BOLA – Portugal loses to Sweden and says goodbye to the European Championship (Women’s Football)

Portugal was defeated by Sweden (0-5), in a match of the 3rd round of Group C of the European Women’s Football Championship, held this Sunday afternoon, at Leigh Sports Village, in Manchester (England).

With the loss recorded against their Swedish counterpart, the corner team is away from the quarter-finals of the competition, a stage that could still reach if they beat this afternoon’s opponent and if the Netherlands scored against Switzerland (which happened, with the victory of the Netherlands, by 4-1).

Against the team that occupies the 2nd place in the FIFA ranking, Portugal tried to play as equals, as they had already done against the Netherlands, on the previous day, but the truth is that Sweden did not give any chances to the national team, ending up even getting a hand full rout.

It is true that Portugal was eliminated from the European Championship (one draw and two defeats), but it is also a fact that Francisco Neto’s team once again demonstrated that the level of women’s football on Portuguese soil has had an extraordinarily accentuated evolution. The levels at European level are of excellence, with teams that have many more years of experience in competitions at the highest level, but the quality shown by Portugal underlines the certainty that, in the coming years, the difference between the European and world powers will be smaller and smaller.

Portugal bids farewell with honor and there is a guarantee: the National Team will continue to be on the big stages.

End of match! Sweden 5 Portugal 0.

90+1 minutes: Goal from Sweden! A quick transition from the Nordics, a passing pass by Olívia Schough and Stina Blackstenius, after taking Sílvia Rebelo out of the way, arched into the top left corner of Patrícia Morais’ goal. 5-0.

Four minimum additional time minimums awarded to the second half.

85 minutes: Double substitution in Portugal, with the departures of Carole Costa and Andreia Norton, for the entrances of Sílvia Rebelo and Telma Encarnação.

83 minutes: Yellow card to Ana Borges.

77 minutes: Substitution in Sweden, with the departure of Nathalie Bjorn, for the entry of Elin Rubensson.

76 minutes: Shot by Andreia Norton, already inside the area, with the ball coming out very close to the left post of the Nordic goal.

70 minutes: Double substitution in Sweden, with the departures of Fridolina Rolfo and Filippa Angeldal, for the entrances of Lina Hurtig and Hanna Benninson.

69 minutes: Pass by Andreia Norton and Jéssica Silva, after some fine individual work, crosses the ball at the edge of the area, slightly to the side of the right post of the Swedish goal.

60 minutes: Free kick from Kosovare Asllani and Stina Blackstenius, after a rebound from the ball, manages to head it into the back of the net. The ball still hit the right post, but ended up going in. However, after VAR communication, the goal was disallowed for offside.

57 minutes: Double substitution in Portugal, with the departures of Dolores Silva and Francisca Nazareth, for the entrances of Fátima Pinto and Andreia Faria.

55 minutes: Double substitution in Sweden, with the departures of Magdalena Eriksson and Johanna Rytting Kaneryde, for the entrances of Linda Sembrant and Olivia Schough.

54 minutes: Sweden scores! Kosovare Asllani, in the penalty transformation, increases to 4-0.

52 minutes: Penalty for Sweden. Deflection of Diana Silva with her hand and the French judge points to the 11 meter mark.

50 minutes: Stina Blackstenius flexed from the left to the center and, already in the area, shot for an excellent save by Patrícia Morais.

Start of the second part!

It is not being the afternoon of Portugal. The team from the corners even started in a positive way, with Tatiana Pinto, after 2 minutes, giving the first sign of some danger, but the Portuguese player’s shot was stopped by the opposing goalkeeper.

After that came the problems. Particularly in dead balls. It has been there that Portugal has been limping. If it is true that there has been some Swedish supremacy, the great truth is that set pieces are being the real Achilles heel of national players. That’s how Sweden scored three goals: two from a corner (Filippa Angeldal and Amanda Ilestedt) and one from a free-kick (Filippa Angeldal).

Portugal has tried some quick transitions, but has lacked definition in the last pass. Just like the rest, there has also been a lack of patience to have the ball in the opponent’s midfield, which has led to very fast ball losses.

Francisco Neto will naturally try to correct the less positive aspects at half-time, so that, in the complementary stage, the National Team can eventually score a goal and re-enter the discussion about the result and qualification. Which, strictly speaking, is not an easy task (not at all)…

Break! Sweden 3 Portugal 0.

45+7 minutes: Goal from Sweden! Right corner from Jonna Andersson and Amanda Ilestedt, headed, increases to 3-0.

45+6 minutes: Incomplete cut by Joana Marchão and Johanna Rytting Kaneryd ends in an excellent intervention by Patrícia Morais.

45+3 minutes: Long shot by Andreia Norton, close to the left post of the Swedish goal.

Seven minutes of minimum additional time have been added to this first half.

45 minutes: Goal from Sweden! Free-kick taken by Kosovare Asllani and Filippa Angeldal, already inside the area, shoots the first to make it 2-0.

42 minutes: Goal (well) ruled out for Sweden, for offside by Stina Blackstenius.

40 minutes: Jéssica Silva and Diana Silva cross from the right, in the center of the area, shot with the first shot, on half-turn, for a safe defense by Hedvig Lindahl.

35 minutes: Substitution in Portugal, with the departure of Catarina Amado (injured) and the entry of Joana Marchão.

30 minutes: Yellow card to Johanna Rytting Kaneryd.

21 minutes: Sweden scores! Jonna Andersson’s right corner, Patrícia Morais manages the aerial deflection, but Filippa Angeldal finishes the ball for 1-0.

18 minutes: Yellow card to Magdalena Eriksson.

17 minutes: Almost scores Portugal! Andreia Norton and Carole Costa left corner, at the far post, left-footed shot making the ball go very close to the right post of Hedvig Lindahl’s goal

4 minutes: Kosovare Asllani’s breakthrough pass and Johanna Rytting Haneryd’s shot, already in the area, for Patrícia Morais excellent defense.

2 minutes: Front shot by Tatiana Pinto for a safe save by Hedvig Lindahl.

As expected through the two changes promoted by Francisco Neto – and in addition to Patrícia Morais, who naturally replaces Inês Pereira in the national goal -, Ana Borges appears as left-back (Joana Marchão was on the bench). With the title of Francisca Nazareth, Portugal presents itself with a diamond in the midfield – Dolores Silva as the most back vertex, Tatiana Pinto and Andreia Norton on the sides and Francisca Nazareth as the most offensive vertex. On the attack front, the usual duo: Diana Silva and Jessica Silva.

Start of the match!

Regarding the four goals already scored by Portugal in this European Championship, all of them are divided by different players: Diana Gomes and Jéssica Silva scored against Switzerland; Carole Costa and Diana Silva won against the Netherlands.

In the National Team, and having as a point of comparison the game against the Netherlands, last Wednesday, we highlight the two changes promoted by Francisco Neto in the starting eleven: Inês Pereira and Joana Marchão leave, Patrícia Morais and Francisca Nazareth enter.

Sweden: Hedvig Lindahl, Hanna Glas, Amanda Ilestedt, Magdalena Eriksson, Jonna Andersson, Fillippa Angeldal, Kosovare Asllani ÇNathalie Bjorn, Johanna Rytting Kaneryd, Stina Blackstenius and Fridolina Rolfo

Substitutes: Jennifer Falk, Zecira Musovic, Linda Sembrant, Amanda Nilden, Emma Kullberg, Lina Hurtig, Sofia Jakobsson, Rebecka Blomqvist, Caroline Seger, Hanna Bennison, Olivia Schough and Elin Rubensson

Coach: Peter Gerhardsson

Portugal: Patrícia Morais, Catarina Amado, Diana Gomes, Carole Costa, Ana Borges, Tatiana Pinto, Dolores Silva ÇAndreia Norton, Francisca Nazareth, Diana Silva and Jessica Silva

Substitutes: Inês Pereira, Rute Costa, Alicia Correia, Sílvia Rebelo, Joana Marchão, Suzane Pires, Vanessa Marques, Fátima Pinto, Lúcia Alves, Carolina Mendes, Andreia Faria and Telma Encarnação

Coach: Francisco Neto

Referee: Stéphanie Frappart (France)

Assistants: Elodie Coppola and Manuela Nicolosi (France)

4th Referee: Kateryna Monzul (Ukraine)

There are already teams!

These statements by Francisco Neto reflect well the Swedish power, since the Nordic group is, just and alone, number 2 in the FIFA ranking – which is led by the United States of America. However, and despite Sweden’s qualitative dimension, it is good not to forget that Portugal fought equally with the Netherlands, in the previous match of this European Championship, with the Netherlands currently occupying 4th place in the FIFA ranking. Everything is possible…

«As my friend Jorge Braz said, it is a very high mountain to climb, but we have that ambition and that courage to try to climb it. We’re going to play against one of the best teams in the world, with players who are very strong, who like to have the ball and press, and who are very aggressive in duels. We know that we have to prevent these kinds of situations. We reached the last game of the group stage depending only on us to move on to the next stage», stressed Francisco Neto, Portuguese national coach, in the preview of the match against Sweden.

Naturally, the match between Switzerland and the Netherlands will also be played at the same time as Sweden-Portugal, that is, with kick-off scheduled for 17:00.

The corners team reaches this last game of the group stage with 1 point added and still with chances of qualifying for the quarter finals. After the tie (2-2) against Switzerland, on the opening day, there was a defeat (2-3) against the Netherlands, on the 2nd day. Portugal is in 3rd place in Group C, with 1 point, as is Switzerland. The leadership is shared by the Netherlands and Sweden, both with 4 points, which is equivalent to saying that a Portuguese victory and a non-victory of Switzerland against the Netherlands automatically guarantee qualification to Francisco Neto’s team. In this mathematical scenario, it may be the case that all four teams in the group finish with 4 points – what will happen if Portugal defeats Sweden and if Switzerland beats the Netherlands. In this equation, the tie will be broken by the goal difference.

Portugal will face Sweden this afternoon (5 pm) at Leigh Sports Village (England) in a match for the 3rd round of Group C of the European Women’s Football Championship, which is taking place on British soil. BOLA online will tell you all about this duel. Come with us, dear reader. It’s part of our starting eleven…

Good evening!