Here are 10 fun medical documentaries that will replace entire books

The world of medicine is full of challenges and achievements that are worth knowing about, and while you might think that exploring some aspects of this world is boring; What usually drives people to avoid books of this scope is very important, but documentaries in particular are the best medium that can take you to the world of medicine without getting bored, because of their dramatic and visual nature that relieves the coldness of this type of science, so we decided in Field To recommend to you a group of documentaries that review different angles of medicine, and we have preferred that they be diverse in their geographical scopes, medical topics, and length; What makes it suitable for different categories of readers.

forever young

In places of study or work, while you are shopping or in your surroundings, you may have met people who look younger than their real age or vice versa, and wondered: Why do some people look younger or older? Do environmental or lifestyle factors have any effect? Are there other reasons? Well, it does not excite your curiosity alone, the freshness of the skin and the youth of the skin receive the attention of a large number of specialists and scientists in this field. This interest pushes them to investigate the world of human skin and how it can preserve its youth for as long as possible.

Dr. Rosina Ali, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the British National Health Service, will accompany you in this film to research behind the most important factors that make the skin look more youthful, you will be surprised to discover that what you see on the surface of the skin is not enough to judge Therefore, the signs of aging appear in its depths early, and then make its way to the surface until it becomes clear to everyone, and you will learn about the most harmful things on the skin, and the factors that accelerate its aging.

Pasteur and Koch.. The race against microbes

The Corona pandemic is perhaps one of the harshest lessons we have learned from how a microorganism can take the lives of millions, with transcontinental speed, and surprising the global effort mobilized to fight it. What if we try to imagine the existence of a pandemic without knowing that microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses cause many epidemics and diseases? In your opinion, how would we explain the death of millions after the appearance of symptoms of “Corona” such as a high temperature or a cough?

Something similar happened during a period of time not long ago, specifically during the nineteenth century, when epidemics such as tuberculosis, cholera, diphtheria and plague killed millions of people at the time without knowing the reasons behind them, and scientists believed at the time that genetics, neglect or divine punishment were the reason behind this. But a scientific rivalry that took place at the time caused the world of medicine and epidemics to change forever. The French scientist “Louis Pasteur” and the German scientist “Robert Koch” championed this competition, which turned into a scientific duel in which both sought to triumph for their nationalism during a period The Franco-German war, the result of this duel was to reach an amazing discovery that will take the film to its most interesting details and moments.

New Cancer Drugs: Helpful or Harmful?

The latest statistics of the World Health Organization indicated that cancer is one of the leading causes of death around the world, as it claimed the lives of nearly 10 million people during the year 2020, equivalent to one-sixth of the deaths globally in that year, and it is one of the diseases that attract great scientific and research interest. And it has continued over recent years, especially with the difficulty of discovering effective treatments that save the lives of cancer patients so far. With the abundance of new drugs on the market, these new drugs are finding an easy and quick way to reach patients, which is opposed by some specialists who call for delays in evaluating the safety and efficacy of these drugs.

The film will take you on a journey in which it seeks to answer questions about the effect of new cancer drugs, both hormonal and genetic, and their effectiveness, and their possible complications. The film raises other important questions such as: Is there anyone watching the injection of cancer drugs into the market, or is profit the hidden factor behind it? Was the research that produced these drugs really good enough, or are there other things we don’t understand?

Making medical rounds

The doctor’s relationship with his patient goes through several stages, starting with observation and monitoring, passing through questions, and even suggesting treatment and follow-up; But this relationship has long been criticized for being dry and fragile, or devoid of empathy, not to mention medical errors that have never stopped causing controversy.

This film follows clinical professor Herschel Sklaroff and cardiologist Valentin Foster at Mount Sinai Heart Hospital in New York City, to highlight their proper way of conducting the rounds. The medical treatment in the hospital, which is based on professional and scientific experience, clinical examination, communication with the patient and showing sympathy for him, which ensures obtaining the most accurate diagnosis at a high rate, which is what the American “Pennsylvania State University” described as “the dying art” when it was nominated. of the film on one of its educational pages (1); For new doctors to not use these methods when dealing with their patients.

Junior Doctor Diaries

In August 2016, about 6,000 junior doctors joined NHS hospitals, and these doctors and the nearly 60,000 junior doctors in this institution did not realize that they would go through the toughest job challenges of their generation, and from their first day the welcome was not the only thing they got Rather, it also warns them of what awaits them, and fears them for what they will face.

The film was shot based on the diaries of a group of junior doctors, and presented in 4 parts, situations and stories from their lives at Northampton General Hospital. In its first part, it presented a catastrophic point in the lives of these doctors that caused protests to take place in the streets, and in its second part, the emergency doctors struggle against time to save the lives of patients in this department, which is buzzing with the noise of this conflict around the clock (2), and in the third part it moves to the Department of Medicine Children, it shows how these doctors tried to perform their task with patients considered the most vulnerable and with their families who are killed by anxiety for their children (3), while in its last part, it follows the work of a novice surgeon, how he started his first surgical operations, and how he can make the most difficult decisions at the right time In addition to the stories of other surgeons and how they view professional life as opposed to their family life, and how this affects their health (4).

sick (Sicko)

Health systems differ not only from one country to another, but even within the same country, often there is a big difference between free and profitable health services. In this film, its maker investigates and criticizes health care systems in the United States of America, and the role of politicians in neutralizing the role of these systems towards profit at the expense of quality care, so he tries to answer some questions such as: What is the quality of these services? And why are millions of citizens deprived of it? How can financial challenges negatively affect the health and lives of individuals? What are the challenges or disasters experienced by health care systems? It also compares it with the free health systems in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada and France, and also highlights health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies, to present the truth of facts and events inside the corridors of free health facilities and in the speech and dialogues of politicians.

The English Surgeon

savior from the West, guide, benefactor; These are some of the descriptions given by those around the famous surgeon “Henry Marsh”, one of the first neurosurgeons in the United Kingdom, who specializes in performing brain operations using local anesthesia.

The documentary reviews the surgeon’s personal life, and how his volunteer work extended to help patients in need of neurological operations in countries that lack specialized medical competencies, such as Sudan and Azerbaijan, and focuses on his medical efforts in Ukraine, reviewing sick cases and testimonies of individuals, and the challenges, failures, and achievements of the surgeon that saved a life Patients for more than 15 years in the Ukrainian capital.

Occupation sick

People’s battles with their diseases have always varied, and their main goal remains to get rid of them and return to their normal lives before they were infected. Scientists, doctors and patients cooperate in that, in addition to health care systems and decision makers. This may be considered self-evident, but what if you knew that there are patients who are trying to maintain their illness, and even take several ways to achieve this?

Through this documentary, you will enter the corridors of Egyptian hospitals, in which some patients receive a fee to be examined by medical students and professors during practical lessons. Perhaps the need is behind accepting patients in this situation, but the matter is developing for some of them to blackmail students financially during the period of practical exams In return for talking about their condition or symptoms, and you will listen to dialogues with patients, medical professors and officials to present their view of what is happening.

Science decodes the secret of aging – can a person have eternal life?

Have you ever been familiar with the term “blue zone”? It symbolizes the geographical areas whose population is characterized by a long life compared to the average lifespan in the rest of the world, among these areas are the Greek “Icaria”, the Japanese “Okinawa”, and the “Nicoya Peninsula” in Costa Rica. the American city of Loma Linda; Where the age of the population of these areas may exceed 100 years, and the mortality rate in the less than 50 years is lower compared to other countries in the world.

Such areas raise questions that baffle scientists who continue in their efforts and race to discover the secrets of aging, longevity, and healthier aging. One of the blue areas, and you will realize that scientists are not alone in this field, but there are children at the age of twelve who are conducting their research to uncover the secret of aging. It will try to answer several questions such as: Can we come up with the aging code? Will a growing population affect the planet, or will healthy aging save it from other burdens? and so on.

Healthy eyes – new treatments that preserve vision

The deterioration of vision and similar medical problems such as cataracts are among the global medical challenges that require intensification of research and scientific efforts to confront the continuous increase in cases of it, whose complications can lead to vision loss. The documentary reviews important medical information in this context, with patient testimonials, an explanation of their medical conditions, and modern medical techniques used to treat patients with vision problems.

It also highlights the opinions of specialists working on research involving thousands of patients, over several years, to understand the most complex vision problems, doctors’ plans to treat these problems, and the role of technology such as artificial intelligence in this. Can the retina be protected? Is eye health related to the health of other parts of the body, or is it affected by their integrity? How do patients in poor countries face vision problems in the absence of medical capacity to meet their needs?

Perhaps these documentaries will be the beginning of your journey with medical science, or a continuation of it, but it is a collection that we promise will be interesting, and will be a good investment of your time, and a strong opportunity to expand your awareness in this aspect.



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