Have you read the book “The Heresy of Reinterpreting the Text”?

In our Islamic world today, there is a vigorous effort by many people who are affiliated with Islam, to empty the texts of Sharia of their meanings, to download them with new meanings that correspond to their whims, and do not care to undermine the requirements of the language in which these texts are spoken, and deny the understanding that Muslims have settled on over the centuries. Especially those who lived at the time of the revelation of revelation, and received it in the freshest form. And because the matter is dangerous, and the campaign is frantic and fierce, it must be confronted; This is a task that Sheikh Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid’s book “The Heresy of Re-Understanding the Text” seeks to contribute to.

The phenomenon stems from the realization of the prejudiced and capricious that God has ensured that the texts of the two revelations are preserved: the Qur’an and the Sunnah, so they are recited to the ears of the nation morning and evening.

The truth is that what we see today is not completely new, for whoever contemplates the history of heresies and deviations knows that most of the misguidance of the adherents of Islam did not come from denying the revelation, but from interpreting its meanings other than what God and His Messenger intended. The Qur’an, so recite it outwardly, then spend it with interpretation.” And the chapter on interpretation is a broad chapter through which the heretics entered to demolish Islam, so they distorted the texts, diverted them from their apparent meanings, and assumed them from the meanings they desired.

The misguided have distorted the duties, so they turned them away from their face, and made it easy for their followers to throw them behind their backs, and they gave the forbidden an interpretation that dared the sinners to commit them and fall into them, and they gave the texts of Attributes an interpretation that weakened the connection of the servants with their Lord, and made the texts lose their prestige, as he made them a game in the hands of officials.

Throughout history, Muslims have known groups and individuals who took the path of distorting texts from their meaning, and interpreting them in an interpretation that corresponds to their deviant ideas, such as the Mu’tazila, the Kharijites, the esoteric groups and some Sufis. The Most High: “And God spoke to Moses with uttering,” meaning: He wounded him with the nails of adversity and the claws of temptation. The list of examples of what happened in the past goes on.

The sedition that appears in this era, reviving the old esoteric approach in a modern, modern way, is the call to re-read the legal text in a new reading, which, they claim, is in line with the developments of contemporary life and is commensurate with it.

This new reading aims at a comprehensive review of all legal texts, as it is a reading that nothing of the origins and branches of religion is difficult to find, but even the issue of monotheism in Islam is subject to interpretation and new reading.

This new reading leads to distorting the meanings of the Qur’an and Sunnah, and contradicting the absolutes of Sharia, and even clashing with established established principles.

The danger of this trend comes from two aspects:

The first is that this call was established by people who pretend to belong to this religion, and therefore it is based on change from within the true Islamic home. And the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, warned us in an authentic hadith narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim from “callers at the gates of Hell, whoever responds to them will throw him into it.” He described them to Hudhaifah bin Al-Yaman, may God be pleased with him, as “a people of our skin, and they speak with our tongues.” Those we see today cite the same texts that we cite and do not deny them, but they interpret them in a different interpretation to the interpretation of the righteous predecessors.

As for the second aspect, it is that this phenomenon has begun to grow in our Islamic world today, and its advocates are many who receive clear media support, and they are imbued with Western philosophical doctrines, and they want to subject the texts of Sharia to the data of these doctrines.

This call is an old and new call, for it is old because it has historical roots, and it is new because it is based on foundations, rules and methodological rooting for this false trend.

This trend carried the slogan “modernization and modernization of Islam”, and this indicates the desire to keep pace with reality, the fascination with Western life, being influenced by its philosophical schools and the proposals of its universities, with the pressures of the enemies, and ignorance of Sharia, all of which was the reason for the emergence of this revisionist school.

The “Al-Batiniya Al-Jadeed” school has foundations and principles upon which it was based, and it seeks to disseminate and promote them by all available means. One of the most important of these foundations is to say the absolute presumption of the significance of the legal text, as the owners of this school decide that the legal text does not bear only one meaning, but is open to the possibilities of many meanings, and this comes linked to their neglect of the scholars of the nation’s understanding of the legal texts, and the fact that this understanding is not binding on them. They also say the history of the legal text, and this means that what was included in the legal texts of commands and prohibitions were directed to the people present at the time of revelation, or their condition was similar to the situation of those to whom the Qur’an was revealed, and as for those who came after them and lived in a reality other than their reality, it does not include it – according to the opinion Those – the legal text.

This contemporary reading has serious consequences, including the loss of confidence in the source of religion, the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the souls, the abolition of the correct understanding of religion, and the abolition of working with the Qur’an, which was revealed to be a reference and a platform for people, because every human being – according to their claim – will take from him a different understanding of the understanding of the other, which results in not There will be a general law to which all people are subject, and as a result of this new reading a religion will arise that can be called anything but Islam.

Those who tamper with religion do not set limits to their frivolity, and their tampering has reached the two pillars of Islam: the two testimonies.

The author of the book conveys very strange sayings and opinions of some belonging to the new school of reading, such as Muhammad Arkoun, Muhammad Shahrour and others. For them, prayer is a personal matter and not an obligatory one, and it was originally imposed to soften the Arab’s comfort, and to accustom him to obedience to the leader, and yoga sings from it. Zakat and fasting for them also do not have the rule of obligation, but they are for the choice. As for the pilgrimage, it is not necessary that it be performed with its well-known rituals, as the mental or spiritual pilgrimage suffices from it. And they have many other sayings that want to tamper with the rulings of Islam regarding inheritance, family, alcohol, adultery, the meanings of Islam, faith, polytheism, monotheism, and the facts of the unseen.

The author of the book notes the behavior of some of these people when they are narrowed down in the debate by saying that: religion belongs to everyone, so no one can claim the right to monopolize its interpretation and impose it on people, because there is no papacy or priesthood in Islam; This is a word of truth that I want falsehood.

The truth is that religion, in terms of its application and the implementation of its rulings, is not specific to anyone. As for falsehood, it is the subjection of the interpretation of its texts to the desire and whim of every person, so that its texts are interpreted according to the lust that he wants, because this leads to the rupture of the nation, and making the texts a toy in the hands of those who are not qualified to derive rulings.

And within the general directions provided to us by Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid in the last chapter of his book, he reminds us that temptation is great, and its danger is grave, and the greatest thing that saves people from temptation is the sincerity of resorting to God Almighty, and asking Him to escape from it. It is from this section was praying for the prevention of deviation.

Our Lord, do not deviate our hearts after You have guided us