Benfica Sub-17 Donosti Cup 2022 Women

Sport Lisboa e Benfica’s U17 women’s football team won the Donosti Cup 2022, a prestigious competition that took place in San Sebastián, in the Basque Country, and, at the various levels, took place between the 4th and 9th of July.

It was the SL Benfica’s third participation in this tournament and, a year after being in second place – after losing by the smallest margin in the final against Talents Academy –, it was the turn of the collective benfiquista to lift the trophy, on Friday, July 8. In the G17 (U-17) category – where 44 teams participated, in a first phase divided into 11 groups – Highlight for Erica Parkinsonscorer of eight goals in total and considered the best player of the tournament.


The squad led by coach Marco Sousa started the journey in the Donosti Cup against Sep11 Catalunyawhom he won by 4-2. At half-time, the scorer registered a two-ball tie (goals from Lara Martins and Marta Gago), but in the second part, Sofia Machado and Erica Parkinson put SL Benfica ahead.

In the second round of Group A, the reds were superior to the Salesians Guadalajara EFCDwith a victory by 19-0. In the first minute, Erica Parkinson opened the scoring and set the tone for another rout. Still in the first half, another ten goals already predicted the outcome. In the restart, another shower of balls in the nets of the opposing goal would close the result, without giving any chance to the opponents.

Accumulating eye-popping displays, Benfica secured 1st place in Group A with the triumph against Intxaurdi KE Cper 3-0, in game of the third round. The goals were assumed Erica Parkinson, Lara Martins and Mafalda Mariano.

Us eighth final, Marta Gago scored the goal in the tied match (1-ball) against FutFem Talents Academy C and bound to be resolved on penalties. Marta Gago, Carolina Ferreira, Carmo Silva and Sara Cartaxo converted the penalties and SL Benfica won by 4-3stamping their presence in the next round.

Donosti Cup 2022

Quarter finals and another routthis time in front of LSA Ladies. With eight goals in the first half (Lara Martins, Erica Parkinson, Marta Gago, Mafalda Mariano, Beatriz Pedras, Sofia Machado [2] and Sara Cartaxo), the duel was practically resolved and the reds had one foot in the semi-finals… Inês Sousa, Sorana Godzsa and Carmo Silva would only come to confirm the victory (11-0) in the second half.

In the semi finalsvictory by 2-0 in front of Wisconsin Internationalwith an encore of Lara Martinsand in the last game, triumph by the minimum margin (1-0) in front of BK HackenWhere Mafalda Mariano was the author of the solitary goal that would give the trophy to the reds.

The coach Marco Sousa took to San Sebastián the athletes Beatriz Millet, Carolina Vaz, Carolina Ferreira, Luana Rafael, Sofia Machado, Sorana Godzsa, Lara Martins, Marta Gago, Carmo Silva, Mafalda Mariano, Erica Silva, Beatriz Pedras, Sofia Liu, Erica Parkinson, Inês Girls, Inês Sousa, Sara Cartaxo and Caetana Vicente.

Donosti Cup 2022
Phase Match markers
1st Journey
A group
Benfica-Set11 Catalunya

Lara Martins (5′), Marta Gago (9′), Sofia Machado (25′) and Érica Parkinson (42′)

2nd Journey
A group
Benfica-Salesianos Guadalajara
Érica Parkinson (1′, 10′, 11′, 23′ and 47′), Beatriz Pedras (4′ and 21′), Lara Martins (6′, 8′, 12′ and 20′), Sorana Godzsa (14′ and 48′), Carmo Silva (27′ and 49′), Caetana Costa (28′), Sara Cartaxo (30′) and Carolina Ferreira (41′ and 44′)
3rd Journey
A group
Benfica-Intxaurdi KE C
Érica Parkinson (4′), Lara Martins (20′) and Mafalda Mariano (50′)
Eighth finals Benfica-FutFem Talents Academy C
1-1 (4-3 in gp)
Marta Gago (30′); converted penalties: Marta Gago, Carolina Ferreira, Carmo Silva and Sara Cartaxo
quarter finals Benfica-LSA Ladies
Lara Martins (1′), Érica Parkinson (3′), Marta Gago (5′), Mafalda Mariano (11′), Beatriz Pedras (16′), Sofia Machado (17′ and 25′), Sara Cartaxo (20′ ), Inês Sousa (28′), Sorana Godzsa (30′) and Carmo Silva (35′)
Semi finals Benfica-Wisconsin International
Lara Martins (3′ and 45′)
Final Benfica-BK Hacken
Mafalda Mariano (15′)

Donosti Cup 2022 - Under-12


In the G12 category (Under-12) a total of 32 teams participated, in a first phase divided into eight groups. In Group D – consisting of SL Benfica, Intxaurdi KE C, Fontsanta-Fatjo CD and Martutene KE –, first place for the incarnate ones, who, with two victories [Benfica-Martutene KE, 6-0; e Benfica-Intxaurdi KE C, 4-2] and a tie [Benfica-Fontsanta Fatjó CD, 3-3]sealed the clearance.

After the group stage, the young eagles met with the Manu Lanzaroteus eighth final (Champions League). with goals from Sofia Cavalier (3′ and 46′), Gabriela Rolnik (14′), Carolina (20′) and Sara Moreira (39′), would win by 2-5, stamping passage to the quarter finals.

In the next phase, the opponents were the French Olympique Lyonnais B. Here, a rout by 7-0 [marcaram Gabriela Rolnik (1′, 10′, 18′ e 26′), Carolina (3′), Sara Moreira (13′) e Ana Margarida (20′)] and was reached semi-finalwhere SL Benfica supplanted Futfem Talents Academy C by 0-7. At Finalhowever, ended up losing with the Olympique Lyonnais A by 6-1. The only red goal was scored by Gabriela Rolnikat 4′.

The U-12 squad was led by coach João Amorimwhich took to San Sebastián the athletes Matilde Rosa, Lara Ferreira, Ana Marques, Matilde Silva, Bárbara Sousa, Sara Moreira, Leonor Costa, Carolina Delgado, Sofia Cavalier, Manuela Rolnik, Carolina Jorge and Gabriela Rolnik.

Regarding the category Under-10 (G10)SL Benfica won second place in Europe Leagueafter a journey of a victory and two defeats in Group B. semi-final would win the Martutene KE A per 8-0 and, in the final duel, he would be overtaken by the LSA Ladies (7-1).