Marco Silva: from Schmidt at Benfica to a possible return to Portugal

Marco Alexandre Saraiva da Silva, Marco Silva in football, is one of many Portuguese who have expanded the quality brand of Portuguese coaches around the world.

He made history at Estoril, won a Portuguese Cup at Sporting and then emigrated to Greece, where he was champion with the colors of Olympiakos.

In recent years he has been touring England: his first experiences, at Hull City, Watford and Everton, were not brilliant, but it was in Fulham that he made himself truly known in Her Majesty’s lands, with the rise to the Premier League, in a London team’s top-notch season.

In an exclusive interview, the Maisfutebol/TVI meet Marco Silva in the Algarve, where Fulham participated in the Algarve Trophy, to prepare for their return to the top level of English football

Among various topics, the Portuguese coach discusses the signing of João Palhinha, praises Fábio Carvalho and takes a look at Portuguese football: from the arrival of Roger Schmidt at Benfica to a possible return to the League.

In this part of the interview, the Fulham coach talks precisely about the option of the incarnates for Schmidt and says that one day he can return to Portugal, despite assuming his preference for England.

PART I – Marco Silva: «We fought hard to have Palhinha, it will be very important»

PART III – «Hiring in Portugal? There is a lot to look for, but it is very difficult»

How do you see the arrival of a foreign coach, Roger Schmidt, to Benfica?

It’s a novelty in the big three in the recent past, but it was something that happened a few years ago. In the last eight, ten years it hasn’t happened that much, but before that it happened with some regularity. My opinion is very clear: coach has neither nationality nor age. If he has quality, it doesn’t matter.

And what can Roger Schmidt offer Benfica?

It comes with the ambition that the club [Benfica] demands and deserves, for a different championship, so it will have its moment of adaptation. As we know, even without the conditions of other countries, the Portuguese championship has its own difficulty. The trainers are of great quality and manage to be very effective with the weapons they have. He has his idea very clear, it seems to me, and he will do his best to succeed.

In recent years he has worked mainly in England, but has also been associated with Portuguese clubs. In the short/medium term is it possible to have Marco Silva back in Portugal?

It’s hard to say what the market will be or whether or not there will be a return to Portugal, that’s not important. I made some decisions in my career not so much because of being club A, B or C, but a lot for the competition and the country where I wanted to be. Even after leaving Everton, in that interval of a year, a year and a half, I had some offers, but my goal was always to return to England. It was a decision to return to a competition and a country, in this case even with some risks, as I went to the Championship. But I made that decision because I wanted to return to England and the Premier League. I don’t mean to say that I only work in England, in any case, I can work in other countries. One day maybe I will return to Portugal, I can’t say yes or no. But it’s part of a coach’s career, I don’t think about the long term too much, honestly. When I signed a three-year contract with Fulham it was to cement the club where it deserves to be [Premier League]. I am thinking mainly of the present, with a lot of work ahead of me to continue to be successful at this club.

Marco Silva won a Portuguese Cup with Sporting, in 2014 At Estoril, he had already won the II Liga, in 2011/12