A BOLA – Current affairs under discussion at QUINTA DA BOLA (10:00 pm) (A BOLA TV)

This Thursday, June 21st, you can see on your THE TV BALL (channel 13 of Meo, 31 of Vodafone and 64 of NOWO)…

Another QUINTA DA BOLAon Thursday night, from 22:00, to see in your THE TV BALLwith journalist José Manuel Delgado (deputy director of the newspaper THE BALL) to moderate the debate around, above all, the pre-season of FC Porto, Sporting and Benfica. QUINTA DA BOLA counts a list made up of seven luxury commentators: the director of the newspaper THE BALLVítor Serpa, and the journalist/commentator THE TV BALLFernando Guerra, who will be joined by Dias Ferreira, coaches Jorge Castelo, Álvaro Magalhães and Francisco Barão, as well as the former referee and commentator THE TV BALL, Pedro Henriques. Almost two hours of conversation, in a program where everything is discussed.

INTENSE BLUE premieres at 8:10 pm

THE TV BALL premieres this thursday INTENSE BLUEdocumentary produced by Betano, which recalls the meteoric rise of Belenenses from the 3rd Division of the Lisbon Football Association to Liga 3. Patrick Morais de Carvalho, president of the club, José Taira, Bernardo Ribolhos, Luís Ferreira, Hugo Martins, José Manuel Carvalho, among others, talk about the fantastic rise of the blues… in four seasons… as many ascents!

André Pipa and José Caetano at BOLA DAS 7 (7:15 pm)

André Pipa and José Caetano, journalists, are the commentators of the BALL OF SEVEN, a program that puts all the news of the sporting day on the table. Journalist João José Pires moderates the conversation.


INTERNATIONAL PRESS MAGAZINE is provided, as usual, by journalist André Pipa.

João Esteves in the TOTAL MARKET (18:45)

João Esteves, editorial coordinator THE TV BALLsubscribes to the comments on the latest news in the world of transfers on TOTAL MARKET. João José Pires presents the program.

Beach volleyball in LIVE (10h00/15h00)

After the victory (2-0) in the debut of the Solverde Legends Beach Volley over the Cuban duo Milanes/Castillo, the Olympic beach volleyball duo formed by Miguel Maia and João Brenha is back in competition in Espinho and BOLA TV TRANSMITS LIVE (10:00 am) the game against the Angolan duo formed by Morais and Manucho. The other morning match with DIRECT TRANSMISSION puts Martinez/Conde (Arg) face to face with Kjeperud/Hoidalen (Nor).

In the afternoon (15:00), it is time to DIRECT TRANSMISSION of two more matches: Jodar/Huchard (Fra)-Milanes/Castillo (Cub) and Grigolo/Paolo de Angeli (Ita)-Kjeperud/Hoidalen (Nor). Four matches to see this Thursday in DIRECT in your TV BALL.


LETS ROLL is a program of conversations/interviews with familiar faces on TV. The theme revolves around the guests’ experience on the bikes. In this episode, some of the best moments of the season.

RIDE to see at 1:25 pm

a series that THE TV BALL has the privilege of broadcasting (an absolute premiere for the country) and which will surely touch all sports fans and particularly all lovers of the surprising equestrian world. A program that will explore the fascinating connection between humans and horses, across the planet, from the mountains of New Zealand to the vineyards of Italy and the scorching sun of Kuwait, through the history of great characters, between riders and their respective mounts. This is an original series that delves into the world of equestrianism as rarely seen!

COMBOIO DOS DUROS presents Marathon of the Sands (17:55)

This series brings together triathlon, marathon, ultra-marathon or adventure racing events in various parts of the world. In common, they have the perseverance of the participants, with some dramatic stories of human effort. You can watch the Areias Marathon or a trail; to a common triathlon or another, with a demanding route shaped by the nature of the place. Or even, trying to beat a world record. The Pho3nix sub7 & sub8 Project brings together four of the best triathletes in the world in a challenge: the two-time Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee and the Norwegian, also Olympic, Kristian Blummenfelt form the men’s duo that tries to complete a long triathlon in less than 7 hours; British three-time world champion Lucy Charles-Barclay and Swiss Nicola Spirig try to finish under 8 o’clock in Germany.


Finally, a female guest. In this episode, we march to Rio Maior, to meet the energetic Susana Feitor. The former Olympic athlete and pioneer of marching in Portugal showed her land and we went to discover the best local products, in the company of the Mayor, Filipe Santana Dias. PLAY AT HOME it is a journey to the homeland of each of the protagonists. But, as man does not live by ball alone, we will taste the best gastronomy, the best wines and show the best landscapes of the origins of the stars.

Juventus in DREAM TEAMS (21:30)

There’s so much to choose from, it’s not easy to make the best eleven in the 1970s… And Juventus’ dream team is so strong that even France Football’s Ballon d’Or winners are left out. This program is a journey to some of the best football teams in the world and their protagonists. A fascinating journey through what some of the best elevens ever did, led by some of the greatest talents in history.

Maradona and Cantona in RIVALITIES (00h00)

Homage to two indomitables, one of the greatest who ever walked the lawns. Diego Maradona, the Argentinian god, worshiped despite self-destructive tendencies and disregard for rules, and Eric Cantona, the fiery Frenchman, who crossed the Channel to ‘take’ England and was responsible for the most controversial kick in history. This series spans generations of rivalries that have marked the world of sport in general, on and off the field.