Airbus-Quantas: a mega order worth eight billion dollars

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The Australian company is ordering 52 Airbuses, including twelve long-haul A350s, to make the longest flight in the world between Sydney and London.

Airbus has permanently excluded its rival Boeing from Australia. The Qantas company chose, this Monday, May 2, the Airbus fleet to build its future long-haul flight plan. Qantas has announced the order for 52 Airbus including twelve long-haul A350-1000, the most modern aircraft of the Toulouse aeronautical group.

These devices were chosen after a long evaluation because they will allow a direct flight from Sydney to London or New York (see box). The amount of the order for these A350s alone reaches 4.4 billion dollars at list price. But the sale also includes twenty A321 XLR aircraft (the long-haul version of the A321) and twenty regional A220s which will provide domestic flights.

Boeing ousted from Australia

In total, the order approaches, at the list price, the bar of eight billion dollars. In addition, the Australian company has taken purchase options for 94 other Airbuses until the end of 2034. Airbus has specified that this new order is in addition to a previous contract relating to the acquisition by Qantas of 109 of the family A320 NEO which already included 28 copies of A321 XLR intended for the low-cost subsidiary Jetstar. The mega order confirmed yesterday by Qantas is one of the largest in Australian aviation history and marks the eventual disappearance of Boeing from this market. The American firm had already lost the call for tenders from Qantas which aimed to replace its Boeing 737s, which are 15 years old on average, in favor of Airbus. Now Boeing is excluded from the long-haul segment. Its 777 X and its 787 Dreamliner, whose production is stopped, failed to convince Qantas.

253 gross orders since the beginning of the year

This order also confirms the net recovery of the global aerospace market. Since the beginning of the year, Airbus has garnered 253 orders from which 170 cancellations should be deducted, ie 83 net orders. The April report which will include the Qantas mega order is to be released in a few days. On the production side, Airbus is still aiming for 720 aircraft in 2022.

The longest flight in the world

To fly its A350-100 for twenty hours between Sydney and London or New York, Airbus added additional kerosene tanks, which required an adaptation of its aircraft. To limit the effects of such theft, relaxation areas for walking have been provided. The configuration of the aircraft has been lightened for more comfort with only 238 seats, whereas the A350-100 can accommodate nearly 400 normally.