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Amman- The digital book has become a source of knowledge and a strong dominance of all ages without exception in line with the developments of contemporary life, as the Internet has greatly facilitated digital reading, whether by transferring it, downloading it or accessing it, and at the same time we see the adherence of lovers of paper books to reading sessions that captivate them with the details of turning pages the book.

But, are we balanced and logical by using the “digital” book? What happened to the position of the “paper” book in our lives?

Paperback books a legacy from grandparents to children and grandchildren (Al-Jazeera)

Blogging in contemporary life “digitally”

The educator, Dr. Amal Borshak, says that many individuals turned to the digital book due to its many features, including: low costs, the possibility of translating it into any language and linking it to scientific references, flexibility in dealing with the size of its letters, ease of copying and converting, and the presence of guidelines for the mechanism of dealing with the contents of digital books.

And she continues, “The role of blogging in contemporary life cannot be overlooked on any website on the Internet, due to the development of modern technology and the flow of the Internet in all parts of the world, which contributed to the acceleration of the growth of electronic culture that was based on lifelong learning for ease of dealing with modernity. It also entered the world of adults to facilitate Electronic reading steps.

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The digital book has fulfilled the dream of many readers of being able to obtain a copy of a book with ease (Getty Images)

Digital attracts readers

Dr. Borschek believes that the digital book has fulfilled the dream of many readers of being able to obtain a copy of a book easily and easily, while it may be difficult for the reader to obtain a hard copy of it.

In addition to the ability of the digital book to attract readers with interesting media in the world of the Internet with sound, image and word, as the world of social isolation – due to Corona – that the world has experienced contributed to opening new and growing educational horizons, of high quality that correspond to the requirements of the current era, according to Borschke.

As the Italian writer Umberto Eco’s hypothesis in the history of culture affirms, “Nothing has ever killed another, but something radically changes the image of something else.”

For internal use - pedagogical Dr. Amal Borshak - (Al Jazeera)
Educational Dr. Amal Borshak: Reading paper books has a special taste and cannot be overshadowed by any other means (Al-Jazeera)

“Paper books”…a special taste

Dr. Borschke stresses that “reading paper books has a special taste, and it cannot be overshadowed by any other means. Starting with watching the book in front of your eyes, it gives you a beautiful feeling that attracts you to carry it and browse through its papers.”

She adds, “Paper reading has rituals specific to scientific books and research, reading to the child and approaching him with tenderness, reading novels, and enjoying turning the pages and viewing pictures.”

And also preserving and storing paper books and fearing them, because they are affected by weather factors, according to Borschke, so the reader struggles to keep them intact so that their pages do not crumble, and does not lend them to anyone because of the importance of their moral value from a handover inheritance from the ancestors and remind them of those who acquired them before him, so they enjoy the real feeling by touching it, And they get angry if it breaks.

For indoor use - - reading the paper book..a special taste - (Al Jazeera)
Reading paper is a ritual specific to the book, approaching it with tenderness, and enjoying turning the pages and looking at the pictures (Al-Jazeera)

Paper or digital for learning?

Borschke says, “As an educator, I find the paper book better for learning, because reading digital books does not give you an appropriate period of concentration, and reading is distracted due to incoming phone notifications, or pages jumping from your hands, and the inability to continue reading because the device’s battery runs out or malfunctions, which negatively affects on your mood.”

She adds, “My personal opinion as an educator, I feel happy when I read in both types of paper and digital books and I do not dispense with either of them, but I feel familiar with dealing with paper books, and at the same time I do not underestimate how easy I have achieved in my life thanks to digital books.”

For internal use - life skills coach Sawsan Kilani - (Al Jazeera)
Sawsan Kilani: When comparing and saving money, there is no room for comparison. The paperback book is number one for me (Al-Jazeera)

The world speaks ‘digitally’

For her part, certified human development and life skills trainer, Sawsan Kilani, said, “Digital technology and social media have given us very high and fast access to information, and have also enabled us to compare news and select headlines that express the facts.”

And she added, “In the field of training, we needed to read what’s new in the world of online training, especially in the conditions of Corona, and we did digital training courses as well, using the capabilities available from the Zoom application, for example, and in the book’s girlfriends club we read digital books because it is difficult to obtain Paper books.

She expresses her opinion by saying, “I prefer reading from a paper book. I write on the margins of my thoughts and leave them to my children and grandchildren after me as a great legacy, like the one left to me by my mother, Mrs. Khairiya Kanaan, may God have mercy on her, the founder of the Book Friends Club in Jordan.”

And she continues, “I will not talk about the free digital book, as it is a sensitive point, but when comparing and when there is money, there is no room for comparison. The paper book is number one for me, but within the available circumstances and capabilities, we must learn, develop and keep pace with the language of the digital age, otherwise we will lose on a personal level.” Work and family.

She explains that we read paper books and buy from the book fair what we can to support culture, intellectuals and creators, and we resort to the digital book for speed and according to the need for information from sources not available in the books under our hands, our world is changing dramatically, where information and theories are renewed exceptionally quickly and there is no way to go back But let us be balanced and logical, without extravagance or stinginess.

And she concluded her speech, “The whole world speaks digitally, even our young grandchildren, and everything becomes easy with training, determination and patience, and there is no despair with life. Great wishes elevate the human being and his tools.”

President of the Book Friends Club, Asia Al-Ansari, is a fan of reading paper books - (Al-Jazeera)
President of the Book Friends Club, Asia Al-Ansari, is a fan of reading paper books (Al-Jazeera)

Keep reading paper

“I love the paper book.. I love reading the book and I alone analyze, write and write down on its footnote the most important stations and the most beautiful phrases and a summary of the writer’s thinking and a summary of my thinking about the differences and similarities.. I am happy while I draw a straight line under the ideas that appeal to me.. and I draw question and exclamation marks. With these words, the president of the Book Friends Club, Asia Al-Ansari, expressed her passion and persistence in reading paper books.

Al-Ansari continues: This does not stand in the way of my use of the computer and the provision of various scientific, literary and other information.

Al-Ansari explains the club’s role in preserving paper reading, saying, “We adopt the reading culture as a means to educate the mother and the educator, the maker of generations, and we encourage reading and reading and paying attention to paper books by writing, translating and reading. We also summarize and discuss valuable books.”

She adds: The club is keen to encourage reading within initiatives and workshops, and we seek to make the child love reading by distributing books to groups of children of their age and encouraging them with competitions and prizes.

For internal use - only - sociologist Hussein Al-Khuzaie - (Al-Jazeera Net)
Professor of Sociology Hussein Al-Khuzai: Digital reading has spread due to the renewal of the means of knowledge and ease of research (Al-Jazeera)

Reading and the art of dealing with the Internet

Professor of Sociology, Dr. Hussain Al-Khuzai, says that “reading, research, follow-up, and attempt to obtain information at the present time are all digital, through social networking tools.”

Al-Khuza’i explains the spread of digital reading by the renewal of the means of knowledge in the communication sites, the ease of the search process and the saving of time, effort and quality, and this is a kind of art of dealing with the Internet, as everyone needs it and cannot bypass it.

“We need to have a culture of dealing with the digital book, how to educate the digital student and the digital teacher by verifying and searching for information, its quality and quality, and qualifying to obtain information,” says Al-Khuzaie.

Al-Khuzai explains: Nowadays, all age groups have mastered the digital reading habits, which are strongly practiced by everyone, and many scientific studies indicate the importance of digital reading.