Benfica Girona FC Direct Pre-season Match

private game
­čö┤ 84′ ÔĆ▒´ŞĆ
benfica 3
Girona FC two
Vertonghen (57′)
Bah (60′)
Yaremchuk (67′)
Stuani (52′)
Bueno (77′)

Benfica plays another friendly match for the 2022/23 pre-season, this time with Girona FC, at the Stade Municipal, in Yverdon-Les-Bains (Switzerland), at 16:30. Follow the meeting LIVE and up to the minute here.


83′ Left corner for Benfica.

80′ Yellow card shown to Ant├│nio Silva.

78′ Substitutions at Benfica: Me├»te, Moreira Jr., Chiquinho and Henrique Ara├║jo leave; Rodrigo Pinho, Musa, Paulo Bernardo and Diogo Gon├žalves enter.

77′ 3-2. Girona goal. Good. Free kick for the Spaniards on the left, there is a first header and the defender deflects for the goal.

73′ Henrique Ara├║jo’s cross shot from close range.

72′ Bah’s entry from the right, a late cross and Gil Dias, first, shooting inches from the goal.

70′ Roll the ball again.

69′ Substitutions at Girona: Juan Carlos, Monjoell, Ure├▒a and Stuani leave; Enter Adri├ín Ortola, Joel Roca, Artero and Biel Ferr├ęs.

68′ New hydration break.

67′ 3-1 BENFICA GOAL! Yaremchuk. The Ukrainian hit one side and the goalkeeper Juan Carlos went the other way.

66′ Penalty for Benfica for overthrowing Vallery over Chiquinho.

65′ Left corner for Benfica.

60′ 2-1 BENFICA GOAL! Bah. Good collective move by the eagles, Moreira Jr. recovers the ball at the entrance of the area, the ball stays in Bah who shoots with his left foot, crossed for the turnaround.

57′ 1-1 GOAL FROM BENFICA! Vertonghen. Right corner pointed by Chiquinho, Ant├│nio Silva insists, the ball goes to the Belgian defender who, at first, equalizes.

52′ 0-1. Girona goal. Me├»te’s incomplete cut, the ball is left for Stuani who shoots to count.

49′ Bah cross on the right and Moreira Jr., in the small area, deflects out.

46′ Chiquinho shot at the edge of the area. The ball passes close to the Spanish goal.

46′ The 2nd part is already played.

46′ Substitutions at Benfica: leave Helton, Gilberto, Otamendi, Morato, Grimaldo, Florentino, Enzo, Jo├úo M├írio, Neres, Rafa and Gon├žalo Ramos; Odysseas, Bah, Ant├│nio Silva, Vertonghen, Gil Dias, Weigl, Me├»te, Chiquinho, Moreira Jr., Henrique Ara├║jo and Yaremchuk enter.

45’+2′ Interval. Benfica-Girona FC, 0-0.

45+1′ Benfica’s transition exit, with Enzo, through the central aisle, launching Gon├žalo Ramos. This one, isolated, cannot make the shot.

45′ Two more minutes will be played.

41′ Right corner for Benfica. Neres hits the short way…

37′ Yellow card shown to Samu Saiz for foul on Rafa.

37′ Corner to the right towards Girona. Cut Benfica.

36′ Samu Saiz’s shot deflected in the red defense.

32′ Neres bends inside and shoots for Juan Carlos to save.

31′ Arnau’s cross on the right and Stauni’s header on the side.

29′ The ball rolls again in Yverdon-Les-Bains.

27′ Pause for hydration.

26′ Girona’s dangerous move, but Samu Saiz was caught offside.

25′ Enzo takes the free-kick, but the ball comes out on top.

24′ Free direct to the incarnates.

22′ Cross on Aleix Garc├şa’s left flank with Helton grabbing.

21′ Corner to the right towards Girona. Cut the Benfica defense.

19′ Right corner for Girona and Stuani heading in danger.

17′ Corner to the left for the eagles.

17′ Benfica insistence, Grimaldo and Neres cross, in good position, sees the Girona defender withdraw.

13′ Samu Saiz cross, low, reached the goal and Helton holds.

11′ Girona tries to transition through Samu Saiz, but Florentino cuts the bid.

10′ Right corner for Benfica. Cuts Girona’s defense.

8′ Offside by Gon├žalo Ramos.

6′ Gilberto crosses, Neres receives in the area, takes the opponent out of front and shoots with his right foot inches from the post.

5′ Benfica’s attack on the left, Grimaldo crosses, but Juan Carlos comes out and grabs him.

two’ Right corner for Benfica.

2′ Great opportunity for Benfica! A deep throw by Otamendi, Jo├úo M├írio dominates, assists Gon├žalo Ramos and he finishes off Juan Carlos.

1′ Start the game.

Benfica-Girona FC

Yverdon Les-Bains Municipal Stadium (Switzerland)
Benfica’s eleven
Helton, Gilberto, Otamendi, Morato, Grimaldo, Florentino, Enzo, Jo├úo M├írio, Neres, Rafa and Gon├žalo Ramos
Odysseas, Samuel, Vertonghen, Bah, Ant├│nio Silva, Weigl, Gil Dias, Diogo Gon├žalves, Me├»te, Chiquinho, Paulo Bernardo, Moreira Jr., Yaremchuk, Rodrigo Pinho, Musa and Henrique Ara├║jo
Eleven of Girona FC
Juan Carlos, Arnau, Monjonell, Samu Saiz, Vallery, Aleix Garc├şa, Juanpe, Terrats, Bueno, Ure├▒a and Stuani
Adri├ín Ortola, Oriol Comas, Domencech, Alex Sala, Pau Victor, Artero, Biel Ferr├ęs, ├ülex Almansa, Marc Aznar and Joel Roca
at break 0-0
Referee team
Referee: Tobias Thies; Assistant 1: Stephane de Almeida; Assistant 2: Thomas Zihlmann