions League and won the first Ballon d’Or, now he has no way out. And he’s already tried everything: in early July, he missed pre-season preparations, justifying himself with “a family problem” and didn’t accompany the rest of the team to Thailand and Australia. He later assumed his willingness to leave. The problem? You don’t have a plan B.

In recent weeks, there have been many rumors about the star’s future. Now let’s start at the beginning: there was talk of Paris-Saint Germain, after Bayern Munich. Later, from Chelsea and a possible return to Sporting was even on the table, after Ronaldo’s car was allegedly spotted in Alvalade’s garage. The Madeiran denied being his car, but even that didn’t take away the sportinguistas’ faith. In the Italian press, there was talk of Napoli and even a possible reunion with José Mourinho at AS Roma. The return to Spain was also speculated. Barcelona and Atletico Madrid were namedsomething that was promptly denied by the president. And the multimillion-dollar bid for Saudi Arabiawhich was promptly refused by the ace.

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The player arrived in Manchester accompanied by his agent Jorge Mendes. It is believed that he will discuss his future after failing to start pre-season.

To date, no deal has materialized and the soap opera continues. But why?


Okay, let’s see: Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in the world and what does that mean? Of millions of euros that any club that is interested in him has to spend. And for that, someone had to “jump out”.

Let’s go by excluding parts. PSG was a possibility, but only when it was speculated that the Brazilian would leave the French teamwhich reverted to money for the club, therefore, money to spend on CR7. The same happened with Bayern Munich with the transfer of Lewandowski to Barcelona. But nothing happened.


There are two priorities in CR7’s life: the well-being of the family and continuing to play in the Champions League. The fight for titles could lead Ronaldo to lose millions of euros. Just do the math: at the moment, it earns 560 thousand euros per week, that is, 2.2 million per month. To get an idea and a way of comparing the salary difference, João Mário, at Benfica, one of the best paid players in Portugal, receives 2.5 million… per year.

Any contract that Madeirans sign will always be for a lower price. But that’s not the most important thing! if it were, would have accepted the alleged offer of 250 million euros for two seasons in Saudi Arabia.

At 37 years old – and with no end of his career announced – the Portuguese ace continues with the same thirst for titles and records that he had at the beginning of his heroic journey. He has become the best in the world, but nothing makes him feel completely satisfied. He’s still in shape, the focus is the same and the greed for trophies doesn’t keep him satisfied in a team in which he won’t even face the competition of competitions: the Champions League… even if he has to leave Manchester at great cost zero.


This isn’t even his year! Even in the real estate business it has already lost out. Building what could become the most expensive house in Portugal, at Quinta da Marinha, in Cascais, Ronaldo had to deal with rising construction costs, which meant that the value of the property doubled to nearly €20 million (initial investment was €11 million).

Construction on Cristiano Ronaldo’s mansion at Quinta da Marinha, Cascais
Photo: Cofina Media

According to the newspaper ‘The Sun’, andThis price rise is not only related to the increase in masterpieces, but also to Ronaldo’s “mania for perfection”, which does not only exist on the pitch. “Ronaldo has always fought for perfection throughout his career and wants the same off the field. He wants the best for himself and his family. When he retires, he will live there and wants to be 100% happy with that decision”, explained a source to the aforementioned Publication.

Cristiano Ronaldo has a problem on his hands: he is the best in the world, worth millions and at the risk of, at 37 years old (we cannot deny his age) he will not have a place in a club. And this is not going from bestial to beast: it is being great. Too big for the world… even if it’s a world of millions.

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