Analysis of reinforcements against St. gilloise

Noa duel between the runners-up of Portugal and Belgium, Sporting drew against Union Saint-Gilloise (1-1), in the first game of the lions integrated in the stage they are holding in the Algarve.

After five matches without the fans being able to see the ‘new’ Sporting, behold, Rúben Amorim’s men had their first game in front of the television cameras, albeit again behind closed doors. The greens and whites were not in a good shape in the first half, with ascendancy from the beginning, but they ended up falling out of production in the second half, something that is natural at this point in the pre-season and in a game in which many of the main holders of the last season.

To face the runners-up of Belgium, Ruben Amorim opted for a team full of young people trained at the Alcochete Academy, some of them still without a confirmed presence in the main squad, but who were the ones who stood out in this match. The eleven included three reinforcements: goalkeeper Franco Israel and midfielders Morita and Fatawu. The tactical scheme chosen by Rúben Amorim was based on the usual 3x4x3.

After a balanced start to the match, which coincided with the lions’ goal, the match calmed down and opportunities were scarce. Coming back from halftime, St. Gilloise, who is in a more advanced stage of the pre-season, asserted the status of runner-up of Belgium and knew how to capitalize on the evident fatigue of the club from Alvalade to manage to grow and reach the draw.

For the final part of the match, Rúben Amorim launched the reinforcement Rochinha, who tried to use his speed to break the opposing defense, although without great practical effect.

With a large part of the squad remaining from the last season to the one that is about to start, the eyes of the fans shifted to those who are making their debut at the Alvalade club. We talk not only about the reinforcements, but also about some young players that Rúben Amorim decided to take to the south of the country.

Magnifying glass reinforcements

franc Israel

He took the title in the lions’ goal a few days after arriving in Alvalade and had a quiet afternoon at Parchal. Always very communicative with his teammates, he also showed good reflexes and performed well with two saves in the second half. No blame for the goal conceded.


It is the reinforcement that has been in Alcochete for the longest time, where it arrived in April of this year. It was used by Rúben Amorim in the left aisle, in a position that often belongs to Matheus Reis or Nuno Santos. There was some nervousness, perhaps due to his young age, but it helped in the defensive chapter.


Of all the reinforcements released by Rúben Amorim in this match, the midfielder who arrived from Santa Clara was the one that stood out the most. He showed a great ability to pass, as evidenced by the ball that he managed to place, in a delicious way, in Edwards’ feet when he was penalized. In addition, he was always at a good level in moments of attack under pressure from the opponent.


He entered the field at a time when Sporting was already in a part of less offensive preponderance, but, even so, showed good details in the attack of the lions.


Announced on Wednesday as a reinforcement for the lions, the forward was not used by Rúben Amorim in this match.

Diogo Abreu

A young man hired from FC Porto was also left out of the selection.

St. just

He did not play and was not on the game sheet because he is still recovering from one to one sprain in his right ankle.

The young people who gave views

Given that the game against Villarreal takes place this Thursday, Rúben Amorim chose to launch many young people trained at the Academia de Alcochete in this match. Mateus Fernandes, Luís Gomes, Chermiti, Diogo Travassos, Renato Veiga, Essugo and Flávio Nazinho were chosen.

From this whole batch of kids from training, Mateus Fernandes It was the one that stood out the most. Alongside Morita, the 18-year-old showed good details and reminded Matheus Nunes, who usually occupies this area of ​​midfield. He showed technical quality.

As for the rest, let’s look first at those who were incumbents. Luís Gomes left good notes, but ended up being very hidden during the 90 minutes. Already Youssef Chermiti he was carried away by nervousness. The forward has great physical arguments, but he had no head and showed little confidence as the match went on. nazinho, in turn, already knows what the main team’s duties are. He played out of position, in the central defender’s zone, but that didn’t stop him from showing competence.

In the second half there was room to see Diogo Travassos, Renato Veiga and Dário Essugo. The first yielded Pedro Porro in the last 30 minutes of the game, at a time when the lions were already showing some physical wear. He proved to be secure on a defensive level. The two midfielders had little time to show themselves on the pitch, but they fulfilled their tasks.

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