Fuels: Can you perceive this new aid?

The price of fuel remains very high. For many French people, this is a significant expense. This has a significant impact on the monthly budget. Various government aids have already been released. However, the problem is far from solved. Fuel is a daily expense for some households. With the global situation, there is little chance of seeing prices come down quickly. Citizens therefore hope that other measures will be put in place. The day after the elections, the Assurance Maladie made an announcement in a press release. She says she wantssupport healthcare professionals who have to travel as part of the care delivered to patients at home”. For this, it will be able to pay aid for the purchase of fuel. This can be combined with other existing aid, in particular the bonus of €0.15 per litre, announced by the Prime Minister.

Aid for the purchase of fuel which, however, has its limits

Fuel is essential for professionals who have to travel every day to work. This is indeed the case for many doctors, nurses and midwives. This also concerns physiotherapists, dentists, orthoptists, podiatrists, podiatrists and laboratory personnel. Everyone will thus be able to benefit from the aid for the purchase of fuel paid by the Health Insurance. The amount of the bonus will be an additional €0.15 per liter of fuel. This will concretely mean a discount of up to €0.30 per liter for those affected. This will have no impact on any other measure already validated. Thus, the increase in the mileage scale will be added to this aid in order to support health professionals. These 10% revaluation of allowances will therefore be added to the deduction equivalent to government and health insurance aid.

The aid for the purchase of fuel released by the Health Insurance will be valid until the end of July 2022. After this date, it is not yet known whether other measures will take over depending on the situation. For people who have no choice but to use their vehicle daily, this bonus is obviously welcome. This responds, at least in part, to the demands of the nursing staff. The latter had an essential role during the pandemic, but continue to see their working conditions deteriorated and their wages not revalued. Longer term solutions are needed to cope. The National Federation of Nurses welcomed this additional aid which doubles the bonus on the purchase of fuel for health professionals. Concern remains, however, about more lasting support.