Livestock Prudêncio and António Silva win prizes in dispute in Caldas da Rainha :: Touro e Ouro

  • 2022-07-31 03:21
  • Author: Solange Pinto
  • Photo author: João Dinis

A bullfight was held at Praça de Touros in Caldas da Rainha, with a cartel composed of riders Gilberto Filipe, Manuel Telles Bastos, Luís Rouxinol Júnior, Joaquim Brito Paes, António Telles Filho and Tristão Ribeiro Telles, with mags in charge of the Groups of Forcados Amateurs of Coruche, Aposento da Chamusca and Amateurs of Caldas da Rainha.
They fought in a ‘contest race’, in front of a strong two-thirds of entry, bulls from the cattle ranches Antonio Silva, Countess of Sobral, Prudêncio, Jorge de Carvalho, São Martinho and Canas Vigouroux.
The Presentation and Bravura awards were given to the irons of Prudêncio and Silva, respectively.

THE Bullring in Caldas da Rainha, opened its doors for the first time this season, in order to receive a bullfight with an equestrian cast made up of the riders Gilberto Filipe, Manuel Telles Bastos, Luís Rouxinol Júnior, Joaquim Brito Paes, António Telles Filho and Tristão Ribeiro Telles.

Pleasant night as far as the weather is concerned and a lively and enthusiastic public, marking a pleasant night of bulls. About two-thirds strong, filled with bull fights from six different cattle ranches, which the contest competed for the Presentation and Bravery awardsearned by livestock Prudêncio and Antonio Silvarespectively.
In addition to these two ‘triumphant’ specimens, cattle also came out into the arena. Countess of Sobral, Jorge de Carvalho, São Martinho and Canas Vigouroxdisparate in trapio and, above all, in behavior.

He opened the function after being honored for the achievement of being a two-time working equestrian champion, Gilberto Filipe. Atalaia’s rider successfully completed his passage through the Caldense arena, regularly leaving the fray of the order, basing the function on the rhythm printed on a deal with an epilogue in a palm heart. Gilberto Filipe handled the ‘transmissive’ bull Antonio Silvawhich came from the curros directly to the bullfighting trench.

Manuel Telles Bastos dealt the beautiful bull of Countess of Sobralmansote and who looked for boards from the beginning, forcing Telles to ‘run after the damage’.
Well still leaving the usual hardware.

Luis Rouxinol Junior faced with the bull of prudence. The astado ‘left’ without raising any major issues, even allowing the young bullfighter to perform with two magnificent shorts, in a performance with ‘gas’ especially on the part of the bullfighter. He ended up with two good palm hearts.

Joaquim Brito Paes was the fourth performer of the night, having in front of him a copy of the cattle ranch of Jorge de Carvalho. Without being a flag, it was another bull that allowed the bullfighter to show his concept, leaving good bandarilhas, with hits against the piton and shot of sorts, in a set that worked. Brito Paes made a beautiful and very emotional toast to his sister Mariana, present on the bench, and to his brother Luís, his cheesy pawn.

The bull of the cattle ranch Saint Martin was handled by the young Antonio Telles son, pleasant across the board, though hampered only by the opponent’s sparse transmission. It took work for the bullfighter to arrive
to the stands, although there was a correction in the way he played the lots.

Closing the equestrian deals, the young man went out to the arena. Tristao Ribeiro Tellesdealing with Vigouroux canes. He was dutiful although without dazzling, until the moment he left two violins and then ‘wake up’ the audience that I applaud the last phase of his performance.

The handles of the night were on account of the Groups of Forcados Amateurs from Coruche, Aposento da Chamusca and Amateurs from Caldas da Rainha.

By the Amateurs of Coruchein two catches at the first attempt, were the pitchforks João Prates and João Mesquita.

Hair from the jacket Chamusca’s Room‘played’ on the front line, the pitchforks Vasco Coelho dos Reiscarrying out the fourth attempt and; Alexandre Miramaking it to the third attempt.

House hair, that is, Queen syruptook on the first attempt, António Aplleton and Duarte Manuel (cable).

The celebration was led by the Tauromáquica Technical Delegate Ana Pimenta, assisted by the Veterinary Doctor, Jorge Moreira da Silva.