Loto FDJ result this Wednesday, April 6, 2022: the draw is available

The jackpot reached its record for the year by presenting the sum of 16 million euros this Wednesday, April 6, 2022 after three consecutive evenings without the slightest big winner in rank n ° 1. The April 1 Super Loto jackpot is therefore still running and with it, its prize pool of 13 million euros now raised to 16 million euros. Discover the result of this draw from 8:50 p.m. and play a grid before 8:15 p.m.!

Update of 07/04/2022 at 12:00 p.m.: three players win a prize of €63,674

The jackpot was not won but several hundreds of thousands of players took home winnings on Wednesday evening. Among them, 3 players won €63,674 after finding the 5 correct numbers, but without the Chance number. Did you win a prize? Let us know by commenting on this page!

Update from 06/04/22 at 8:35 p.m.: no big millionaire in the draw tonight

No player among the millions of grids played was able to find the winning numbers of the draw. This Wednesday evening, however, hundreds of thousands of players were able to get their hands on winnings, sometimes small and sometimes more important. In the absence of a winner in rank n°1 this evening, the amount of the jackpot will amount to 17 million euros on Saturday evening.

The evenings follow one another and despite millions of grids played almost everywhere in France, the jackpot does not manage to find takers. During the last draw, which was held on Monday April 4, 2022, more than 500,000 grids were winners without any of them managing to find the entire winning combination or even the 5 correct numbers. The biggest gain recorded during this last draw was with a player from the 2nd draw who won the entire additional kitty for €124,495 in winnings.

Play a Loto grid this Wednesday evening and “finally” pocket the jackpot

If the amount of the jackpot is very high, the chances of winning the Loto jackpot today are the same as in a classic draw, namely one out of more than 19 million different combinations. Also, the price for playing a Loto grid is exactly the same for this Wednesday April 6 draw than for any other Lotto night.

This Wednesday evening, play a grid by ticking at least 5 numbers + 1 lucky number before 8:15 p.m., whether online at FDJ.fr or directly at your favorite tobacconist.

Saturday 09 April 2022 €17,000,000 day time min dry Player

Loto results: draw numbers for Wednesday April 6 at 8:50 p.m.

All of the winning numbers of this great Lotto evening of April 6 is to discover from 8:50 p.m. At that time, the two winning combinations will be made available to you so that you can, free of charge and without limits, consult the winning reports, the 2nd draw or even the ten winning codes in peace with your game receipt in hand.

Do not miss this appointment and do not miss this opportunity to win the sum of 16 million euros today.

FAQ: frequently asked questions about Loto FDJ

How to play a Loto grid online?

To play a Loto grid in a few minutes, nothing could be simpler! Open (or log in) an account on the FDJ.fr website or via the FDJ app and fill in your Loto grids. For €2.20, tick a simple grid for the draw for this Wednesday, April 6. –> Play Lotto online

What time can we follow the results of the draw today?

The results of this Loto draw on Wednesday April 6 will be accessible free of charge and in full from 8:50 p.m. These results will be posted online along with the ten Loto codes but also the complete winnings report.

What is the amount of the Loto jackpot this Wednesday evening?

The draw for Wednesday April 6, 2022 at the Loto offers a jackpot of 16 million euros. This comes after three throw-ins since the April 1 Super Loto draw.