A tough race… :: Taurus and Gold

  • 2022-05-28 22:17
  • Author: Rodrigo Viana
  • Photo author: João Nelson

This Saturday afternoon, in Coruche, a one-on-one bullfight took place between Rui Fernandes and João Ribeiro Telles, with bulls from Veiga Teixeira.
Amateurs from Évora and Coruche were responsible for the handles, with the bullfighting track registering a third of entry.

This Saturday’s sunny and rather hot afternoon had Coruche Bullringa race inserted in the staywhere, although the cartel was appealing and promising, the atmosphere was scarce, which led to some apathy in the final result of the race, where there are only details to be highlighted.
The public this afternoon filled about a third of the bullfight and, clearly, this fact may have conditioned the whole show.

Rui Fernandes headed this “unprecedented head-to-head” and faced the worst batch. In front of the first, he drew a correct lead, bullfighting very short, gathering the precept and finishing off the odds with his natural exuberance. He received the third in the afternoon in an excellent way, shining in the two-lane tack, basing his faena on irons in which he mentioned wide, stopping close to the astado, to then and after executing the opposite python beats, in a pronounced way, digging the order hardware. He closed his passage through the city of Sorraia, in front of the most drinkable of the cattle that came out in luck, with a long iron, in luck of a cage, of very good grade and which motivated a fierce pursuit of his mount, leading the conclave to respond with heartfelt ovation. In the rest of his performance, highlight for the two banderillas with which he ended his work, after citing in balance, as is his prerogative.

Who ‘played at home’ was João Ribeiro Telles and, of course, that showed in the sound the audience created around his performances. He showed willingness against the second in the afternoon, receiving him at the door of the curros, however, he did not have a great response from the opponent. Deal guided by regularity, although in an increasing tone, with an epilogue in a short with a good note, with an adjusted meeting. In the second part of the celebration, he received the defendant with a lot of office, bending over a span of land, responding ‘to the letter’ to the concept of his alternate. He nailed a first short iron of excellent execution, quoting from wide and effecting an imposing strike in the face of the bull, which led to a strong ovation from the audience present. In this second lead, the recovery of a number that he performed during several seasons stands out, leaving an iron in the shape of a violin followed by a palm heart. Whoever pays the ticket replied for one more, and the rider gave in leaving another short in luck. al violin, adorning himself in the lucky shot with a straw sombrero. In front of the last one in the afternoon, the highlight goes to the short banderillas left with the Illusionist, which resulted in a beautiful effect.

A bull ring from the cattle ranch was dealt Veiga Teixeira, finished in general, and the mobility and delivery of those who left after the equator of the celebration stands out. Justified the return to the cattle rancher after the deal of the last astado to leave to the ruedo, not understanding the attribution of return, after the deal of the fourth in the afternoon.

The afternoon catches were in charge of the Groups of Amateur Forcados of Évora and Coruche, in an Alentejo vs Ribatejo duel. Through the Alentejo formation, they advanced to the front line: Miguel Direito, Luís Januário and Rui Bento consummated, respectively, to the first, sixth and first attempts. With regard to the Ribatejo group, the pitchforks were elected Tiago Gonçalveswhich was bent by the cable José Macedo Tomás, João Prates and Fábio Casinhas. They consummated the respective attempts to catch face to the third effective attempt and to the third and second attempts.

The race was led, with some benevolence, by the bullfighting technical delegate Agostinho Borges, assisted by Dr. José Luís Cruz, with a ceremony of minute of silence, during the courtesies in memory of the former pitchfork, Eurico Lampreia, recently deceased.