Benji Samat “has a good shot”, according to his coach, before his fight against Dylan Thiry

Some say they hate each other. One thing is certain: this Wednesday, in the ring, the blows will rain, and there will be only one winner, acclaimed by the thousands of people who came to attend this anthology match at the Palais des sports in Marseille. At 6.30 p.m., Benji Samat, former Marseillesand Dylan Thiry, revealed in Koh Lantawill put on the gloves to compete in a boxing match, as part of the Provence Noble Art II.

This boxing gala, organized by the brothers Cyril and Guillaume Assientio and Louis Lavaly, the most successful trainer in France, aims to revive English boxing in the Marseille region, by bringing together twelve professional fighters, including two international belts, as well as the two reality TV stars. An evening whose entire profits will be donated to associations fighting for sick children. Louis Lavaly, who trained Benji Samat for this boxing fight, returns for 20 minutes on this experience and on the game to come.

How did you end up coaching Benji Samat?

The organizer who set it up with them is an ex-boxer of mine. He wanted to make people, and it works, since there will be between 4,000 and 5,000 people. So my former boxer sent me Benji. He came from Dubai to train in Marseille. That was just a month ago! The first time I saw it, I thought to myself, “What am I going to manage to do with this wimp?” He had never done boxing! I had never heard of the Marseilles, all that, at my age… I had only one month to work and make him have boxing attitudes. I told him: “It’s not Dubai here! ” He laughed.

Did he have any difficulties?

Where I was lucky is that he is quite an athletic person. And he turned out to be quite talented. Where I was amazed was that he suffered during training without saying a word. He is extraordinary, this young man. He has all the assets to make a good boxer. He is not fearful. He has a good shot. In a month, he has a boxing attitude! He really has great potential.

How did you work with him?

As he had never taken a hit, we had to work on the technique. Every day, we put on gloves. That means you’re taking hits with a sparring partner. And he put on gloves every day! Even yesterday, on the eve of the match, he came to training, always on time. I think he liked it. I understand that he has so many followers. He’s a good guy. If he wanted, he could become a boxer.

What advice did you give him to beat Dylan Thiry this Wednesday night?

Dylan Thiry is tall. He is 1.86 meters and Benji is 1.70 meters. So you gotta get into it! No choice. But he has qualities. He’s fine there.