Michael Johnson questioned 100m hurdles times and was even accused of… racism – Atletismo

Nigerian Tobi Amusan surprised the world not only for the gold she won in the 100 meters hurdles on the last day of the Eugene Worlds, but essentially for the fact that, in order to do so, she authentically destroyed the best world mark in history. The Nigerian, who had arrived in Eugene with a best record of 12.40 seconds, ‘set’ the timer at 12.12, removing 8 hundredths from the previous mark (by Kendra Harrison), and left everyone stunned. And some even doubted that the stopwatches were working well. It was the case of the legendary Michael Johnson, one of the biggest winners in the history of speed, who on social networks quickly rushed to question the veracity of brands. “I don’t believe the times for the 100 meters hurdles are correct. A world record beaten by 8 hundredths. 12 personal records, five national records. And Cindy Sember said after the race, which was a personal and national record ‘I even thought I was running slow’. All the athletes looked a little shocked,” wrote the American, now an athletics commentator on the BBC.

Now, that comment generated an incredible wave of comments, many of them accusing Johnson of everything… even racism towards Amusan. Something that led the American to defend himself later. “As a commentator my job is to comment. When questioning the times of 28 athletes (and not just one), for assuming that the timing system was wrong, I was attacked, accused of racism and questioning the talent of an athlete I respect and I even bet I would win. Unacceptable. But I’m moving on”, wrote the former sprinter, who in his history has four Olympic gold medals, one in the 200m, two in the 400m and one in the 4×400, and eight world championships, also all in gold.

Record achieved with sneakers… of 5000 and 10000

If Amusan’s record was able to leave everyone stunned, the fact that he did it with shoes that are not for speed competitions will leave those most attentive to the sport even more impressed. The revelation was made by the Nigerian woman herself and is justified by an injury that made her try an alternative Adidas model, as the specific sneakers made her comfortable. The choice was for the Adidas Adizero Avanti, a model intended for longer track events, from 5000 to 10000 meters, and which, even so, complies with the rules of having a midsole with 20mm or less.

“I don’t do my best with ‘pointe shoes’ [de velocidade]. I had a problem with my foot at the beginning of the season, which slowed me down a bit. I spoke to Adidas and asked if they could have track shoes with a more comfortable sole. They recommended many things to me and I felt comfortable with them. Since then I’ve been using them for everything”, explained to ‘The Guardian’ the Nigerian, who beyond the record of 12.12 still managed to run in 12.06 in the final, but that record is not valid for the world record because she had a favorable wind superior to the allowed.

Choice of sneakers gave me talk