“Diogo Costa out of the Super Cup? FC Porto goal will not be a problem”

O FC Porto is preparing to participate in the Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira, in which Tondela will face them, as well as in the final of the Portuguese Cup. The dragons will enter the Estádio de Aveiro with some new faces, but also with heavy absences.

The Disciplinary Board punished Diogo Costa, Fábio Cardoso, Otávio and Manafá for insulting Benfica, which dragons won’t turn to. Therefore, even with Otávio already out of the game, this group will not be part of Sérgio Conceição’s accounts.

Jorge Amaral, a former FC Porto player, accepted the decision of the blues and whites. In exclusive conversation with Sports by the Minutethe former goalkeeper also pointed the finger at the Disciplinary Board for the different measures taken in similar cases.

“I agree that FC Porto does not appeal because I think the Disciplinary Board has opened a ‘Pandora’s box’. Fulfilling these punishments, it may be that, in the near future, the Disciplinary Board may have the same weight and the same measure in circumstances not the same, but many of them are similar. We have had many examples in the past of offenses against supporters that did not end in punishment. that, in the future, the Disciplinary Board can have the same penalty for those who commit the same crimes”, he began by saying.

Diogo Costa took over FC Porto’s goal last season© Getty Images

By not appealing, the four athletes are suspended in the Super Cup against an opponent who has dropped from the division and could not be reinforced due to a FIFA ban. Jorge Amaral refuses to look at the decision as a devaluation of the opponent.

“Otávio couldn’t play anymore, so the only starter to be left out with this suspension will be Diogo Costa. Quite honestly, the problem may not be in goal. Diogo Costa is, indeed, fantastic, but if he is there Marchesín or Cláudio Ramos, I’m sure that FC Porto’s goal will be well protected. [de provocação a outros clubes] should be for the fans, not the players,” he added.

In the absence of Diogo Costa, theoretically, Marchesín will be the owner of the goal, in Aveiro. Jorge Amaral put his trust in the Argentine and spoke of a mixed feeling towards the FC Porto keeper, with a view to a possible exit.

“Talking about Marchesin is easy because of everything he’s done in the game, but very complicated because he’s not playing and he’s a great goalkeeper. I like Marchesin a lot and, perhaps, he played an extraordinary role in Diogo Costa’s growth , just like Młynarczyk had with Vítor Baía. Of course, Marchesín is a goalkeeper who gives me all the guarantees, as Diogo Costa does. Hierarchically, he is the direct starter in this situation, while Cláudio Ramos will be the third goalkeeper. honestly, if FC Porto chooses to take Cláudio Ramos and save Marchesín with the possibility of leaving, I also accept. He is a full-fledged professional, I accept that he wants to play and go to the World Cup, he has every right and FC Porto should collaborate for the man and the professional that he is. If that doesn’t happen, Marchesín will certainly be in the goal of the Super Cup”, he believes.

News by the Minute Marchesín jumped to the bench, but should be a starter in the Super Cup© Global Images

If Marchesín leaves FC Porto this summer, Cláudio Ramos will be the number one candidate to be… the number two in the Porto goal. Jorge Amaral sees quality in the goalkeeper who has already played for Tondela, but prefers to see a new face at Dragão for the position.

“I really like Cláudio Ramos, he was even considered one of the best goalkeepers in the I Liga when he was at Tondela. So much so that he was even called up to the national team. He’s a goalkeeper who gives absolute guarantees. Now, FC Porto will need someone else to enrich their goal, to interfere between these two elements and increase competitiveness. I think Cláudio Ramos is a good goalkeeper, but I think FC Porto should look for someone who, like Cláudio Ramos, fight to be the first”, he considered.

News by the Minute Since 2020, Cláudio Ramos has played only two games for FC Porto© Getty Images

In this equation, Francisco Meixedo’s name ends up being crossed out. In Jorge Amaral’s opinion, the young keeper should be loaned to gain minutes of play.

“He is a young man who is still growing, who needs time to do so. I don’t question his competence, but, at the moment, and it is a stage of growth with a long-term perspective, a year of loan would be a good option. “, said.

News by the Minute Francisco Meixedo is currently the fourth option for FC Porto’s goal© FC Porto

With the Super Cup in perspective, Jorge Amaral believes that the game against Tondela could be unbalanced. On one side will be the national champion, on the other, one of the recently relegated will be presented. Still, it calls for attention.

“The Super Cup will almost be a ‘David and Goliath’. You can’t mistrust Goliath because, despite the team being in the II League and having some difficulties, if we minimize the opponent, things may not go so well. But FC Porto has everything to win. It would be bad if FC Porto didn’t win, with all the respect I have for Tondela”, he stressed.

FC Porto’s new season will be one of great expectations, after a national double. Jorge Amaral sees the dragons with the same strength and determination, and foresees great help from David Carmo and Gabriel Veron, who should not be the only ones to reinforce the team this summer.

“The pre-season was pleasant, especially this game against AS Monaco. The team’s DNA was maintained, with the entry of Otávio we saw a lot of good things, for being a more cerebral player. I felt that the team is doing well, is determined, with the same desire, the reinforcements will bring a lot of quality to the squad. Maybe one more or another will come. I think it will be an FC Porto with a lot of strength to defend this title and this double that they got last year”, concluded.

FC Porto-Tondela, counting for the Cândido de Oliveira Supercup, is scheduled for 20:45 next Saturday, at Estádio de Aveiro.

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