How many surplus people are left in the big three? The solutions in sight

O This summer’s transfer market has been quite hectic for Portugal’s big three, but it shouldn’t stop there. FC Porto, Sporting and Benfica have strengthened, sold, but still move the market in search of solutions for their ‘surplus’.

This summer, the task got complicated. FIFA decided to limit clubs to eight player loans over the age of 21. With this new rule, greater squad management is required.

The big three have already ‘got rid’ of some faces that were not part of the accounts for the new season. Bearing in mind this recent rule, who are the players that are still looking for a solution in the market and how can clubs resolve the situation?

FC Porto: The calmest of the three

The lack of financial resources and, consequently, the reduced squads, lead the dragons to a situation of comfort in the market. Several players, including Mbemba, Vitinha, Fábio Vieira, Sérgio Oliveira and Francisco Conceição, left the club permanently.

On the other hand, nanu, tick and Diogo Leite are the only ones loaned by FC Porto so far. In the list of dismissals, according to what Sérgio Conceição showed in the pre-season, there are Loum, Romario Baró, Fernando Andrade, nakajima and João Pedroand there is still doubt about the continuity of Marchesin.

Bearing in mind that, in eight, FC Porto only sold out three loans, there are five vacancies left. These can be occupied by the first five names mentioned, with a view to longer playing time so, who knows, they can be part of the Dragons team in the 2023/24 season.

Nakajima is the most pointy case. Half of the Japanese pass cost 12 million in 2019© Global Images

Sporting: Too many expendables with vacancies to fill

In a market where Rúben Amorim measured the hirings taking into account the proportion of departures, the lions ended up not ‘getting rid’ of all the surpluses that already came from last summer.

Renan Ribeiro, Gonzalo Plata, Ilori, Luiz Phellype, Rafael Camacho, Pedro Marques, Joelson Fernandes, Bruno Paz and Sporar, this most recent, are, within the list of expendables, the registered departures. Among these, four left on loan, with Gonçalo Esteves, Rúben Vinagre and Tiago Tomás occupying three other vacancies.

After all, Sporting has nine on loan, four of them occupying the vacancies for players over 21 years old. Bearing in mind that it still needs to be put Jovane Cabral, Geny Catamo, Anthony Walker, Eduardo Henrique, doumbia, Eduardo Quaresma, Rodrigo Battaglia and Filipe Chaby – the last two are about to be terminated, according to the national press -, the loans are expected to be used strategically in the youngest. The remaining cases still have no solution in sight, and Sporting is confident that at least half of the amount spent on signing these players can still be reversed in this market.

News by the Minute Eduardo Quaresma has a contract with Sporting until 2026© Getty Images

Benfica: Room to borrow, but is it worth it?

In Luz, the scenario is not very different. Benfica strengthened itself in this market with surgical signings, but ended up with a squad that was too extensive. Remember that Roger Schmidt started the pre-season with 38 players.

Tiago Gouveia, Tomás Araújo, Ferro, Rafael Brito, Sandro Cruz, Carlos Vinícius, João Ferreira and Seferovic correspond to eight loans. However, of these, only three are over 21 years old, leaving five vacancies.

Schmidt crossed out André Almeida, Adel Taarabt and Gabriel, with Pizzi, Ebuehi and Gedson Fernandes already resolved. There are still doubts about Meité, Chiquinho and Rodrigo Pinho, integrated in the team, but with a chance of leaving. The vacancies are still enough, but is it worth it for the Reds to loan these players? The solution in sight is the rescission of the contract, which would result in a tremendous relief from the reds’ payroll.

News by the Minute André Almeida and Taarabt were part of the 2021/22 squad. They no longer count in Benfica© Getty Images

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