A BOLA – Roller Hockey: Sporting-Benfica LIVE (15:00) (A BOLA TV)

This Sunday, May 29, you can see on your THE TV BALL (channel 13 of Meo, 31 of Vodafone and 64 of NOWO)…

THE TV BALL offers this Sunday a roller hockey game full of strong emotions. Face to face two historics of Portuguese sport. Sporting and Benfica meet, in Alvalade, to fight for the victory in Game 1 of the «play-off» of the semi-finals to the best of five matches. A game in perspective and that promises to grab the viewer of the TV BALL until the last whistle. Remember that the other semi-final is played between FC Porto and Óquei in Barcelos.

All the news on SUNDAY BALL (22:00)

THE SUNDAY BALLinformative space of TV BALL, brings the news and all the aftermath of the fantastic final of the Stade de France in addition to the news that promise to fill the sporting weekend. Presented by journalist Jorge Pessoa e Silva, THE SUNDAY BALL features comments from journalist Fernando Guerra, commentator and coach Vítor Manuel, and former referee Pedro Henriques. It’s really not to be missed!

Fernando Guerra and Vítor Manuel at BOLA DAS 7 (7 pm)

THE BALL AT 7 updates all the main news of the weekend, with a presentation by journalist Jorge Pessoa e Silva and comments by Fernando Guerra and Vítor Manuel. already the AFTERNOON BALL (5:00 pm) is presented by Jorge Pessoa e Silva and has the participation of journalists José Caetano and Nuno Raposo.


Andalucia Rally, an Auto/SSV comparison and Baja Loulé are the themes of this issue of Magazine TT. The presentation of the return of Hélder Oliveira to the TT World Championships in a lively Festa do Rally de Portugal, a one-on-one between Miguel Barbosa and João Lopes and a retrospective of the 2021 edition of Baja Loulé are our proposals for this program .

Leclerc, Spain and Monaco behind the scenes F1 (12h25)

Episode DEBUT Behind the scenes of F1, where we observe Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc under pressure to win at home, to maintain his title hope. We do the Spanish GP analysis, the Monaco GP preview, and a summary of the latest news, inside and outside the paddock.

DIAMONDS IN THE SAND to see at 14:25

Explorer Kate Leeming sets out to complete the first ever bike trip along the Skeleton Coast, where the Namibian desert meets the Atlantic Ocean. On the edge of the Namib Desert lies the Skeleton Coast. It’s the Holy Grail in exploration. No one has ever completed its entire length in an unbroken line. Explorer Kate Leeming aims to be the first. On the 1600 km journey, it passes through some of the most inhospitable terrain and endures one of the harshest climates on the planet, in one of the most remote and spectacular regions of Africa.

THE GRID to see at 18:00

From Formula 1 to NASCAR, through the World Rally and World Endurance, this series follows all the action and behind the scenes of the world’s stars. Unprecedented access to the biggest teams and personalities in motorsport, THE GRILL It’s an unmissable blend of four-wheel action and a unique, privileged look at the best racers on the planet.

Equestrian world in RIDE (18:30)

A series for all sports fans, above all, and particularly, of course, all lovers of the amazing equestrian world. A program that will explore the fascinating connection between humans and horses, across the planet, from the mountains of New Zealand to the vineyards and Italy and the scorching sun of Kuwait, through the history of great characters, between riders and their respective mounts. This is an original series that delves into the world of equestrianism as rarely seen!


Paulo Madeira, a former football player, is the guest of LETS ROLL, program of conversations/interviews with familiar faces from various quarters. The theme revolves around the guests’ experience on the bikes.

Powerful stories in BLACK POWER (00h00)

BLACK POWER shows you the contribution of black athletes to sport at a time when the world is more than ever alert to racial issues. Powerful stories of modern heroes like Lewis Hamilton or Serena Williams, but also of pioneers like Jesse Owen or remarkable events and marked by recent movements like Black Lives Matter, which had a huge impact on sport and society.

Zidane, Figo, Lampard and Nevill in RIVALITIES (00:30)

This series spans generations of rivalries that have marked the world of sport in general, on and off the field. In this episode, we remember ZINEDINE ZIDANEwhose inner fire produced some of the greatest moments in French history, and the most controversial LUÍS FIGOwho committed the ultimate Spanish treason, in addition to FRANK LAMPARDfor having changed after being lazy in his youth, and GARY NEVILLEthe mouthpiece of a great epoch.