300 publishing houses and 80 events in the city book fair

The Madinah Book Fair – organized by the Literature, Publishing and Translation Authority at the King Salman Center for Exhibitions and Conferences in its first edition, today, for 10 days, with a wide presence of local, Arab and international publishing houses, and the participation of a group of Saudi and international intellectuals and writers – seeks to overcome the four crises surrounding traditional exhibitions. ; (Authority, rights, distribution and reading).

creative movement

The exhibition reflects; As a window for the production of thought in various sciences and knowledge, literary richness, movement and development in the authoring and publishing industry, and is steadily heading towards the list of the largest platforms for publishing houses, accommodating multiple vessels that keep pace with the passion of its visitors, in an effort to catch up with the accelerating pace of life in the age of digitization, in a competition that imposes new and interesting titles And she stresses that the book is not a paper or digital industry, but rather a part of people’s awareness and their daily needs. The Madinah Al Munawwarah exhibition stands out with an exceptional and unique character, amid the civil pioneers’ passion and anticipation for books that touch on their concerns and intellectual trends in various religious and philosophical titles, and in various human and experimental sciences. Al-Rashida – may God protect her -.

A haven for every academic

Ghazari Ahmed, the trainer and administrative consultant participating in the exhibition’s activities, believes that the Madinah Book Fair will be a haven for every academic looking for what he wants, an avid science student, an aspiring intellectual, a tourist and a researcher, and a connoisseur who decorates his library with book covers. An attractive actor towards analytical reading that reflects on behavior and orientation, to push the wheel of development and the adoption of the nation,” noting the accelerated cultural movement witnessed by the book fair through the preparation of halls, pavilions and corners, the multiplicity of events and evenings, and the attraction of intellectuals and those interested; Celebrating the hero, the book, pointing to the friendly and loving relationship that binds a generation of exhibition-goers to the paper version, in color, smell and taste, with the crowding of digital books related to technical and information development in an accelerating world that we need to keep pace with.


Ghazari explained that the culture of many has been affected by social media, which sometimes transmit incorrect, incomplete and sometimes misleading information, which clearly affected the creation of a serious and deeply knowledgeable reader and intellectual, explaining that the multiple trends in acquiring book titles are related to mood and psychological state at times.

80 events

It is noteworthy that the Madinah Fair will witness the establishment of more than 80 various activities; It includes dialogue sessions, seminars, workshops, and poetry evenings, through which the exhibition enhances Madinah’s cultural standing, strengthens the publishing sector, encourages cultural exchange, and deepens the impact of reading in raising awareness and improving the quality of life.

The Madinah Book Fair will be launched, with the attendance of more than 300 local, Arab and international publishing houses, and accompanied by a cultural program that includes more than 80 activities in various fields of science and literature. Publishers valued the establishment of this exhibition, stressing that it represents support for the book and reading market, and an opportunity to revive the cultural and commercial movement of publishing houses, as well as to enhance the status of the enlightened city since the dawn of Islam until today.

Incubator of culture and thought

Dr. Talq Al-Masoudi, Executive Director of Ain Al-Watan Publishing and Distribution House, believes that the Madinah Book Fair serves as an incubator for culture and thought and a platform for the dissemination of culture and knowledge, through which different ideas, cultures and civilizations converge under one roof, and it will have a tangible impact in raising awareness and spreading knowledge among the segments of society.

It is also a strong incentive to attract and encourage young people to return to reading, as it is one of the tributaries of knowledge due to the diversity of content it contains.

Skips big numbers

For his part, the publisher, Dr. Yazid Al-Kashash, Executive Director of Takween United Group for Publishing and Distribution, stressed that the exhibition will be different and unique as it is on the good land, the capital of Islamic culture and frequented by pilgrims from all over the world, stressing that the exhibition will enrich the world of reading with a lot, and exceed large numbers in the proportion of Arabic book publishing.

He added: “We, as publishers, are honored by such exhibitions, and we find the opportunity to introduce readers to young Saudi authors so that they can go to global horizons through crafts, words and ideas.”

Children’s event at the fair

Children receive special attention at the Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Book Fair, which will be held during the period from 16 to 25 June at the King Salman Exhibition and Convention Center, as the Literature, Publishing and Translation Authority has prepared a children’s pavilion that will present 42 activities.

magic keys

The activities vary to satisfy the children’s passion, as they forge magic keys to a world without limits, and fly them on the carpet of the wind to touch the stars and explore galaxies, and take them to game cities and candy houses, and to the boards and forums of the king of the jungle, listening to the dialogues of the clever crow and the elusive fox, and witnessing the arrogant rabbit race. And the persistent tortoise, talking with trees, flowers, birds and insects, and being inspired by their vast imaginations, worlds rich in tales, to leave those stories a deep impact on their behavior and their lives.

Attractive reading

The pavilion highlights the importance of the publishing industry in building thought, promoting awareness and preparing the generation for the future. It shows the features of care through the spacious halls and elegant shelves that provide attractive paper reading aids enhanced by graphics and images, and electronic ones with visual and sound effects, that harmonize between educational, educational, plastic, theatrical and other arts, and stimulate Their motivation is in a language that they like, encourages talents and inclinations, inculcates noble morals, and establishes authentic values ​​and customs, belonging to the land and identity.

Child Friendship Book

Experts and specialists unanimously agree on the importance of linking the child to the book; To acquire language and develop learning skills, where researcher Fahd bin Nasser Al-Faridi valued the great interest that the Madinah Book Fair put in the child’s pavilion, stressing that encouraging the child and accustoming him to book friendship, taking him to libraries and exhibitions to involve him in buying and letting him choose his books by himself, carries an educational and educational importance, In the early years, parents will notice their son’s penchant for compelling stories; Shape, color, and drawing, so that awareness gradually forms towards its needs and tendencies, and its direction towards the doors of legislated knowledge away from the absolute control of electronic games, which waste time and affect behaviors.

low rates

Al-Faridi pointed out that the statistics revealed that the interest in reading and taking children to libraries in the Arab world is still low, and that those who grew up in families that give the book its importance and status are faster learning, collection and awareness. the generation of the future.


Al-Faridi explained that the appropriate story in early childhood is the one that is dominated by the nature of suspense and stirring imagination, which ends with the victory of good over evil and truth over falsehood, in which the wrongdoer admits his mistake, and returns to the path of righteousness and righteousness, and does not aim at dependence or defeatism and blind obedience, and preferably to keep It is used by the child in his library until he reaches the age of reading if he is below that. Everything that is told or read in the early years is no less important than the educational and guidance efforts.