Disney suddenly removes these two films from its streaming platform

The catalog available on Disney + may be relatively rich and extensive, it is sometimes difficult to understand the choices made by the firm with big ears, whose communication is often laborious. Last example in date with these two films very appreciated and yet deleted for no apparent reason.

Disney+: a difficult policy to understand

It has been said, Disney+ is an SVOD platform that offers a fairly substantial choice of programs, including (almost) all the great Disney and Pixar classics, as well as productions Star Wars and Marvel, among others. Like all competing streaming services, Disney+ expands its catalog every month with new original content or, most often, productions for which the firm has bought the rights.

But it is sometimes not easy to grasp what can or cannot be found on the platform : Disney advocates “family-friendly” content accessible to all, but still makes Marvel series like The Punisher available, without any alteration. Except that at the same time, censored versions of certain scenes that are not so violent are deleted, without knowing if it is a real will or an error internally.

In short, we do not understand much about it, and it is with astonishment that we have recently noticed the disappearance, after a few days, of the Hot films Shots! 1 and 2 from Disney+.

An inexplicable and unexplained disappearance

hot shotsit’s a comedy directed by Jim Abrahams released in 1991 parodying action movies and more particularly Top Gun, released five years earlier. We follow Lieutenant Sean “Topper” Harley (Charlie Sheen), a talented fighter pilot recruited for a perilous mission in the Middle East. Its sequel, released in 1993, more or less uses the same formula and focuses this time more particularly on the case of Rambo 3 (1988). But the two feature films, added on April 1, were suddenly, purely and simply removed from Disney + yesterday, after only four short days of good and loyal service.

Difficult to explain the withdrawal of these two films, which remain above all comedies. Certainly, some scenes can be somewhat explicit and some dialogues are quite rude (in English, the famous “F-word” is pronounced), but it seems light. Knowing that it is possible to set up parental controls and that some much more explicit productions are available on Disney+, it is hard to imagine a last-minute “censorship”. However, the films were available until recently, since we can briefly see their respective official pages appear before the error message appears.

The most plausible explanation therefore remains that it is (once again) a communication error. and that Disney simply got its hands dirty internally. If so, that logically means that Hot Shots! and Hot Shots! 2 could indeed land on Disney+ in the near future. In May, for example? If so, we’ll update this article!