″Little by little, I’m coming back″

On the day she was sentenced to 25 months in prison, 24 of which with a suspended sentence, former US women’s team goalkeeper Hope Solo left a post on social media more than three months after being arrested for drunk driving. .

Hope Solo, who will not have to serve the sentence, since the remaining month has already been served during the period in which she was hospitalized to rehabilitate her addiction, this Tuesday took to social media to break the silence after the controversy in which was involved last April when she was arrested after being caught driving drunk while driving with her two young children in the car.

With a powerful testimony on social media, the former North American international, who was considered the best goalkeeper in the world, addressed the struggle she has been fighting against alcohol addiction, having even started treatment. She also made it known that she is “slowly coming back from a break” and didn’t hide that she made the worst mistake of her life.

“It’s been a long road, but little by little I’m coming back. I’m proud of myself as a mother and what my husband and I did day to day for two years, going through a pandemic with 2-year-old twins”, she began by writing.

“Even proud of us, it was incredibly difficult and I made a huge mistake. I underestimated the destructive part that alcohol took on my life. The positive part of making such a big mistake is that hard lessons are learned quickly. Learning those lessons has been difficult and, at times, very painful,” he added.

Despite the long journey here, Hope Solo assumed that she still has a long way to go.

“I continue to be a student in the great school called life and I want to continue to learn and grow from these experiences. I will continue to gain empathy, knowledge and share stories. I consider this a gift to pass on to others because shared pain is pain decreasing”, he concluded.

The former player, now 40 years old, thanked her husband, family, friends, fans and lawyers for their support during this period, and promised to “open the book and share more with everyone in the coming weeks”.

It is recalled that, in 2014, the former goalkeeper was also arrested, on charges of domestic violence against two family members. Hope Solo defended her innocence and the charges were dropped in 2018.

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In April, the former goalkeeper was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, resisting authority and carelessness of minors.

In a statement quoted by CNN, the Winston-Salem Police Department said it had detained the former US international in the parking lot of a shopping area, when she was in the car with her two-year-old twins. Hope Solo was later released.

The former player’s lawyer, Rich Nichols, said that, although the former athlete could not publicly comment on what happened, “the story is more sympathetic than what the preliminary accusations suggest”.

“After being counseled, Hope cannot speak about this situation but she wants everyone to know that her children are her life and that she was released immediately and is now home with her family. She is looking forward to the opportunity to be able to defend themselves against these accusations”, explained the lawyer.

A witness present at the scene said that Hope Solo would have been hunched over the steering wheel for more than an hour with the car running and the two children. One of the agents, according to The Guardian, claimed that he smelled alcohol.

Days after his arrest, through a publication on the social network Twitter, Solo thanked him for the support he has received since the news of the arrest and assured that both his two-year-old children, Vittorio and Lozen Solo, lead a happy life and in which the family is present at all times.

“To those who reached out to us with support and love, my thanks. Our family is strong and surrounded by love. Our children are strong, happy and vibrant and we are there every day, giving them the best life possible. We can share the facts when the time comes. In the meantime, our kids are enjoying the New York sun, eating ice cream and playing on our property. Life can be tough, but these are the real moments that matter. blessed to have this kind of love in my life,” she wrote.

Hope Solo, world champion in 2015 and two-time Olympic champion in 2008 and 2012, was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, resisting authority and carelessness of minors, crimes for which she has already responded in court in North Carolina on the day 28th of June.