A window on the book “The Battle of Traditions” by Muhammad Qutb

In our Arab countries and in the Islamic East as a whole, there has been a “rage” for decades of the last century related to traditions that want to uproot them and label them as obsolete, antiquated, reactionary and puritan. So what is the story of this “rage?” And how did it come? And what do you aim for?

That is what Muhammad Qutb tried to investigate and answer in his book, The Battle of Traditions, and on this book, we open a window from here to explore the most prominent content of it.

And because the shouts that declared their war on tradition followed the European colonizer’s intrusion into our countries and echoed the ideological trends adopted by the West and brought with it to us, the writer traveled there, to tour with history in Europe and understand the origin and path of the story.

Once upon a time, Europe as a whole was Christian, and it was a continent with traditions, and even though it was not deeply religious, the Christian religious conception dominated European thinking, and this conception said that there is one God who created the universe and life and then created man. This conception used to say that the Creator has a purpose in creating the universe, life and man, and that man has a special and huge role in this life, and this conception was above that saying that God is eternal and immutable, and that his intention in creating man is also a fixed eternal purpose, and they conclude on this that “steadfastness It is the origin and essence of life, and in light of this fixed idea, people had inherited and fixed traditions that change slightly and mutate from generation to generation, but in their totality they have fixed origins and concepts.

These trends prevailed for centuries until the tremors that followed Darwin’s publication of his book “The Origin of Species” in 1859 and his book “The Origin of Man” in 1871. Darwin came by saying that nothing is fixed on the face of the earth, neither plants, nor animals, nor humans, and that there is no intention It is fixed in creation, but there is no intention at all, and that the Creator – who sees it as nature – did not intend to create man, but he came as a result of the slow process of evolution that took millions of years. Animal origin.

His theory shook the whole European society, the resurrection of the church, and a violent battle that did not subside until many beliefs collapsed and dust fell on them, and the masses at first sided with the church that attacked Darwin, but the position of the masses after that changed. She was honored by Darwin to deprive her of her humanity and return her to an animal origin. She began to gloat in the Church and the clergy, and found the opportunity to get rid of her burdensome yoke and her abhorrent power because of the royalties and narrowing of thought that she imposed on them.

The masses entered the battle with Darwin against the Church, and whatever the nature of the battle and its motives, it was one of the decisive battles in history, and it left very dangerous traces in people’s lives. Constancy.” And the call arose to abandon inherited beliefs as a group of superstitions, and not to believe in something that the senses do not perceive. There is no stability in it, and it stems from a previous “misguidance” derived from religion.

This understanding called for a reconsideration of “ethics” in its traditional form, and accordingly the sanctity of the family bond was abolished and disintegrated, and the traditional image of women was rebelled, and sexual chastity became just a sanctity of the past, and there is no objection to turning into a vice that civilized people resent.

With Darwinism, the materialist interpretation of history was born, which considers that human history is the history of searching for food, and that no doctrine or principles have a real presence in this history, because people are governed by inevitable laws that are matter and economy.

The violent wave caused by Darwin’s theory had not subsided after the appearance of Freud, who came to explain human behavior on the basis of the absolute animalism of man, and to say that “sex” in its pure animal meaning and in its sensual, sensual sense and in the sense of body movements and feelings of the body is the first mover and the original motive for the existence of mankind.

The tidal wave raised by Freud did its thing, and spread like wildfire, it spread to destroy religion, morals and traditions, and pollute all the heritage of mankind. Following Freud, doctrines appeared in art, literature and thinking, all of which seek to present sex as the center of human life and its only element, as it seeks to Depicting the constraints of morals and traditions as absurdity that humanity should not practice, or hypocrisy that no one believes in inside himself, and then we should turn from it to the frankness of reality, to the frankness of the naked human being.

Nevertheless, the conditions of the Industrial Revolution and the conditions of the First World War contributed to raising the call for freedom to break traditions, and strife increased with science, and brilliant progress took place in the field of science and the world of inventions. , and dissolved from religiosity and from all the values ​​and concepts that were formulated by religion before.

Those were the transformations that took place in Europe, and they were based to a large extent on the ideas of Darwin and Freud, which take an aspect of the truth to cover a number of falsehoods, ideas that are contradicted by the facts of history, and have been subjected to responses and criticism, not from those based on religious beliefs only , but from atheists themselves as well, and the writer gave some of these responses, but these ideas as they are, did their deeds and created a reality that explains – although it does not justify – the collapse of morals and traditions in Europe.

At this point in the course of the book, the author turns his eyes back to the Islamic world, wondering: If this is a story that happened in Europe, then what about us? Have we had a church that haunts us in our waking and in our sleep with heavy royalties and humiliating submission to the clergy? Has there been enmity in all of our religious history between religion and science, as it did in Europe and persecuted Galileo for saying that the earth was round? What happened in our lives from the facts that justify the collapse we suffer, or at least explain it? What other than the slavery that has been inserted in our souls to the colonial West, which not only colonized the land with its soldiers, but also colonized hearts, souls, feelings and thoughts?

If none of that happens, we have to be honest with ourselves.

Let us be frank, and say that we imitate the colonial West imitating slaves.

Let us be frank, and let us say that calls for the destruction of traditions are in fact a rebellion against the control of human desires, because they do not want these desires to remain within their human framework, but rather to respond to the lusts of crazy bestiality.

Let us be frank, and let us say that under the heading of women’s liberation, sick desires to obtain women are moving in a way that is not governed by any controls or limits, and in the name of women’s work the white slave trade is practiced behind and outside the walls.

Let us be frank, and let us say that we hate arrogance and we hate ascent, and we want to submit to our desires, lusts, and whims.

And if the calls for revolution against traditions raise the slogan of liberation in a deceptive way, then that liberation is something else that differs from the liberation that Islam brought to raise the status of man. from the Spirit of God.

The desires of food, sex, and other needs of the body, which science today says are a group of chemicals that do not diminish its value or degrade its value, provided that they remain in their original form in the human instinct, mixed with the breath of the soul, not separated from it and not attached to mud.

Under this system, when a person worships God the right of worship and is connected to the true connection with Him, he senses from the moment the insignificance of every other power on earth, every other value, and every authority, and then he is liberated. On the one hand, and the pressure of society and its economic and social forces on the other.

Islam is the whole of life in a clean image, the image that meets the instinct of all life.. the instinct that is not satisfied with fulfilling necessity, but rather fulfills necessity in the best way.

The image of the Muslim community may seem like imaginary ideals or wishes and dreams, but it is a reality that the earth once witnessed with all its truth and all its realism in a wonderful period of history and it can return, and it will return, God willing.