A BOLA – Sporting draws with St. Gilloise (Sporting)

Sporting did not go beyond a draw (1-1) in the private with the Belgian St. Gilloise, this Wednesday, at Bela Vista Stadium, Lagoa.

In the first pre-season game played on Algarve soil, and in front of the fans via television broadcast, Rúben Amorim bet on three reinforcements for the starting eleven organized in 3x4x3 – goalkeeper Franco Israel, midfielder Morita and winger Fatawu Issahaku – and saw the team assert itself in the first minutes.

Marcus Edwards had the first danger play – the ball was deflected by the opposing goalkeeper and he died on the post (16′) – and opened the way for the goal moments later, when he was fouled in the area. Called for the conversion of the penalty, Porro did not waste, putting the greens and whites ahead on the marker (19′).

Saint-Gilloise responded before the break, but Dennis Eckert Ayensa’s goal (39′) was disallowed due to an irregular position. The tie would only come in the second half, by Ross Sykes, following a corner (59′).

Rochinha, another of the lions’ reinforcements, was also in the game, but with no impact on the scoreboard. In the final stretch of the match, the Belgians even threatened the turnaround, but André Paulo stopped Arnaud Dony (80′) and Teddy Teuma missed an excellent opportunity, shooting over (88′).

Sporting has a new friendly scheduled for this Thursday, against Villarreal, at Estádio Algarve.

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End of date.

89 min: Ziani also misses the target.

88 min: Great occasion for St. Gilloise pass to the front of the marker. Teddy Teuma shoots over.

85 min: Fatawu left the four lines, in physical difficulties.

80 min: Arnaud Dony has a shot on goal, but André Paulo saves.

78 min: Substitution in the Sporting team. Marcus Edwards left, Dário Essugo entered.

77 min: Substitutions in the St. Gilloise. Burgess, Eckert Ayensa and Siebe Van Der Heyden left, Viktor Boone, Salah El Boukammiri and Ismael Kandouss entered.

75 min: Yellow card for Luís Neto.

71 min: Substitution in the Sporting team. Morita left, Renato Veiga entered.

62 min: Substitutions in the St. Gilloise. Amani, Lapoussin, Adingra and Dante Vanzeir left, Ilyes Ziani, Guillaume François, Arnaud Dony and Teddy Teuma entered.

61 min: Substitutions in the Sporting team. Franco Israel, Luís Gomes and Porro left, André Paulo, Rochinha and Diogo Travassos entered

60 min: Casper Nielsen tried the turnaround, but Franco Israel blocked the shot.

56 min: Nazinho is very complaining, lying on the lawn, after a clash with the Leonine goalkeeper Franco Israel, provoked by a player from St. Gilloise, who pushed him away. The Sporting defender, who in this game is part of the line of three defenders, had to be assisted.

50 min: St. Gilloise, by Ross Sykes. Following a corner, several players from the Belgian team tried to aim for the goal, but it was the central defender’s shot that landed in the back of the net, without Franco Israel making a defense.

48 min: First dangerous move by St. Gilloise, but Franco Israel was attentive and saved for a corner.

46 min: The St. Gilloise starts the second half with two changes. Casper Nielsen and Senne Lynen joined to replace Nieuwkoop and Cameron Puertas.

Beginning of the second part.


39 min: Dennis Eckert Ayensa scored for St. Gilloise, but the goal was disallowed for offside.

35 min: Ross Sykes tried to threaten Franco Israel’s goal, but headed over.

34 min: Fatawu Issahaku stopped a St. Gilloise fouled on Dante Vanzeir and saw a yellow card.

34 min: Porro tried for a double, converting a free-kick, but goalkeeper Lucas Pirard saved it.

25 min: Chermiti appeared in a privileged position in the opposing area, but the Belgian defense, after some passivity, managed to resolve it.

24 min: Jean Amani committed a foul and was admonished by referee Hélder Carvalho.

19 min: Sporting goal, by Pedro Porro, in the conversion of a penalty.

18 min: A great pass from Morita isolated Marcus Edwards, who instead of shooting preferred the pass to Chermiti, however as he released the ball he was hit by Ross Sykes in the penalty area. Penalty for the lions and yellow card for the defender.

16 min: First dangerous move of the game, for Sporting. Marcus Edwards shot on goal, goalkeeper Lucas Pirard deflected the ball, which still went to the left post.

Start of the meeting.

Sporting’s Eleven (3x4x3): franc Israel; Luís Neto, Coates, Nazinho; Porro, Morita, Mateus Fernandes, Fatawu Issahaku; Marcus Edwards, Youssef Chermiti, Luís Gomes

Eleven of St. Gilloise (4x4x2): Lucas Pirard; Loic Lapoussin, Ross Sykes, Christian Burgess, Siebe Van Der Heyden; Jean Amani, Cameron Puertas, Nieuwkoop, Simon Adingra; Dante Vanzeir, Dennis Eckert Ayensa